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Top Swag Ideas for Your Next Golf Outing or Tournament

Golf Event Swag That is Par For The Course!

You don’t want to be short-sided when it comes to golf event swag…. see what we did there?

Golf balls, towels, and golf tees are good giveaways, but you want to go beyond these standards to make an impression. The right swag will make your guests feel appreciated, make them enjoy your event even more, and promote your and company to a wider audience. But what swag giveaways should you include in a swag bag for a golf event?

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Get your crew amped up for the big day!

A fun addition to any event is the swag that comes with it, so why not make it extra fun for a game like golf and gift your crew a desktop golf game. It is a great way to decompress during a stressful day and to just add a little bit of fun to the work day!

Now, on to the good stuff!

Protect your attendees from the elements

Golfers are out in the sun or rain all day during a tournament. They need protection, so why not some sunscreen or lip balm?

Let’s be honest… Golf is just as much about the fashion as it is the game. Get stylish with the flexfit visor or Nike Dri-Fit Polo for them to wear during their games. Some custom outerwear, like this golf bag friendly Eddie Bauer Windbreaker will be a hole in one gift 😉

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Swag Bag filled with Golf Giveaways

At, you can put your logo on many kinds of tote bags or a drawstring bag in which you can include other smaller golf swag. Now that we have protected your attendees from the elements, what else can you include in a swag bag?

Custom Pencils to keep track of their score (with erasers of course). You can include other golf items like golf tees or a custom golf towel. Even some hand sanitizer or a keychain or carabiner can be good options.

For a high-end event you can give away a custom golf bag. But, most events don’t have that kind of budget and most attendees probably already have a bag they prefer, so why not opt for a custom golf shoe bag.

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Drinks for the course

Another great golf swag idea is something in which they can put a sports or energy drink or just water. The game of golf is not a short one, and keeping yourself hydrated is important. Guests present at your golf event will likely know this, and appreciate a nice water bottle, tumbler, or mug with your company’s logo on it. They can use it during the game or at any other time, and again, you spread your brand awareness. Here are a few of our favorites for on the course.

  • The Hydra Bottle – 24 oz single wall stainless steel bottle with threaded lid, flip-up spout and inner soft straw is a great way to ensure you stay hydrated all day!
  • The Trail Tumbler – This 30oz Tumbler is great for keeping drinks cold on the course and the tapered bottom fits nicely in the Golf Cart cup holders.

Of course, golf outings are also a great time to cracking open a cold beer on the course. There are a few options that are good for keeping and it makes your company look great if you include something to support this. Custom Koozies are a great gift that people will reuse regularly.

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Below Par Prizes and Gifts

Your outing might be a golf tournament and require prizes or other gifts that require something not specific to being on the course. These gifts should be nicer than your average giveaway or the regular tradeshow swag and promotional products. Here are some of our favorite gifts for a golf tournament.

  • Wine related gifts are also popular giveaways as golf awards. The Dual Wine Holder is a nice gift. Or the Wine Box Set is another fun option. Include some great wines to take it to the next level.
  • JBL Live Headphones – Often the attendees at your golf outing travel often. These Bose Wireless Headphones are a must-have for these road warriors and make a great gift or prize. Customize them with your logo for maximum exposure.

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