Ordering Customized Pens in Bulk
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Everything You Need to Know When Ordering Branded Pens

Everybody needs a pen, so why not hand them out pens with logos printed on them so your brand leaps to mind every time the recipients have to jot down a note? Don’t waste the space that runs along the side of your pens — add your logo, branding, or custom design to make the most impact with every trade show and new hire.


Generally, the item on this list with the potential to be the most restrictive is your budget. You’re limited by the amount of funds you have available to purchase office supplies and giveaway items. Ordering customized pens in bulk is great option for cost-effective giveaways.

If you’re looking for a pen that’s economical, dependable, and highly customizable, the General is a good choice. A reliable choice, the General comes in a wide array of color choices so you can customize it to match the color scheme your brand uses. And you can add your logo or custom design to it through screen printing, making people think you spent a lot more than you did on pens for the office or for prospective clients and customers.

Sometimes budget is not as restrictive an issue. In these cases consider wowing others with a high-quality pen, like the Moleskine Classic Click Pen. This writing utensil was designed specifically for clipping onto the cover of Moleskine’s classic notebooks, but they also present a sleek design that catches the eye, regardless of what you’re writing in with it. With sharp black ink and a modern silhouette, the Moleskine Classic Click Pen is a good choice when you’re looking to make a big impression.

Desired pen style

The style of pen you choose to hand out is a representation of your brand, so be mindful about the choice you make. Shape and color both contribute to the style of a pen, so know whether you’re looking for something with a classic shape or a modern exterior, or something with bright and cheerful colors or more muted, professional ones.

If you’re looking for a classic branded pen, it doesn’t get more classic than the Gizmo Pen. It’s a twist-up pen that adds a touch of modern flair with its touchscreen-friendly stylus point. It comes in a range of metallic primary colors, perfect for classic branding.

If you’re looking for something with a little more personality, there’s Le Pen, which comes in a variety of colors (in this pen’s case, the ink color matches the external color). It’s smooth ink doesn’t bleed or run, and a cap closure keeps ink fresh. It’s a popular choice and, with colors ranging from periwinkle to coral pink, there’s sure to be a tone that matches your brand’s color scheme.

Should it multitask?

Do you want your pens to work with tablets as well, or are you more interested in pens that takes multi-tasking to a whole new level? Pens make great multitaskers because they’re always in our pockets, bags, or drawers, ready to be used. Why not make the most of the functionality of the pens you brand with your logo by giving them an additional role to play?

For instance, if you want your pens to function as a stylus as well, consider the Diana Stylus Pen, a sleek choice that lets you go from taking notes in your paper notebook to taking notes on your touchscreen in an instant. But if you’re looking to go even further, consider something like the Triple Function, which has not only a stylus tip but also a flashlight feature as well. With this pen in your pocket, there’s no more searching for your keys blinding at the bottom of your bag.

Is it sustainable?

Sustainability is an important factor for consideration, and in today’s disposable world, opting with a sustainable choice in office products shows your commitment to change, progress, and the environment.

With cornstarch trim made with 50 percent biodegradable materials, the Ecologist is a great pen choice for companies and their customers concerned with eco-responsibility. Its barrel is made with 80 percent recycled materials, and it has a look and feel of sustainability to match its composition.

Ordering pens seems like something that you can do without putting in a lot of thought, but the more careful consideration you take when deciding which pens to order, the more return you’ll see on your investment.