Swag.com CEO Jeremy Parker on Millennial Marketers podcast
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Swag.com CEO Jeremy Parker Shares Tips for Success on “Millennial Marketers” Channel

Jeremy Parker, CEO and co-founder of Swag.com, recently appeared on the Millennial Marketers channel. He explained how swag can help companies foster a sense of belonging with employees, customers and more.

Jeremy and the hosts also discuss the benefits and drawbacks of automation, TikTok marketing trends, and the growth of Swag.com’s marketing team.

Millennial Marketers makes videos for business owners and entrepreneurs about reaching the millennial target market, growing through digital marketing and networking on social media. Take a look at the episode with Jeremy below!

Interested in speaking with Jeremy, or another member of the Swag.com leadership team? Reach out to blog@swag.com to learn more!