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11 Favorite Eco-Friendly Promotional Products for 2022

Environmentally Friendly Swag Ideas for 2022

Gone are the days in which you could make purchases without thinking about the impact they’ll have on the environment. Now each purchase should be carefully considered for the way it will weigh on the planet, and for good reason.

But there’s a misconception surrounding swag and promotional products that they’re mostly disposable things that add no real value. We’re here to bust that myth and share with you our top 10 favorite eco-friendly promotional products we offer at

And if you’re looking for more eco-friendly goodness, you can use the filters on the swag site to search out products that are eco-friendly and recyclable, among a ton of other options. These options are good for all your promotional product needs, from giveaways and trade show swag to business gifts and employee appreciation items. Here are our 11 favorites for 2022:

1. Reusable straws

With the recent bans of one-time use straws in some establishments, it’s a good idea to keep a set of reusable straws with you wherever you go. Purses, cars, and backpacks are all good places to stow away reusable straws so you can access them when needed. Choose one like the 10-in-1 Straw Set that includes a branded canvas pouch and cleaning brushes to keep your reusable straws neat and ready to go when you need them. 

2. Water bottles and reusable drinkware

Water bottles can be found everywhere ranging from bags to desktops to the hands of runners pounding the pavement, so they’re a great thing to have branded. Plus, drinking from reusable water bottles are a good way to go green and reduce use of one-time plastic bottles and cups.  Water bottles like the one-touch push-button Contigo Chug even insulate your water to keep it ice-cold for extended periods of time.

3. Tote bags

Paper or plastic bags? How about neither. Use tote bags to replace traditional grocery bags and use the real estate on the front of the reusable tote bags to place your logo or design, making it stand out among the sea of other reusable bags. Pick out a high-quality tote bag like our Daily Grind Tote to hand out at promotional events . This cotton canvas bag is great for grocery shopping and will help keep the thin plastic out of landfills. Or a bigger shopping bag like this econscious twill tote is good for all the errands you have to run.

4. Eco-friendly notebooks and office supplies

Everyone needs a notebook to jot down their thoughts and important notes throughout the day, so why not choose one that serves a dual purpose by supporting the environment? Go for one that’s made from 100 percent recycled materials, such as the Eco Frisco notebook, and that’s printed with organic, soy-based inks for minimal environmental impact. 

For other office supplies, you can choose a recycled pen,  like our Eco-aqua pen. Forgot the traditional bic, this ballpoint pen is made from recycled water bottles and is a great earth-friendly option for your office.  Other eco-friendly options include mouse pads and flash drives. 

5.  Recycled Apparel 

When you’re given the choice between products made from brand new materials and those made from recycled or post-consumer materials, always go with the latter for the best impact on the environment. This goes for apparel as well. This Next Level Eco-Blend shirt is a great option for your next branded t-shirt. It is made from a blend of recycled cotton and polyster and comes in an assort of great colors.

Looking for an eco-friendly custom hat? This econscious brand Poly cap is made from 80% recycled materials and is a great option for an earth day outing or summer picnic.

6. Sustainable products

If you can’t choose a product made from recycled materials, go with one made from new, sustainable materials, like the Bamboo Bread Board or other cutting board. Bamboo wood is easy to grow and great for the environment, and the manufacturing process is less harsh than those for glass or plastic products.  Bamboo products also make great corporate gifts. Another option is this unique Bamboo and Stainless Steel tumbler. 

7. Biodegradable products

If you can’t go the recycled route and there are no sustainable products that meet your needs, a biodegradable product is the next best eco-friendly option. Biodegradable products will decay over time naturally and won’t spend several lifetimes at the bottom of a landfill like traditionally manufactured products will. Some great biogradable swag options are the Eco Fontana notebook or this cork and cotton drawstring bag.

8. Lunch bags

Bringing your lunch to work every day is an excellent way to cut down on the waste associated with one-time containers or eating out regularly (not to mention the benefits to your health and bank account!). Invest in branded lunch bags or containers, like our Lunch Tote or Bento Lunch Box to pass out company-wide and encourage your team to get into the eco-friendly habit of bringing their lunch in reusable containers.

9. Sustainable Fabrics

Not all clothing is made the same way, and some of the practices in manufacturing clothing are downright detrimental to the environment. When you want to order custom t-shirts for a promotional event and you want your tees to be as carbon neutral as possible, go with a sustainable choice like the Econscious Men’s T-Shirt or  the American Apparel Organic Cotton T. Not only will your logo make a statement, but so will your decision to go with the option that best protects Mother Earth.

10. Travel Cups for Coffee

Branded water bottles are great, but what if you want to transport other beverages, like hot coffee to reduce single use cups? That’s a job for an insulated travel mug like our favorite 16.9 oz Camper Mug. It’s perfect for transporting home-brewed cups of java or ask Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts to fill it for you and avoid the waste.

11. Eco-conscious Trade show giveaways

Trade shows are not usually known for their environmentally friendly ways. But, you can help by trying to be more eco-conscious with the tradeshow swag you choose to giveaway. Of course, you don’t want to break the bank with these giveaways.  We recommend this travel-friendly reusable straw keychain

Also try to choose greener must-have conference items like lanyards and badges can also help reduce the waste at your events. 

What impact can your promotional product choices have on the environment?

Whether it’s positive or negative, every choice you make when selecting swag for giveaways or corporate gifts has an effect on the world we live in, so choose wisely. Whether it’s one of the eco-friendly products on this list or another one of our many eco-friendly products, green is the way to go. Giving your audience something that will help them be more eco-conscious is also a great way to help. Giveaways like reusable grocery bags, pens or drinkware are great options.