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Top 10 Branded Keychains For Gifting Packages in 2023

From employee welcome kits to high-end gifting strategies, all corporate gifting strategies have one thing in common:

They feature high-quality and useful items that your audience will love!

It doesn’t need to be difficult—sometimes, the simplest items can make the most welcomed additions to your gifting packages.

Simple items like branded keychains.

Below, we’ve highlighted 10 of our favorite branded keychains that you should add to your gifting packages in 2023, from basic keychains to unique and fun designs.

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Our 10 favorite branded keychains from Swag.com

Custom Keychain

It’s the tried and true classic!

The Custom Keychain from Swag.com leaves a lasting impression on your clients with three options for customization: Soft enamel, hard enamel, or photodome. It’s also available in three different sizes: 1”, 1.5”, or 2”. No matter which size and customization you choose, you’ll have a great supplementary gift for your gifting packages!

Velvet Keychain

Who says a keychain can’t be stylish and unique? The Velvet Keychain says otherwise.

The Velvet Keychain by Swag.com is a stylish accessory that adds a touch of class to any set of keys. Made from neoprene with a velvet finish, this keychain is both durable and comfortable to the touch. Its compact size and lightweight design make it easy to carry in your pocket or purse, while the sturdy metal ring securely holds your keys in place. 

Customize this keychain with your logo or branding, and you’ll have the perfect gift for clients or employees. It’s a must-have item for your gifting package!

Bottle Opener Keychain

The Bottle Opener Keychain by Swag.com is the perfect combination of utility and style. This keychain features a built-in bottle opener, allowing you to easily open bottles on the go. Its compact design makes it easy to attach to your keyring or belt loop, ensuring that you always have a bottle opener on hand when you need it. It’s great to have for parties, camping trips, or just hanging around with friends.

Adding your branding elements or a logo makes this the ideal item to supplement your gifting repertoire. 

Foam Anchor Keychain

We love a keychain with a unique and fun design! 

The Foam Anchor Keychain is the perfect accessory for those who love the ocean or beach. This keychain features a soft foam material shaped like an anchor, making it lightweight and easy to carry. Its detailed design makes it a great addition to any set of keys, backpack, or purse, and it comes in a whopping nine different colors.

Whether it’s for a beach-goer or someone who loves nautical-themed accessories, the Foam Anchor Keychain is a fun and practical way to carry keys. Add it to your gifting packages today!

Ultra Keychain

A fancy keychain?!

The Ultra Keychain is a sleek and stylish accessory designed for those who value simplicity and functionality. This keychain features a minimalist design, with a slim and lightweight body made from a durable ultra hyde and metal material. Its compact size allows it to fit comfortably in your pocket or purse, and it includes a handy bottle opener function, making it a versatile accessory for on-the-go use. 

Whether you’re running errands, heading to the gym, or just need a reliable keychain that can do it all, the Ultra Keychain is the perfect accessory for your clients and employees. All that’s left is to add your branding or logo! 

Custom PVC Keychain

The Custom PVC Keychain is a fun and unique accessory that allows you to showcase your brand, logo, or design in a bold and eye-catching way. This keychain is made from soft, durable PVC material with five different size options ranging from 1.5” to 2.75”. Its fully custom design makes it stand out from other keychains, and its lightweight body makes it easy to carry around on a daily basis. The Custom PVC Keychain also includes a sturdy keyring that securely holds your keys in place. 

Whether you’re looking for a promotional item for your business or a fun and personalized gift for your friends and family, the Custom PVC Keychain is a great way to make a lasting impression. Supplement your ongoing gifting packages with this unique keychain!

Chrome Bottle Opener

We certainly can’t get enough of bottle opener keychains!

The Chrome Bottle Opener is a classy and practical accessory that allows your clients and employees to open their favorite beverages on the go. This bottle opener features a sleek and modern design with a shiny chrome finish that adds a touch of sophistication to any set of keys. Its sturdy metal body can easily pry open any bottle cap, and its compact size makes it convenient to attach it to a set of keys, hang it on a backpack, or attach it to a purse. 

With a custom logo or some branding elements, you’ll have a great gift to add to your employee welcome packages or client nurturing gift bags. 

Maison de Sabré Keychain

Can a keychain add elegance to your keys? We say yes.

The Maison de Sabré Keychain is as luxurious as keychains can get, adding a touch of sophistication to your keys. This keychain features a minimalist design with a smooth leather body that’s available in various colors to match your style. The Maison de Sabré Keychain is made with top-quality full-grain leather that is both durable and comfortable to the touch, and it features ultra high-polish custom hardware. 

Add this stylish accessory to your gifting packages—the Maison de Sabré Keychain is sure to impress!

Decision Maker Keychain

Help your clients and employees make their tough decisions a little easier with the Decision Maker Keychain!

While we might not actually recommend basing decisions on a keychain, we can certainly get behind a fun and quirky accessory for gifting. This keychain features a clever design that includes over 15 different sayings. It’s a great conversation starter and a fun way to inject some spontaneity and unpredictability into your daily routine. 

Give a unique and unforgettable gift with the Decision Maker Keychain from Swag.com.

Aluminum Bottle / Can Opener

One more bottle opener keychain for the road!

The Aluminum Bottle/Can Opener is a versatile and practical accessory that allows you to easily open bottles and flip-top cans. This opener features a compact and lightweight body made from aluminum material, making it easy to carry. 

The Aluminum Bottle Can Opener is great for camping, picnics, and other outdoor activities. Whether they’re enjoying a refreshing beverage at home or on the go, the Aluminum Bottle Can Opener is a reliable tool that your customers and employees will love. 

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Find The Best Branded Keychains From Swag.com

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