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Custom Hoodies For Your Team In 2022

Custom hoodies are among the most iconic pieces of swag in the game: are you even a real organization if your team doesn’t have matching zip up hoodies with your logo imprinted on them?

Custom hoodies are so popular because they’re useful. They’re warm, they’re comfortable, and they’re an easy way to show company pride while working from home or the office. But choosing the right hoodies for your needs can be overwhelming when there’s so many choices out there! Luckily, we’re here to help with a list of our favorite hoodies waiting to be customized with your logo.

If you see something you like, remember that we can get your custom hoodies distributed directly to each of your team members, no matter where they are!

Zip-up Hoodies

American Apparel Hoodie

Among the most popular and classic hoodies for startups. Made with high quality cotton, this comfortable and casual number comes in tons of great colors and is light enough to wear in the office. Zipup

Our pick for the best value custom zipup hoodie in the game. Woven with organic cotton, these hoodies will last forever: even when you inevitably start wearing them every single day of your life. 

Ascolour Premium Zipup

This is a heavy-duty take on the zip up: it’s warm enough to wear out on the town and stay comfy the whole time. You will not regret ordering these hoodies if your team experiences cold weather often.

Alternative L Zipup

This slim fitting hoodie is as comfortable as they come. Featuring raglan sleeves, kangaroo pockets and a fabric lined hood, it’s versatile enough to take care of you while you’re hiking or working away at your desk. 

Champion Zipup Hoodie

Champion makes classic apparel, and has been at it for a long time. This is the result of years of design work: it might be the perfect zipup hoodie! Available in many colors and customization options. 

Classic Hoodies

District Fleece Hoodie

This hoodie is simple, comfortable, and looks awesome when customized with your design. It’s lightweight fabric makes it a good mid-weight option for outdoors, while still remaining comfortable to use indoors. 

Ascolour Supply Hood

The Ascolour Supply hood is a combination polyester and cotton blend, coming in a fashionably oversized fit. It’s high-quality you can feel, and comes in enough colors to match your brand’s unique identity. 

Bella Pullover Hoodie

The Bella Pullover Hoodie is a great option to buy in bulk because it’s unisex, supremely comfortable and long-lasting. It’s not super heavy, but will keep you warm for commuting in a pinch!

American Apparel Cali Hoodie

This unisex hoodie fits just about everyone, and since it comes in several great colorways we think it’s a great pick for your team. It’s 100% cotton and preshrunk, ensuring comfort from day one.

Sportique Rowan Hoodie

A great lightweight option for your West Coast office, or the East Coast summer Fridays gift set. It’s a unisex design that will be perfect for anyone. Easily add your logo via screenprint or embroidery.

Fun & Unique Hoodies

Tie-Dye Hoodie

One of the best sellers of 2020! The tie-dye hoodie is a twist on the classic office hoodie. Add a little spice with a retro design that is sure to make a splash as the next office gift. 

Colorblock Zip Hoodie

This is a unique hoodie due to it’s two color design. It’s slim fitting, unisex, and boasts a large split kangaroo front pocket. Lightweight fabric completes the picture!

Stencil Vest Hood

If you’ve seen Rocky, you’re familiar with the utility of the cut sleeve hoodie. Perfect for working out, or hitting the beach, this hoodie is a fun gift you can use to encourage fitness or wellness in your office place. 

Feat Unisex Blend Hoodie

This is a luxurious, aesthetically pleasing hoodie that happens to be one of the most comfortable on the market. We think it’s the perfect office gift to celebrate a big milestone or say thank you for the hard work.

Ascolour L Zip Hood

Crop hoodies are very in fashion at the moment. No reason why you shouldn’t get your brandin in on the trend! Available in several colorways and customization styles.

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Heavy Duty Hoodies

Spotique Olsen Hoodie

For cold weather commuting and adventure, you cannot do better than the Sportique Olson hoodie. A fleece and polyester blend creates a comfortable unisex hoodie that you’ll want to live in 24/7.

Dickies Thermal Hoodie

From the most classic workwear brand around comes a utilitarian hoodie design that will not let you down when you need it most. Waffle knit fabric means this warmest of jackets will keep you comfortable no matter the task at hand. Sponge Fleece

An excellent, budget-friendly hoodie great for all occasions. It’s on the lighter side of heavy duty, making it a great layer piece that can be worn in warmer weather or cooler. 

Feat Ladies’ Blanket Blend

Feat makes extremely high-quality apparel that feels like a boutique buy rather than a piece of swag. This heavy-weight hoodie is warm, soft and beautifully designed. Give it as a present to celebrate a big milestone. 

Feat Men’s Blanket Blend

Coming in colors like “Oatmilk,” “Burr Blue” and “Hazy Black” the Feat Blanketblend is the best millennial-geared hoodie if ever there was one. Its luxurious feel makes it a good gift to send a message of sincere appreciation. 

Be sure to check out our full line of custom hoodies if there isn’t something you love in our list! If you want some more help choosing the best option for your needs, fill out the form below and someone from our expert swag team will reach out to chat.