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How to Order Custom Pens: 4 Easy Steps

Steps to Ordering the Perfect Promotional Pen

Pens are needed everywhere. Even though they can be found in places ranging from the bottoms of purses to the tops of desks, logo pens still manage to be in seriously high demand and are among the most common promotional products and giveaway items. And, whether consciously or not, people take note of the pens they prefer to use on a regular basis.

Taking advantage of that small but powerful bit of advertising real estate is a great way to get your brand name out there and associated with utility. And, if you choose the right high-quality custom pen, your brand will also come to mind as reliable and helpful.

How to order custom pens

Ordering custom pens isn’t rocket science, but there are some important things to take into consideration in order to get the most of your investment. To help you make the right choice, we’ll walk you through the steps required for ordering the perfect promotional pen.

Step 1: Determine for what occasion you need custom pens 

What type of pens you order and what your budget is depends largely on what you need the pens for. 

Marketing and promotional giveaways

If it’s for a marketing or high-volume event, for instance, you might be looking to stretch your dollar with a more affordable pen in order to maximize the amount you can hand out as a promotional giveaway. Usually a standard ballpoint pen is a great option here and usually something retractable for people to grab and go. These are usually plastic pens and we have a lot of options at a low price.

Around the Office Pens 

If they’re for you and your staff to use in as a branded office pen or clients to use at meetings, you might not need to order as many and can therefore splurge on pens that are of slightly higher quality. A gel pen is a popular option here. A best seller is the Jotter pen, which is still affordable, writes great and comes in a wide variety of colors. Another good option for a custom pen for your office is a nice grip pen. The Grip Roller is our most popular of this type. These pens have a soft touch compared to the plastic pens, often with a rubber grip and they write so smoothly.

Corporate Gift and Executive Pens

Finally, a high-quality pen can make a great corporate gift for prized clients or potential or new customers. A custom top-of-the-line pen fits the bill here. One popular option is the Moleskine Classic Click Pen, which pairs well with a branded Moleskine notebook or journal. Another option is our Bristol Twist action pen. This ink pen is a great option for an executive pen with its chrome trim and rubber coating. 

In the end, you its important to find the best match for your needs and budget, while not sacrificing budget. A high-quality pen will get use and help your brand stay in front of your audience every day.

Step 2: Choose the features of your ideal pen

Ink color? Grip or gripless? Click-top or twist-up? These are just some of the things you should consider when thinking about the features of your ideal pen. Also consider factors like whether it was manufactured in the U.S. or in an eco-friendly manner. And don’t forget to think about additional features like whether it should include a stylus tip or even a flashlight.

Another tip is to take into account the weight of the pen. Higher weight is generally associated with higher quality, but some people don’t like the feel of writing with a heavy pen, so don’t just assume that the heaviest pen is always equivalent to the best choice.

Novelty Pens or Other Specialty Writing Instruments

Sometimes you might want something different then the standard logo pen. Other options to consider might be a custom sharpie or an Expo dry-erase marker. These are great options for your conference rooms or events that will have white boarding activities.  Another fun option is a highlighter pens. Or maybe a multi-use pen is the right option. This 3-in-1 pen is a pen, stylus tip and led light all in one. Finally, many people prefer writing with pencils. Our round pencil is a best-seller and comes in a great selection of colors. 

Once you’ve determined what your ideal pen looks like, spend some time on’s pen page and filter through the results to find one that fits your needs. Whether you need a click-top pen with a stylus that writes with black ink or a heavy metal pen that twists up, you’ll find one that’s the right (write?) fit.

Step 3: Customize your promotional pens with your design

Now that you know why you need promotional pens and you’ve chosen the best one for you, it’s time to customize your design and make your final choices. Things to think about during this step include what color you want your pen to be (making sure to match it to your logo or custom design) and whether you want your design laser-engraved, etched or printed. Both options aren’t available for every item, so consider which one you prefer when making a final selection for your promotional pens.

Once you’ve decided on the color, upload your design and situate it on the pen as you want it to be printed. It’s okay if it’s not perfect, as all mockups are reviewed by humans to get everything just right. Just get it as close as you can and we’ll take care of the rest.

Step 4: Place your order and then leave it to us

The final step to buy your custom pens is to just to place your order. This step is pretty straightforward—simply determine the quantity of pens you want to order and add the pens to your cart. Once you’ve filled up your cart with all your sweet swag, check out. And, for maximum impact, don’t forget to add other items like branded pen holders, notebooks or notepads with your logo, to complete your order. 

Branded pens also make a great addition to any Swag Box or Swag Bag. For a new hire welcome box, include custom pens, notebook and drinkware and you have a great gift to leave your employees first day. Pens also make a great addition to an event swag bag. Pick the write tote bag and add a pen and other swag and your attendees will be ready to write!

What kinds of custom pens will you create?

Whether you need them for a marketing event or for common use around your office suite, you can’t go wrong with a promotional pen. The right choice could be the difference between your potential client grabbing your eye-catching pen or passing over it for a competitor’s, so take the time to think through purchasing custom pens before you take the plunge.