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19 Intern Gifts To Get People Excited

Intern gifts are a great way to welcome new hires and get them excited about the opportunity to work at your organization. Just because they are not full fledged employees doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest in making them feel welcome and prepared from day one!

You might not need to set up interns with a complete employee onboarding box, but there are still things you can send them that will get the job done. Intern gift packs should be a combination of items that prepare them for the work ahead, and items that simply make them excited to work for your organization. 

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With’s powerful management platform, you can build, store and ship great custom boxes any time you like, all with just a few clicks. If you see items you like on the list below, consider putting together a kit that you can ship out directly to your new interns, whether they are in the office or WFH.

So without further ado, here are the top intern gifts that you can use to take your intern program to the next level!

Small Gifts for Interns

Small gifts go a long way if they are meaningful. Interns will appreciate these small but powerful reminders that they are a part of a much larger organization.

Custom Vinyl Stickers

Without a sticker from the company on your laptop, you are not an actual intern. We don’t make the rules, just help companies follow them. Abide the law with these gorgeous, high-quality stickers that can be customized to your exact preferences. 

RFID Phone Wallet

An inexpensive, but meaningful gift, this useful phone wallet doesn’t just keep your cards and cash handy. It also offers built-in RFID technology that will help prevent your card info from being hacked or nefariously acquired. 

Le Pen

A perennial favorite among the organized among us, Le Pen is a smooth-writing, colorful classic that always makes people excited to receive. We have tons of colors available, and can add your logo for a thoughtful gift you can be sure your interns will actually use. 

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Custom Apparel for Interns

Are you even an intern if you don’t have some wearable swag from the company you’re at? Here are some of the best apparel items you can give to interns on day one. Perfect for posting on social media! Hat

Dad hats are in! Make a statement with this cotton, unisex, one-size-fits-all design we’re sure will delight any new intern. Get creative with your colorways, and we’ll help you add a beautiful embroidery customization as well.

American Apparel Hoodie

The classic start-up look isn’t quite complete without the colorful zip-up hoodie. American Apparel makes one of the best— it’s comfortable, lightweight and durable, meaning your interns will want to wear it well into the period after you decide to hire them full time. Socks

An inexpensive, yet very exciting gift, these fully-customizable socks can be designed with your artwork down to the very last stitch. Any true fashionista knows socks are one of the most important parts of an outfit. 

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Custom Office Items for Interns

Gifts for interns that help them carry out day to day tasks are crucial. Any welcoming package should include some of the following items to ensure that your team has everything they need to hit the ground running. 

The San Jose Notebook

A notebook is a critical component of an onboarding kit, whether it’s for interns or for employees. The San Jose is beautiful example: eggshell colored pages, thin lined spacing and a smart elastic band to hold everything together. 

Wireless Charging Mousepad

This mousepad will give your employees or interns the power to wirelessly charge their phone while working at the computer. You can add a classy embossing of your logo to make this already beautifully-designed product another touch of sophistication. 

Vinyl Portfolio

If your interns work on collaborative projects or otherwise have meetings that require them to scurry about, a branded portfolio can help them remain organized, and encourage a certain level of professionalism in their work. Makes a fantastic early career gift!

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Useful Gifts For Interns

Especially if your interns are commuting into the office, you’ll want to offer them some gifts that make life a little easier. These are some great utilitarian gifts you can give that make the day to day more fun and smooth.

Venture Bottle

Large, well-insulated and ergonomically designed, we love the Venture bottle as a daily-use water bottle that can travel well. Interns will appreciate a bold reminder that they work for your organization, and also to hydrate throughout the day!

Daily Grind Tote

The Daily Grind Tote is the tote bag you hope you grab when you reach into your closet. It’s design makes it perfect for holding cumbersome items, heavy items and groceries, while at the same time being minimal enough to pack down to nothing. 


A high-quality, very nice looking popsocket. For those with smaller hands, bigger phones or simply the desire to multi-task, popsockets are a useful tool that ensure your branding will be seen and used every day. 

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Fun Gifts for Interns

Just like a full-time job, interning can feel stressful sometimes. But it doesn’t need to feel serious all of the time. Here are a few fun gifts that show you care about a positive company culture as much as you do performance. 

Charging Cable Lanyard

If there’s one thing interns love, it’s lanyards. Give the best in the business with a lanyard that also doubles as a charging cable! It comes in a variety of colors and offers you the chance to add your branding all the way around it. 

Asobu Reusable Straw

This set of quality reusable straws is as fun as it is useful. With a colorful carrying case and integrated silicone bending section for ergonomic use. Completely dishwasher safe and certified good for the environment. 

7” Frisbee

A high-quality flying disc that will remind your interns of your brand every time they meet up with their friends at the local park. No one ever realizes how much they need a frisbee— that is, until they have one in their hands!

High End Gifts for Interns

At competitive companies that fight for top talent, intern programs can be as much about wooing potential employees as they are about interns proving they deserve a job. For those competitive organizations, these gifts might sway a talented hire to come on board full time!

TIMBUK2 Division Backpack

One of the most iconic and useful commuting backpacks in the game. Timbuk2 is the standard bearer of startup backpacks and this is why: simple design, chock full of thoughtful organizational features, and comfortable as all get out. 

Painted Apple Airpods

Airpods are among the most popular and in-demand gifts that employees receive in the workplace. Encourage a long-term relationship by gifting these customized Airpods to your interns. You’ll never give a cooler present!

Ember Travel Mug

The Ember Travel Mug allows you to hold beverages at a specific temperature for hours on end using it’s smart technology. No more cold coffee after a thirty minute meeting, and no more thoughtless gifts to interns that never excite!

Ridge Aluminum Wallet

The Ridge Wallet is the ultimate in minimal and utilitarian money management. Equipped to handle cash and cards in a sleek metal exterior, this wallet features easy to use removal holds to ensure one handed use is simple. Fits in the front pocket!

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To make the first day as an intern as special as it can be, we recommend taking a selection of these products and packing them together in a sleek swag box. We can help you get off on the right foot— but ultimately it’s up to you to ensure your interns get as much as they can out of your program!

Want to chat about building out a package or gift set for your next class of interns? Fill out the form below and one of our expert swag reps will reach out about bringing your vision to life!