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Warm Up Cold Leads With These Winter Gift Ideas

Winter is coming, and for business development teams around the country that means annual deadlines are not far behind. 

One of the best ways to close deals is by finding creative ways to re-engage with leads that have gone cold for one reason or another. Maybe someone never followed up on a point of contact. Perhaps they became too busy to take your demo. Whatever the reason, seasoned professionals know that cold leads can still be converted with the right strategies. 

When emails, phone calls or other forms of contact haven’t been quite enough to get your customers over the edge, you may want to consider sending some swag their way. If chosen properly and executed well, the perfect gift can help you reignite interest in your brand and services, giving you the opportunity to make a more effective pitch when the time is right. 

Here are some ideas to warm up those cold leads with quality gifts that are easy to customize, store, and ship with

Stay front of mind with an everyday use gift

It’s possible that your lead went cold simply because they are too busy to keep your brand or pitch at the front of their mind. This is an all-too-common situation that isn’t necessarily resolved by hammering someone’s overcrowded inbox or phone line. Instead, we recommend a more creative approach that will make sure your messaging stands out. 

Try sending custom, branded products that your leads will use every day. This can be something as simple as a phone charger, or as complex as a desk organizer for our new remote reality. Show your customers you can anticipate their needs by sending an umbrella with your logo on it.

The idea is to give something that solves a problem– and links you to the solution.

Keep the relationship warm with a custom thermos

Here’s an industry secret about swag: people love thermoses. 

To show a potential customer that you really value their business, prove you’re invested in the relationship by sending one of the most useful gifts around. A pro tip is to learn a bit about your lead beforehand, if you can, and try to match them with the right drink wear.

We carry tons of different thermoses, ranging from the sportier Contigo Loop 2.0 to the luxurious Swell Tumbler. Maybe you remember that they love espresso– in that case check out the 12oz KeepCup.

If you can get your brand associated with the feeling of drinking the first cup of coffee in the morning, consider your leads hot.

Outfit your lead with branded winter apparel

Like the end of the year, winter weather sneaks up on us without much warning. Use this to your advantage by providing leads with small pieces of clothing that can shield them from the elements and promote your business at the same time. 

If your leads are in a snowy climate, send them a pair of cool customized gloves, or maybe a wool scarf adorned with your logo. Socks are always an unexpectedly fun option in this category, and we have everything from knee high to no show. If you want to reach leads in a warmer winter wonderland, a pair of branded holiday sunglasses might be the perfect way to get a chuckle and a phone call back. 

When the first unexpected snow falls, your leads will remember who kept them comfy on their commute home.

Build a swag box that can’t be ignored

If you want to really make an impression on a lead, we have the perfect system to help you design and ship fully customized gift boxes easily.

From fully-loaded tech boxes, to cocktail hour-themed boxes to somewhere in between, our platform makes it easy to add any product combination you think could help make your case to potential customers. We include branded packaging and customizable notes to ensure that the unboxing of your gifts provides just as much of a wow factor as the items themselves!

The best part for busy sales professionals is that we can hold your boxes for you, and ship them wherever and whenever you need without any additional platform or software fees. Our distribution platform is the secret weapon you can use to heat up leads with just the click of a button.