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Top Custom Office Supplies Ideas

Best Branded Office Swag Options

Is it really your office if you don’t have your company logo branded on any of your supplies?! Having cool office supply swag and desk accessories is more than just having an excess of pens to choose from. It can showcase your company’s commitment to quality, and even better, give your team a little lift and keep everything on brand.

Another plus is that by handing out office supplies with your name on it, you’re effectively spreading the word about your business at a low cost. If you’re starting a business, looking to rebrand, or simply just want to jazz up your office supply collection–look no further. See below for our best office supply swag perfect for an offices of all types.


The pen has been labeled as the best tangible marketing product by many, and we can’t help but agree. Promotional pens help to get your company name out at a low cost and have a high usability rate. Unlike some other promotional products, those who get their hands on pens are highly likely to use it at least several times. Our most popular pen, the Grip Roller, is here to help. With smooth, clean lines in black or blue, this pen is sure to be your employees’ and customers’ go-to.


Notebooks and journals are key to being productive and highly organized. They’re perfect for jotting notes from important business meetings or simply writing down new business ideas. A branded hard cover, like our Moleskine Plain Hard Cover, is sure to heighten your professional appearance during key meetings with colleagues and clients.

Prefer a spiral journal for everyday use? Check out our fun Color Pop Journal. This more casual notebook is a perfect gift for new hires for note taking while training, or just daily to-do lists.

Desk Gift Set

Can’t think of a welcome present to get for your new hire? The Desk Gift Set is the essential gift for every employee’s first day. Your employees probably spend the majority of their day at their desk, so why not try to make it colorful and coordinated? This set has all the essentials–pens, a pen cup, a stapler, and a tape dispenser. They’ll be happy you thought of them, and guaranteed to use it every single day!

Pen cup

While a mug can technically work to hold your pens and desktop accessories, it’s definitely not as stylish as the Pop Pen Cup! Make it easy for your employees to store all of their pens here, instead of inside their (hopefully organized) desk drawer for easy access. Alternatively, plant a small succulent, or use this to relocate your plastic utensils and straws for lunchtime. Get creative!


Are you a staple person or a paperclip person? We are definitely the former! Have you ever had to run around the office looking for a stapler? Or maybe you have several staplers, but they’re always broken or being hogged by one person. Whatever the case is–you can never have too many staplers! Get organized with the fabulous Pop Stapler. It’s so fun and colorful that your employees are sure to be fighting over it.

Glass Paperweights

Do you like to have the windows open in your office, or keep the fan on high? Our Glass Paperweight is both a great decorative piece, and the perfect way to prevent all those papers from flying off of your desk!

For more options and creative ideas to help you market your company, check out our wide array of supplies for any office or business at!