Office Suppliers That’ll Keep Your Office Stylin’ and Profilin’
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Office Suppliers That’ll Keep Your Office Stylin’ and Profilin’

Most office suppliers make ordering office supplies and materials a drag. But it doesn’t have to be that way! There are plenty of office suppliers out there who can deliver style and even sustainability to your office. We’ve sourced some of ‘outside the box’ resources for office supplies, furniture, and of course, swag. Here are some creative places to shop for office goodies right from the Swag 100:



You can’t mention fun office suppliers without highlighting Poppin! Poppin’s ecommerce store offers a massive assortment of modern deskware, stationery and writing utensils, and even commercial office furniture in signature, bold colors. And the Poppin mantra is ‘work happy’ which is something we can really get behind.



Moo is an internet-only office supplier specializing in supplying small paper goods like business cards, stickers, and postcards. You can find a wide range of high end printing options for business cards including letterpress, foil, NFC, and spot gloss. Moo is a startup favorite for creating first impressions with business cards that wow your business contacts. You can upload your own designs directly to Moo’s platform or create a stunning business card design directly in the browser by starting with one of their professionally-designed templates. One of the best features for office managers is that you can create a ‘template’ design and simply plug in the employee’s contact and job title info to easily order new boxes of business cards as you onboard new employees.



As the popularity of ecommerce soars, the importance of packaging has become more important than ever to deliver a ‘high end’ experience to your customers’ mailboxes. Lumi is another office supplier specializes in creating branded packaging in all of the formats (boxes, mailers, printed tape, and even tissue) that you’ll need to send visually-appealing packages that are consistent with your brand’s look and feel. Lumi isn’t JUST for ecommerce either, any company that sends packages to prospects, clients, or partners can benefit from creating a memorable delivery with creative, premium packaging.


Sustainable Supply

Every office needs cleaning and restroom products and more offices are choosing sustainable, earth-friendly options that reflect their brands’ own values-focused missions. Sustainable Supply is a US-based e-tailer that offers over 200,000 sustainable products to keep your office in ship-shape. Like many online stores, they offer free shipping with a $75 order but they even go as far as to promote carbon neutral shipping at no additional cost to the customer meaning they walk the walk.



You didn’t think we’d skip mentioning our own super awesome swag, did you? creates custom-printed promotional items that people actually want to keep. We supply Fortune 500 brands, startups, and small businesses with premium quality promo items like water bottles, hats, totes, apparel, mugs and plenty of outside-the-box gifts that will delight every customer and employee. Take a peek at our swag or let us know how we can help you!



Everyone’s favorite Swedish retailer is actually an undercover startup standby that doubles as an office supplier who offers affordable office furniture with high design appeal and utility. Create modular, customizable workspaces for your team on a budget while maximizing your office’s footprint. Order online and have your order delivered directly to your office (unless you’re hungry for some Swedish meatballs). And don’t let the DIY aspect scare you away…you can hire experienced furniture assemblers directly from IKEA to come to your office and build all of your team’s brand new Skarstas and Bleckbergets, so you don’t need to break out in a cold sweat thinking about putting it all together.



One of the most popular trends in workplace health has been the standing desk, so why not offer your team the option to adjust their work position throughout the day? Varidesk offers a wide variety of sit-to-stand desk products to suit every workplace’s needs and budget. You can choose a riser that’ll act as a converter for your existing desk or order full desks and tables with the Varidesk technology built right in. Risers start at $395 and desks at $495, so they’re a lot more affordable than you probably would have guessed.