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Sales Gifts Ideas to Engage Leads and Prospects

If you work in sales, you probably have a toolkit of techniques you use to engage with your prospects, and turn leads into clients.

Sometimes the standard touchpoints (cold emails and calls, form follow-up etc.) aren’t enough to get a customer engaged with your messaging and sales team. In our era of targeted advertisements and overwhelming digital interactions, capturing attention and engaging prospects can be difficult. That’s when relying on creative, powerful strategies like gifting can make a huge difference. 

Sending sales gifts or custom swag cuts through the noise by creating a physical connection, and demonstrating your willingness to go above and beyond for their business. You can make a huge impact with just a small gesture, especially at the prospecting portion of the cycle. 

Whether it is a small token to help break the ice during cold outreach, or a thank-you gift to follow-up after a webinar or successful demo, sending something physical creates a touchpoint that will stand out from the usual emails and calls. Including some marketing materials in the package is also a good way to get eyeballs on your sales and marketing materials.  

Here are a few ideas on how you can use great swag to engage with your leads!

Have gifts ready to send with swag distribution

Probably the most important aspect of gifting when it comes to engaging leads is the timeliness of your contact. Typically you’ll want to send gifts right before, or right after specific touchpoints in your sales cycle. That means you need a way to have gifts ready to go at the drop of a hat.’s distribution platform will allow you to send awesome custom gifts whenever the mood is right. All you need to do is shop for gifts you love, customize them with your own artwork, and add them into an inventory that we’ll store for you at our facilities. Whenever you want to send a gift, simply use our portal to choose where to send it, and it will be at your prospects’ doors in no time at all.

The best part? Our distribution platform is free to use when you purchase swag. Learn more about it by checking out our distribution page here.  

Break the ice with a swag giveaway

When you want to land an impression more impactful than a cold email, consider sending your prospect an opening gift using our swag giveaways feature! You can choose from a vast collection of high quality products, add your logo, and send an email that will prompt your leads to choose the size and color they want. They upload their address, and we fulfill their order.

This way you can seamlessly connect with your prospects without having to go through the work of handling any products yourself. Gifts are much more likely to prompt a back and forth than a cold email— especially if you choose an amazing item. 

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Follow up on conversations with a small gift

After an initial point of contact such as the first email or phone call, sending a small gift to show your prospects you appreciate their time can go a long way towards endearing them to your brand and you as a salesperson. These gifts don’t have to be big, but they do have to be thoughtful and timely so that the message is clear: we care about your business, and we’re willing to go the extra mile to prove it. 

Swag idea: send something useful to demonstrate value. Greetabl provides a simple, easy way to send gift cards and small items in a beautiful package.

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Reengage cold leads with a hot ticket item

Sometimes a lead goes cold. Maybe they didn’t show up for their demo, or their last email response said they need to think about it a little longer. In any case, sending a present could be the secret sauce you need to break through the indecision. Using our swag giveaways feature, all you’ll need to do is collect your prospects’ email addresses, and you can send them a link to add their address and have a great gift sent right to their door.

Swag idea: Something fun to delight on behalf of your brand.

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Let leads choose their own gift

Who knows better than your prospects what gifts they’d like to receive? Using our swag giveaways feature you can allow your leads to choose their own gift from a selection of items you’ve customized with your own logo. This is a more personalized gift than sending a gift card, and certainly a good way to catch someone’s attention. All you need is your leads’ emails and we will handle every other step to getting great gifts into their hands. 

Swag ideas: Choose between an apparel, tech or drinkware option

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Send a thank you gift even when the prospect passes

When a lead decides that now is not the best time to do business with your organization, you have an opportunity to leave with a good relationship if you play your cards right. Sending a small gift could be the difference between your prospects never thinking about you again, and them changing their mind down the road. If you want to boost your referral program this is also a good strategy to ensure that people remember you as a good business partner, and maybe tell their associates about you at a later date.

Swag ideas: Something small to say thank you for your time!

Encourage referral program participation with custom swag

Technically this is more of a strategy to build new leads— but focusing on creating prospects with a passive, successful referral rewards will deepen relationships with existing customers in the process.

A referral program is a goldmine of potential customers, provided you properly incentivize people to participate! Good referral programs make the most of your existing relationships to begin the lead engagement process without too much effort on your part. The secret is building a program that gets people excited to vouch for you, and we think swag can help you do just that. 

These are just a few of the ways you can use swag gifting to engage with your prospects and leads! Consistent sales are built on impact and relationships— we believe thoughtful gifting can help you achieve both. If you’re interested in finding out more about how can help you develop a powerful gifting program for your sales team, fill out the form below and one of our expert swag consultants will be in touch.