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17 Work From Home Care Package Ideas

Care packages are a great way to make WFH remote employees feel appreciated, even when you can’t be together in person.

Gift cards never mean as much as a customized gift set. This goes double in our age of all-day, home-office zoom meetings that can make work feel overwhelming. Employee wellness is always important, but having the home and workspace blend together means you may have to make an extra effort to boost morale. 

Work from home care packages can be as simple as sending a healthy snack to your employees’ doors. But can help you create a custom care package that goes above and beyond! Treat team members to a gift box that demonstrates your appreciation for the juggling act they do every day.

All of these care package ideas are designed to address our strange new world. Since overly corporate gifts wouldn’t feel right, we’ve blended items that make WFH easier with some fun home gifts.

Classic Swag Kit

These are some of the most common swag gifts that employers send to their team members. Show off organization pride with bold designs and high-quality products. 

  1. Triblend Crew
  2. 17oz Swag Bottle
  3. Custom Vinyl Stickers

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Pandemic Safety Kit

It might not be the most exciting, but while social distancing is the norm this box will be your best friend. Keep the team safe and healthy when they need to venture away from their home.

  1. Touch Free Safety Tool
  2. 2oz Hand Sanitizer
  3. Face Mask

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Coffee Kit

What’s better than the morning cup of coffee? Nothing. Empower employees to perfect their at-home brew with this caffeinated combination of gifts. 

  1. MiiR 16oz Tumbler
  2. Glass Coffee Press
  3. MiiR Pourigami

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Workstation Set Up Kit

Everyone has a different home office set up. Send a gift set that will allow people to make the best of whatever they’re working with. 

  1. Custom Blue Light Glasses
  2. Custom Mouse Pad
  3. Pop Pen Cup

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Tech Kit

You can’t go wrong with branded tech swag. People love getting gifts that they’ll actually use. Who hasn’t been saved by a power bank once or twice?

  1. Leather Popsocket
  2. Square Charger
  3. Skullcandy Jib Earbuds

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Productivity Kit

For when you need to put the head down and focus. This gift set helps the team lock in no matter the distractions. 

  1. Mase Headphones
  2. Wood Finish LED Clock
  3. Tea Time Set

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Pet Kit

Pets are part of the family, and while folks are WFH they are part of the office too! These great items will make life easier for pet owners everywhere.

  1. Pet T-Shirt
  2. Large Pet Bandana
  3. Dog Bowl and Bottle Set

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Relaxation Kit

For when you need to turn your mind off and just feel the vibes. These gifts will help you relax mentally and physically. 

  1. Color Calm Coloring Book
  2. 500 Piece Puzzle
  3. Theragun Mini

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Home Office Kit

Maximize productivity by gifting the tools that help keep home and work life separate. Your employees will appreciate the effort to make working comfortable. 

  1. Desk Gift Set
  2. Cable Quack
  3. Fabric Charging Pad

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Spa Kit

Even though physical spas are out, self care is in. This spa-in-a-box is just what you’ll need after a long day of working from home. 

  1. Sheet Mask
  2. Stone Face Roller
  3. Neck Wrap

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Home Fitness Kit

Working out at home can be a joy if you have the right gear. Set your team up for success with these items that make do with just a little bit of space.

  1. Custom Yoga Mat
  2. Resistance Band
  3. FitBit Inspire HR Tracker

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Mindfulness Kit

Meditation is a growing wellness activity with proven benefits to mental health. This kit will give your team the basic tools they need to cultivate a sense of zen. 

  1. Allay Diffuser
  2. Custom Sleep Mask
  3. Classic Journal

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Apparel Kit

This is swag to make you look swaggy. These great pieces of clothing just need your logo or custom artwork to make them really pop.

  1. Hat
  2. Socks
  3. Triblend Crew

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Keep Cozy Kit

Bundle up and hunker down with a gift set designed around cozy comfort. Great for the winter time blues or a Friday-night movie marathon.

  1. Fleece Sweatshirt Blanket
  2. Fully Custom Scarf
  3. Beanie

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Netflix n’ Chill Kit

A good night in is better than a good night out when you have the right amenities. Stay cozy and content with this box designed around movie magic. 

  1. Gourmet Popcorn Gift Bag
  2. Field & Co. Sherpa Blanket
  3. 21oz Stemless Glass

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Virtual Happy Hour Kit

Virtual happy hours have become one of the only ways that teams can stay social outside of the virtual work place. Help things go smoothly with the essential HH kit.

  1. Clear Shot Glass
  2. Candy Cocktail Garnishes
  3. Gin & Tonic Cocktail Kit

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Fun With The Kids Kit

Taking care of WFH employees means taking care of their families too. Give a gift that has activities parents and kids can enjoy together. 

  1. DIY Ice Cream Kit
  2. Color Quest Coloring Book
  3. 12” Beach Ball

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Hopefully these ​gift baskets spark some creative ideas about what will help your WFH teams take a break from Slack and smile. The perfect gift might not exist, but with a little thoughtfulness you can help your employees feel a little more happy and productive while they work from home. When you find it, remember that we can help you build a custom box, store your gifts, and ship them directly to your remote employees.

Want to know more about how to send awesome gift boxes directly to your remote employees’ doors? Fill out the form below and we can chat about your swag needs.