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How to Choose the Perfect Custom Mug

If you’re reading this you’ve likely come up with the brilliant idea to outfit your customers, team members or some other lucky group with custom mugs. Great!

Now how do you pick the perfect one?

At, we’ve got literally hundreds of different options for custom mugs. Whether you want something ceramic and chic, or rugged and durable, we’ve got the perfect mug for your needs. With so many great designs, we thought it might be helpful to put together a short guide to how you can go about narrowing down your search. 

Remember that you can browse our full collection of custom mugs and filter your search by color, price, production time, material and more!

Step 1: Pick a material that’s right for your brand

Different mugs are good for different situations. Some will tell your story better than others. As you set out to find the perfect mug, think about who will be using these custom mugs and how. 

Stoneware and ceramic mugs are great for a straightforward gift that will reflect your brand while serving a purpose. We carry tons of beautifully designed stoneware mugs— some of our favorites are:

The Olanta Mug

Monaco Mug

Stainless steel and plastic mugs are better if you want to encourage recipients to get out and enjoy their brew on the road. Camping-style mugs are making a comeback, partly due to their cool aesthetic and great colorways. We really like:

16.9oz Camper Mug

Asobu Campfire Mug

Step 2: Choose your colors wisely

Yes, mugs serve a function through their ability to deliver coffee. But they can also be art pieces if you take the time to pick out beautiful colors! Your mugs’ colorways reflect your brand as much as the logo, so make sure you choose well.

Remember that it’s easy to choose multiple colors using our platform as well. It’s always more fun to stock offices and create giveaways with a bit of variety. Some of the best colorways we have can be found on…

Cambria Mug

Inverti Mug

Step 3: Upload your artwork and customize your mugs

Once you have your model and color picked out, it’s time for the fun part— adding your own artwork! You can use our instant mockup tool to easily see what any of our mugs would look like emblazoned with your logo, message or art. We offer multiple customization options for most mugs, so you’ll want to think about how you want to make your mark. 

If you like the look of a full-color, screen printed logo, you might want to check out: 

Riva Mug

Laser engraved custom mugs are a classy way to show off your logo as well. While there isn’t any color added to these logos, the cut-in design feels sophisticated and timeless. Some of our favorite mugs for laser engraved designs are:

Mug With Wood Lid

Travel Porter Mug

Keep in mind that when you place your order, one of our Swag team representatives will work with you to create a digital mockup that you’ll approve. If you don’t love it, we’ll work with you to make sure you do before anything goes into production.

Step 4: Send them to your team or your customers!

Once you’ve picked out your perfect mugs and customized them with your unique art, it’s time to think about how to get your mugs into the lucky hands of your customers or employees. We make it easy with lots of options:

  • Bundle them in a box: You can make your mugs part of a custom swag box chalked full of other great items. We’ll ship them wherever you need!
  • Ship them directly to individual addresses: With our distribution platform, we can ship your items to as many addresses as you want. Simply upload a file with people’s addresses, and we’ll handle the rest! 
  • Store in our inventory: Want us to hang on to your mugs for a while? No problem. Our inventory feature allows you to use us like a digital swag closet. Just choose the inventory option when you check out. 
  • Create a giveaway link: If you don’t have all the addresses, or want to create a promotional event, our giveaways feature lets you create a webpage that will do it for you. Just send the link to the audience you want, and we’ll handle the shipping when they pick an item! 
  • Send to one address: We can send your mugs to a single location with just a few clicks. Use our shipping calculator to estimate costs.

If you want more information about how you can create the ultimate custom mug, reach out to to chat with a team member!