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How to Add A Logo To A Product – A Complete Guide

Check out our new guide on adding logos to your promotional products. Find useful tips to make your promotional items stand out.

Every effective corporate gifting program starts by customizing the right promotional items with logos. 

Whether it’s for nurturing customers or welcoming a brand-new employee to the team, you can’t overestimate the power of high-quality custom gifts bearing your beautiful branding and logos!

Here’s the question: For those starting out, how can you add a logo to a product?

We’re here with a couple of options. Below, we’ll highlight the differences between choosing a local shop option and our one-stop shop for promotional items with logos.

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Finding a local shop to add logos for you

Your first option for creating promotional items with logos is to find a local shop to print the logo for you. This option can be viable if you have a reputable local shop nearby. 

First, you’ll need to find products for adding logos. For example, a set of t-shirts or ball caps. It’s also important to ensure that your local shop can add the logo to your specific product—some shops will have a specific set of products they can work with. Apparel, stationery, and drinkware are common examples that local shops and businesses can work with.

From there, you’ll need to send an appropriately formatted logo for the shop to use. Consult your shop to determine which format works best for them (PDF, PNG, etc.)

Last, you’ll need to choose an imprint area for the shop to use. This is where your logo will be printed, whether on the front of a shirt, the middle of a cap, or on two sides of a mug. 

This route can certainly work for those who have a great shop close by, but it adds a few extra steps—especially when compared to ordering from a one-stop shop online. You’ll need to source the product, wait for the products to arrive, send them to the shop with a logo and instructions, and then wait another indefinite amount of time to receive your swag.

Luckily, you have an alternative.

Adding a logo with Swag.com

Our mission at Swag.com is to provide the best quality promotional products to help brands with an effective corporate gifting strategy. 

Part of this mission is to make it as easy as possible for everyone to create promotional items with logos—we’ve simplified the process to ensure that you have a seamless experience with us!To start, choose an item. For this example, we’ve gone with the classic Swag.com Triblend Crew.

On the right-hand side of the product page, you’ll see steps numbered 1 through 4. You’ll start by selecting your color— you can choose multiple colors as well:

Next, you’ll upload your design. Note that the maximum file design is 10MB and that you’ll want to use an EPS file for the best results. Also, depending on the type of print used, you’ll be limited with the number of colors. This t-shirt uses screenprint, so you’ll be allowed up to 8 colors:

Just below that, you’ll choose the type of decorating method that you want:

Note that this product only allows screen printing. However, other products will offer different printing methods. You can see a brief explanation of each just below in a small blurb. Other printing methods include digital printing, laser engraving, foil printing, and debossing, depending on the product chosen. 

Next, if you look at the left-hand side of the product page, you’ll see additional options to customize your logo as much as possible. You can add design notes, align your logo, edit, and convert the colors:

Once you’ve created your product with a logo, it’s time to place your order! Choose how many you want in the fourth step:

And then click on “Add to Cart” at the bottom to check out. We’ll send you a mockup of your item with the logo for your approval. Once approved, we’ll send you your final products. We want to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want!

Get all of the best promotional items with logos from Swag.com

Swag.com is here to facilitate all of your corporate gifting needs. From the best quality apparel to the latest tech, we make it easier than ever for you to add logos to all of your favorite swag and wow your customers, clients, and employees.

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