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Top Six Swag Ideas for the Beach

When it comes to packing for the beach, whether someone is an over-prepared over packer or a fly-by-the-seat-of-their-pants kind of person, there are a few universal swag essentials that every beachgoer needs to stay comfortable and safe in the shade.


If you’re going to the beach, you’re going to need something that can carry all of your essentials. A good, high-quality tote is perfect for holding beach accessories—they can be washed and turned inside out easily to shake out the sand that inevitably accumulates after any visit to the shore.

Our Zipper Beach Tote is a perfect choice for any would-be beachcomber. Its neutral twill fabric is accented by your choice of seven vibrant colors. A spacious pocket is sewn into the front of the bag, and it’s got plenty of room for your logo to be printed on. Its zippered closure keeps your belongings safe—even when you’re racing to claim the perfect spot in the sand.

Another strong choice for a quality beach tote is the Recycled Cotton Tote. The tote is spacious enough to carry anything you’ll need to enjoy your time at the beach.

Headgear: Hats and Visors

Imagine lying on a towel on the beach, freshly sunblocked, listening to the waves crash softly against the densely-packed sand. The clouds part, and sunlight embraces you—and your eyes. Even with all that’s good about spending time on the shore, there’s always the nagging feeling of the sun stinging your eyes. Unless, of course, you have the right headgear with you.

Headgear like our Flexfit Adult Visor, which shades your eyes from the sun’s persistent glare and lets you lay back and enjoy your visit. It’s moisture-wicking, so it will help keep you cool and comfortable while you splash in the surf. And it dries fast, so you won’t be bothered by a damp band.

If you’re looking for total head coverage, the Ogio Flux Cap is a must. Its woven mesh fabric will help you keep cool at the hottest times of the day. It’s adjustable for maximum comfort, and it comes in your choice of white or black to best coordinate with your logo.


Sunglasses are an absolute must for the beach. Your eyes are as susceptible to harmful rays from the sun as your skin is, so you should take steps to protect your vision by wearing shades next time you’re combing for shells or digging for clams.

Our Islander Sunglasses are a stylish yet economical choice for beachgoers. They have UV 400 protective lenses to give your eyes serious shielding from the sun. They come in your choice of black, graphite, and brown metal frames that will compliment your swimwear.

For those looking to splurge, try our Ray Ban Aviator Glasses. Their timeless look oozes class, their iconic shape complimented by gold trim and green lenses. While the sunglasses themselves can’t be branded, the pouch and cleaning cloth that accompany them can.

Water bottles

Even surrounded by all that water, it’s easy to forget about your hydration needs and end up uncomfortable and dehydrated by all that sun exposure. That’s why carrying a water bottle with you to the beach is non-negotiable.

When deciding which water bottle to purchase for a beach visit, look for one that’s insulated to keep your water cool even when it’s pushing 100 degrees outside, like the stainless steel Contigo Chug. This 20 oz water bottle is vacuum insulated, has a one-touch button so you can take a sip with one hand while applying sunblock with the other, and the spout can lock, protecting you from accidental leaks and spills.

If you’re looking for something for more serious hydration, check out the Venture Bottle. The Venture Bottle holds up to 40 oz of liquid so you don’t have to worry about refills on your sojourn to the beach. It uses double walls and vacuum insulation to keep your drink ice cold. The threaded lid keeps your drinks tightly contained, and with the lid-retaining loop, you don’t have to worry about setting down your lid and walking away from it, losing it in the sand.

Power banks

When it comes to visiting the shoreline, there’s not much that dampens fun more than a dead phone. Whether you need it for emergencies or you’re using it to take pictures of your family playing in the tide, when your screen goes black, it can cause serious frustration. Power banks are a perfect solution for this — carry one in your beach tote and you’ll be able to snap as many photos as your device memory can handle.

Consider the CHRGR Powerbank Kit. It comes 100 percent charged in a handy package with a charger cable that has adaptations for phones that charge with USB-C cables and iPhones, so you can share with your friends who have different phone makes and models. And you can brand it, so everyone who receives one will remember who gifted them the practical and functional powerbank kit.

For a more powerful bank, the Sequoia Powerbank packs quite the punch. It uses a 4000 mAh lithium polymer battery and has a sleek and modern wooden design that stands out, so you won’t mistake someone else’s powerbank for yours. Your logo can be digitally printed or laser engraved on the bank.


Now that you’ve gathered up all the main components of your beachgoing kit, dug out your bathing suit, and slathered on sunblock, you’re almost ready to play in the spray. Before you head out, consider a few auxiliary items to make your beach trip more enjoyable.

No matter how far you sit away from the tide, it seems that you can’t avoid getting wet when going to the beach. Keep your belongings dry at least with our Mambo Waterproof Storage Pouch. It can hold your keys, phone, credit cards and cash, and anything else you want to avoid getting soaked while you soak up the sun.

And just because restrictions have been lifted on beach travel doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take steps to protect yourself from infection and illness. Consider packing a face mask and a container of hand sanitizer to keep yourself and your family safe while enjoying the water.

What will you pack in your beach tote?

Though the swag in your beach tote may look different than someone else’s, most everyone’s will encompass headgear, sunglasses, a water bottle, a power bank, and any accessories needed to keep yourself and your belongings safe while you’re enjoying your time near the water. And the right swag lets you brand every component, so you’re always marketing, even while you’re relaxing in the sun.