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Swag Inventory: Your Online Swag Closet

Big news from Swag.com HQ. We’ve just announced our new Swag inventory feature, which will allow you to store any products you order from Swag.com in our warehouse for distribution when you need it.

Think of it as your online swag closet. No more trying to squeeze all your promotional products into your office. No more counting and organizing your items after each event. No more re-organizing t-shirts to see how many of each size you have left.

When you place an order with Swag.com, you are now able to easily hold your swag in inventory. Aside from making your office a lot tidier and saving you some precious time, there are many other benefits of having us hold your products in inventory:

  • Save Money! Order in larger quantities to take advantage of price breaks without worrying where you’ll keep everything.
  • No more counting! Always know your inventory stock with our easy to use dashboard and easily reorder swag as needed.
  • Leave the packing to us! Need to send out swag for a company outing, two different trade shows and some customer appreciation gifts? No need to pack and ship all these boxes, just let us know what and where to ship and we will do all the heavy lifting.
  • Discounted shipping! Access our exclusive shipping rates to save more money.
  • Need it Tomorrow? Once swag is in your inventory, you can pull from it immediately. No need to wait for the turnaround time producing new items.

The best part, you can start using our Swag inventory feature right now. When checking out with your next order, just click on the option to have us hold your swag in inventory.