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Ideas for Promoting Employee Wellness While Working Remote

As we stare into an endless future of remote work, strange new life routines and mixed messages about when it will all be over, one phrase should be at the top of every company’s list of ways to retain talent and keep folks happy.

Employee wellness.

This is more than a buzzword: employee wellness is an essential component of a productive, healthy team. In fact, studies show that companies that operate robust wellness programs can actually improve their productivity by up to 10 percent. That’s huge.

But what’s the best way to get people to want to participate in programs wellness programs, outside of the office?

The secret, we think, lies in the motivated feeling you get when you buy a new pair of workout shorts. Once you get them, you pretty much have to go to the gym! Swag is a great way to get your employees motivated about health. Here are just a few ideas for using swag to boost participation in your wellness programs while working remotely.

Offer Employees Branded Workout Gear

You may find that offering a branded water bottle to every person who signs up for the company running club increases the number of participants. Same goes for 1⁄4 zip fleeces and athletic t-shirts stamped with your logo. Passing out branded duffel bags would leave no excuses for leaving those workout clothes in the closet, even if they aren’t coming into the office.

Give people a reason to sweat with pride, and you might be surprised just how many of them do just that!

Make Wellness a Friendly Competition With Prizes

What makes competition fun? Prizes.

Try offering up a Fitbit Inspire Tracker to the team members who log the most miles on their bicycles in a given month. You could do the same thing with by offering branded speakers, headphones and more. No matter the wellness activity you choose to offer up, we’re sure we have the right swag to match the vibe.

Great prizes will definitely get the legs pumping, and the blood flowing.

Offer a Wide Range of Fitness Options

Encourage participation in your company wellness program by offering a wide range of fitness options for everyone. ClassPass provides access to the world’s largest network of fitness and wellness providers, all with one membership. The ClassPass network includes 40,000 pre-vetted exercise studios, health clubs and wellness businesses that offer a broad range of digital and in-person classes including yoga, Pilates, strength training and boxing, and wellness experiences such as massages, acupuncture, and spa treatments. ClassPass corporate plans allow employees to search, find & book classes from over 5 million classes available. Employers save money by only paying for employees who sign up and there are no annual contracts for employees — cancel anytime.

Make Wellness Accessible by Offering Branded Workout Equipment

Lots of people might be struggling to keep up their exercise game due to a lack of equipment at home. can help you help them with branded yoga mats, massage guns, resistance bands and lots more of the stuff you need to make even the smallest space a fun environment for physical activity.

If you want to build the ultimate remote wellness package, you could also consider sending a box of these items to your employees at home. Company-sponsored yoga classes over Zoom would be a lot more fun if everyone had their own branded towel to clean off with after.

No matter what your wellness program looks like, has all the products you need to get people excited and motivated to take health seriously, even from home. When coworkers might have to be physically distant, swag can help them feel closer together, one sweaty activity at a time.