Corporate Gifting Ideas_ Make Life Easier With These Gifting Services
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Corporate Gifting Ideas: Make Life Easier With These Gifting Services

Office managers are often tasked with managing gift ideas and perks for their teams, clients, partners, vendors, etc. We have gathered a roundup of resources from our Swag 100 resource directory that will make gift-giving a breeze so that you can check “show our clients, vendors, and team some love” off of your endless to-do list. You don’t have to stress about the perfect gift, to reward employee hard work, or to make a client your best friend. Instead you can use one of the companies below that provide some of the best corporate gift ideas out there with a price range to suit your own budget.

Custom Gift Notes From Bond

Nothing beats the personal touch of receiving a handwritten note in the mail, but it’s hard to take the time to write out letters and mail them off promptly. Bond is an excellent service for businesses who want to provide classy, handwritten notes to those that matter most to your company. Whether you are a wedding photographer or a multinational corporation, a handwritten note works wonders for showing your partners, vendors, and clients that they matter.

Bond allows you to customize and send handwritten notes from your smartphone or computer screen in just seconds. No more grueling over stationery, getting hand cramps from writing hundreds of letters, finding stamps, and dropping letters off at the post office. All you need to do is type out the notes, and let Bond do the rest… perfect for the busiest of office managers who are looking for a cute company gift!

Office Workouts With Exubrancy

Show your employees you care about their health and wellbeing by hosting on-site office fitness classes, meditation classes, or even offer massages in the office through Exubrancy. There are many health benefits your company will reap such as increased employee productivity, decreased absenteeism, and improved morale.

The team at Exubrancy can teach your team many popular workouts such as Zumba, yoga, pilates, barre, and more. You can book the frequency that works best for your office, and treat Exubrancy as a one-time reward, executive gift or a daily habit depending on your budget.

Greetabl For Extra Corporate Gift Flair

Do you want to take your corporate gifts to the next level? With Greetabl you can add flair and personality to presents that will wow any client, customer, or business partner that you need to send a gift to. Greetabl has curated a collection of memorable gifts, but the star of the show is the personalized box. Each box can be customized with multiple fun photos (that tear off so they can be kept for later) as well as a personalized message from the sender. Opening up a Greetabl box is truly a unique experience every time.

Greetabl is a cost-effective and even more important – efficient! –  way to build business relationships all while being more than a greeting card and being more personal than a random bunch of flowers, fruit basket or wine gift. If you’re looking for a unique corporate gift idea then Greetabl may be for you.

Punkpost Custom Cards

Sending cards and letters is a remarkable thing to do, but it can be frustratingly difficult to find the perfect card for your clients. You don’t want to go with anything that’s too generic or boring; you want a card that matches your clients and customers prominent personalities.

Punkpost allows you to send handwritten cards that are actually written by people. Unlike Bond who uses a robot to handwrite, with Punkpost you are supporting talented caligraphers across the country who will pen your beautiful sentiments and get them sent to your final destinations. Punkpost’s name might be a tip off to the bold, artistic design of their hand-lettered mail that includes a fun, hand-drawn note tucked into an equally-showstopping envelope that will stand out in any pile of mail.

WorkPerks Gift Baskets

Everyone loves a food gift basket. Sending flowers is fantastic, but they don’t last long, with food you can deliver something awesome that will fill your client up for a while. WorkPerks allows you to deliver deliciously excellent client gifts with a few clicks of your mouse.

One cool aspect of WorkPerks is their custom branding options. If you are ordering 50 or more WorkPerks boxes, you can add your branding to the boxes you send, which will make them an even more special treat for your clients to unbox. With WorkPerks you can deliver boxes as a one-time delivery or a monthly subscription. How you want to wow your clients with snacks is all up to you, but one thing is for sure… WorkPerks eliminates the fuss of creating and shipping gift boxes from your desk.

Zeel Office Massages

There is nothing like a massage to help decompress both body and mind. So, what’s a better gift than on-site chair massages? Zeel is an easy-to-use website that allows you book chair massages for your entire office – or as a great gift to your clients! The gift of a quiet moment to clear the mind, take some deep breaths and enjoy a massage to loosen up the back is an incredibly memorable employee gift that everyone is sure to enjoy and leave a lasting impression.

Unique Corporate Gift Ideas & Custom Branded Items From Swag

Finally, if you’re looking for promotional products to give out as business gifts then we can supply a wide range of products and gifts with your company logo on them. Pick from tote bags, duffel bags, bluetooth speakers, desk accessories, card holders, stress relievers, water bottles and much more. This type of gift is perfect for Christmas, events and trade shows. Whilst not quite a truly unique gift, useful items such as these are still welcomed and well received. If you’re looking for a personalized gift then why not combine one of the custom hand writing services above with one of our promotional products, making it much more of a unique gift idea.