Summer Swag, Summertime Swag Ideas & Gift Ideas for Hot Summer Days
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Summer Swag, Summertime Swag Ideas & Gift Ideas for Hot Summer Days

View our range of Summer Swag ideas to help your team deal with hot summertime days and nights, spread the word about your brand for many seasons to come.

Favorite Summer Swag Ideas

Summer is almost here and it is time to start planning your summer swag needs for company outings, customer events or summer promotional giveaways. Beyond just the usual promotional products, custom water bottles and short sleeve company logo t-shirts (though we have that too in short sleeve t-shirt, long sleeve shirt or even custom logo dress shirts), here are a few of our favorite summertime swag ideas to help ensure your employees and customers are having fun out in the sun.

If you are hosting a summer event, then you may want to make a custom swag bag using our drawstring bags or Liberty Canvas Tote bags and filling it with items like our Retro Sunglasses, Visor, Flip Flops, Frisbee or SPF Lip Balm.

Branding your summer event with summertime swag

You can also brand your summer event with customized products that would look great placed around an outdoor venue or set around a fire pit! Some of our favorites for seating are the Game Day Event Chair or the custom Fold Up Picnic Blankets for those who’d rather lounge on the grass or sand. You can also deck out the tables in our Table Covers to bring some color and organizational pride to your summer event!

No summer is complete without a trip to the beach. Some of our favorite swag items for the beach are the classic Swirl Beach Ball, the Lounging Beach Chair, custom beach towel, and a zipper beach tote to carry it all. We also have a range of yoga and beach mats, along with easy on-the-go travel accessories such as our custom branded first aid kits or a personal care kit that helps with bath and makeup on the road, perfect for those summer vacations.

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Staying Cool For Summer Days & Nights

Also, you can’t forget about one of the most important parts of summer outings, the sweet and savory treats and refreshing beverages! Keep your attendees drinks cool by handing out some Knit Koozies or custom tumblers. Or provide your employees with a branded Cooler bag or to make a bigger impression go with a fully custom cooler bag.

When ordering summer promotional items, remember to order products that your audience will want to use all season long (and beyond). Whether doing a trade show, or sending free summer gifts to staff, it is a great opportunity for your brand to gain exposure and be memorable for more than just one day and associated with fun times out in the sun every time.

Hot products your team will love:

Looking for more inspiration for great summer swag? Here are some of the great gifts that will help keep the summer months cool.

Rollup Beach Blanket

An all-in-one beach palace you can sling over your shoulder! This blanket comes with a built in pillow to keep you comfy in the sun all day long. Just remember to keep applying sunscreen!

Asobu Ice 2 Go

This water bottle is built with heat-resistant glass, and comes with a metal infuser perfect for making tea or coffee. If you want to give the ultimate hot-weather beater, you can’t do much better than this!

12” Beach Ball

Classic and fun, surprise your team with a gift that encourages people to make the most of good weather. This beach ball comes in a variety of colors— you can also add your own logo to it easily!

Everyday Sunglasses

Sunglasses are one of those swag items that you don’t think you’ll use, until you’re using them all the time. Give a high quality gift with custom glasses that protect from harmful light, and allow your team to soak up the rays comfortably. 

Professional Frisbee

Everyone should have a frisbee somewhere in the back of their closet. We love having some laying around the office— it makes spontaneous trips to the park all the more fun!

Lip Butter

You won’t believe you got this high quality lip balm from your work. It’s a decadent blend of shea and cocoa, offering a moisturizing and protective spa treatment right in your pocket. 

Asobu Dog Bowl Bottle Lite

A little something for the people with pets! This water bottle comes with a detachable dog bowl that fits snugly around the base. Remove it when you stop for a drink, and easily snap it back on when you’re ready to be on your way again. 

Mineral Sunscreen

This luxe sunscreen provides the protective abilities of zinc with the nourishing effects of beeswax and coconut oil. We are always surprised at how much people love receiving high end sunscreens as a swag gift! 

Laguna Flip Flops

Nothing says summer is here like a pair of good flip flops. Help your team get in the spirit with a classic pair that you can brand with your logo. 

Calloway Three Pack Golf Balls

As the weather improves, many are hoping for the chance to spend some serious time on the links. For your next golf outing, give a gift that people will appreciate. It won’t improve your game, but it will make you look better while trying.

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