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Our Favorite Promotional Product Ideas for 2023

In 2023, breaking through the noise to get your brand noticed requires some creativity. Creative custom promotional products are the perfect tool to give your company or org the attention you need!

Great promotional products fall into a few different categories. They are either useful, fun, memorable, or ideally, some combination of all three. The best promotional products are things that people want to use and spark joy— all while reminding your audience about your brand. 

Choosing the right promotional products to represent your brand can be a bit overwhelming, however. We carry thousands of products, all ready to be customized with the art or branding you need to create standout giveaway items at your next event. With so many to choose from, how can you even get started looking?

We’re here to help! We’ve put together a list of our absolute favorite promotional product ideas for 2023. These are a combination of classic swag that’s always in style, and more unique items that we see trending among top companies this year. 

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Classic Custom Promotional Products

Custom Vinyl Stickers

Stickers are a must have for events, giveaways and general brand awareness. These high quality ones are completely customizable down to the size, shape and colors. Order a box and have them on hand for whatever branding experience you need. 

Canvas Pouch

Small pouches are popular swag items, especially at events or conferences. A well-made pouch like this one will get used over and over again, ensuring that your branding gets noticed and remembered. Cotton T-shirt

T-shirts are a tried and true giveaway item that people know and love. Our cotton t is comfortable, stylish, and comes in enough colors to ensure you’ll be able to find the right design to match your company’s branding. Did we mention they’re extremely affordable?

24oz Classic Aluminum Bottle

Water bottles make great promotional products because they get used, they are well-positioned to display a logo, and they promote wellness in an eco-conscious way. Sometimes you don’t need to get too fancy, and for people looking to create a significant number of water bottles we think this option is perfect. 

Pop Socket

Yes, pop-scokets are still hot in 2022! In fact, they are still one of the most popular promotional products we offer. We like this version because it’s completely customizable, and built to last. Works for any smartphone. 

Pinback Buttons

There is a certain retro charm to buttons that is heading back in vogue this year. With the rise of in-person events imminent, folks are leaning into the nostalgia of physical items that used to dominate the promotional products space. These come in a tremendous variety of shapes and sizes.

16oz Monaco Mug

Another retro classic that’s coming back into style is the classic diner mug. Simple ceramics with bold colors and tasteful logos are heating up, and the Monaco is one of the best examples of it. Both dishwasher and microwave safe, this is the perfect mug to create and distribute in bulk. 

Tech Taco

As we’ve stated many times before, useful swag often wins the day. Especially for conferences, tradeshows and other events that require people to travel to them, a smart piece of tech-organizing equipment is sure to make a splash. 

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Unique Promotional Products

Microfiber Stress Ball

This is not your typical run of the mill stress ball. After all, it’s 2022! These bad boys are constructed from a soft cloth material, making them soothing in the hand with the bonus ability to clean screens if needed. The perfect item to plant on your desk. 

Custom Dental Kit

Big events often require traveling. Show your audience you understand them with a custom dental kit perfect for travelers who may have left something important at home! Includes all the dental hygiene equipment you’d want to feel your best. Socks

Socks are hands down the most popular swag item to give out for brand promotion. They are subtle, fun, useful, and if you choose this model in particular, completely customizable down to the last fiber. Live your brand with an exceptionally comfortable piece of marketing!

Stone Face Roller

Wellness is always in, but in 2022 we’re seeing a trend to take it ever more seriously. You don’t have to be a skin care brand to use a stone roller as a tidy bit of promotional strategy. This comes in three luxurious color ways, all feeling premium and befitting of a spa day.

Custom Nylon Scrunchie

Along with many other trends from the 80’s and 90’s, scrunchies are making a comeback in a big way. We’re not mad at it. Get in on the action with this fully customizable model that’s perfect for a tongue-in-cheek marketing campaign or give away item.

Jotter Pen

Okay so there isn’t anything especially unique about pens in general. But the Jotter pen is simply one of the most fun and satisfying pens in the game. Not only do they come in great colors, they write like a dream. Trust us, this is the one you want. 

Asobu Beer Kuzie

Disposable koozies have their place in the world, but as people lean into an ever-more eco-friendly mindset, Asobu’s reusable take on this classic promotional product is guaranteed to go over well. Not only that, but it will actually insulate your beverage of choice in addition to keeping your hands warm.

Braven Mini Portable Speaker

This wireless speaker is one of the most efficient promotional products in the game in terms of size to delight ratio. It delivers strong audio quality and gets much louder than you’d expect. Also, it has a button for taking handsfree pics from your phone, making it a perfect accessory for excursions. 

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This list is a great starting place for you to begin putting together a plan for what promotional products will be right for your brand. We carry thousands of amazing items, all available for customization. We can also help you store, and distribute your swag wherever it needs to go. 

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