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Picking a Custom T-shirt: How to Select the Right Fabric and Cut

There’s a lot to consider when customizing tees. We’ll talk you through everything you need to know to make sure your promotional t-shirt is one your employees will feel good about wearing, and not just to the company picnic. See below for information on how to choose the right style and fabric and how to decide on best options for customizing the tees for your needs.

A t-shirt and jeans is a truly definitive and timeless look, sported by many to almost any occasion. From a day at the park, to work, to dinner, even a date, this classic combo is one that isn’t going away anytime soon.

And lucky for you, because branded t-shirts should definitely be part of your company swag, whether you’re giving one away at a team retreat, a first day, or client presentation. Seriously, it’s the perfect opportunity to show some brand pride. But, if you’re not thoughtful with the process, things could go wrong and you could end up creating a tee that gets buried in closets, used as a cleaning rag, or our favorite, handed over to dads who’ll wear just about any item of clothing as long as it’s free.

So, how do you avoid said conundrum? It’s all about making decisions that are right for you and your team. When it comes to t-shirt design, that means focusing on a few crucial aspects. If you get these things right, we guarantee your swag may become a regular staple in your employee’s wardrobe rotation (and not their dads’).


You’ve heard terms thrown around before, but what does it all mean? We’ll break the most popular options down for you:

1) Tri-blend – What is tri-blend? Exactly what it sounds like–three types of thread combined to create one fabric. Typically that consists of cotton, polyester, and rayon. Together, they create what we believe to be one of the most perfect t-shirt fabrics. Tri-blend shirts are soft, light, and airy.
We’ve got plenty of tri-blend options to choose from here.

2) Cotton – The most popular natural fiber there is. It’s comfortable, durable, and extremely versatile, serving as a great canvas for printing. Check out some of our favorites.

3) Polyblend – This is when two or more types of fibers are used to create a fabric. Polyblends are designed specifically to help improve the feel of the material, keep costs down, and even impact durability. There’s a lot to choose from!


There are so many different types of tees to choose from, but we’ll go over’s most popular. Any of these are designed to be crowd-pleasers, but it is important to know who you are buying for. Also, if you are buying in bulk for a big team or event, choose a few different cuts to make everyone happy.


The Classics


1) Crewneck : The classic look. This is what always comes to mind when you think of a tee and jeans pairing. When you go crewneck, you really can’t go wrong. Crewnecks are available in many different brands, fabrics and have the widest assortment of color choices. Looking for one shirt to please the masses, the crewneck is the safest choice. Available in both men’s, women’s and unisex fits as well.





2) V-neck – A trend that’s here to stay. Choosing v-neck is a way to do something different, without losing the accessibility and comfort of the tee-shirt look. It fits great under any button down, but always works on its own too.  V-necks are also available in different fabrics and cuts for both men and women.





3) Classic Long Sleeve Tee – The classic long sleeve tee is a great option for fall, winter and spring events. They will stand out from the classic tees above. The sleeves also you give you an additional area for custom decoration. You can print on the sleeve to create a unique look. We have a variety of styles and brands of long sleeve tees in many different colors.





4) Baseball – Perfectly cool, and perfect for when the weather’s cool. The ¾ sleeve baseball tee is a uniquely cozy way for your brand to stand out. Available in an assortment of two-toned color combinations in both white and heather grey bodies. These are a great option of team outings, community service events, sales kickoff meetings or just to change up the usual corporate tees. Available in different brands, fabrics and even in youth and toddler sizes.






5) Classic Tank Top – Jerry Garcia said about the Grateful Dead, ““We’re like licorice. Not everybody likes licorice, but the people who like licorice really like licorice.” I think that is similar to the classic Tank. Not everyone loves a tank, but those that do, really love them. This is the classic version Available in an assortment of colors and in Men’s, women’s and unisex versions. Also see below for a different take with the Muscle Tank. Tanks are great options for giveaways for gyms, yoga studios or as part of a wellness program. Or if you just want to have a different summertime swag option.



The Trendy Styles


1) The Cropped Tee – The cropped tee is a fun and on-trend alternative. These tees are great for a causal look, going to the gym or even pairing with high-waisted pants. Definitely a  stylish option sure to get your brand noticed. Perfect for brands in the lifestyle space or with a younger audience. Available in a few different brands and also as a cropped tank.






2) The Slouchy Tee – This shirt has a scooped neck, a curved bottom hem and alonger body length with the classic ‘slouchy fit’.  This is another on-trend option that is sure to be a popular alternative to the classics described above. Its great for both a day-off look but also good to wear to work in a more casual environment. Available in an assortment of great colors, it can really make your brand shine.






Long Sleeve Hoodie Tee
3) Long Sleeve Hoodie Tee  – This classic hoodie is great for year-round layering. It features a retail fit, crossover V at neckline, hood and long sleeves with cuffs. Another great option for standing out from the basic tee-shirt styles. Available in a few different brands and styles and a wide variety of colors. It is also popular work attire in more casual work environments.





Henley Tee
4) The Henley Tee – The well-loved henley is a great way to mix up your swag. It has long sleeves with cuffs, a relaxed crew neck with a four button placket.  Available in a few different styles, inculding a 3/4 sleeve baseball style.






Muscle Tank
5) The Muscle Tank – A more feminine version of the classic tank described above, this must-have style is designed with exceptionally soft poly-viscose fabrication that softly drapes around curves. The modern elongated armholes and curved bottom hem make it perfect for layering. This is a perfect giveaway for summer events or for a more casual or fitness minded audience.  Available a bunch of fun colors to match your brand and stand out from the crowd.




Other Things to Consider

Once you have selected the fabric and style of shirt the next step is to consider the customization of the shirts, specifically the artwork and the print locations. First thing to consider is where you want your artwork to appear. Options for this include front, back or sleeves. This is an area where you can be creative and make your shirt stand out. However, you have to keep cost in mind – each print location will increase the cost of your shirt and may incur separate set-up fees. Also, you want to consider the number of colors in the artwork or logo that you want to print. When screenprinting your artwork, the price will increase for each additional color per location. Finally, you have to consider the sizing breakdown. will recommend a standard assortment of sizes, but it is best to know your audience and select the sizes that make the most sense. Also you don’t want to leave anyone out, so consider a wide-assortment of sizes.

Whether you are looking to do a basic tee or something trendy or unusual, has lots of options to choose from. Have questions, we’d love to chat.