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Best Event Swag For 2023

When it comes to events in 2023, flexibility and adaptability are key. For all kinds of events, the right branded gifts can help you maximize engagement and leave a lasting impression. 

Branded swag will always be an important tool to increase event engagement, develop brand awareness, and create a more lasting impact upon event attendees. Our innovative distribution platform helps event organizers create, store and distribute perfect swag for events, increasing event ROI for conferences, trade shows, retreats, and more!

If you’re wondering where to start, we’ve pulled together some of our favorite items for some of the most popular events. Check it out!

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Swag for company retreats and events

Retreats and social events are an important way to develop culture in your organization. Being team members closer to your brand with great custom gifts they can use to express their pride!

Known Supply T Shirt

Everyone wants an event t-shirt! Known Supply makes one of the best all around shirts in the game. Ethically made with sustainable materials, this comfortable shirt is perfect for stamping your event branding all over. 

Islander Sunglasses

People love getting sunglasses, and they are a fun way to set the tone for what to expect at your event. These Way-farer style frames come in a variety of colors and the ability to print your logo on the rims. 

Cocoon Recess Backpack

All-day events might require snacks, documents, and of course swag— keep them all together with a gorgeous, rugged backpack from Cocoon. 

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Swag for trade shows

Tradeshows are coming back, slowly but surely. Be prepared with these great brand-building pieces of swag that will help your organization stand out from the crowd. 

Custom Vinyl Stickers

Stickers are a must have when it comes to tradeshows. These vinyl options are completely custom in their shape and color— making them perfect for every logo or brand. 

2oz Hand Sanitizer

A “handy” container of hand sanitizer that you can brand with your event logo or brand. Perfect to give out at the door of your event, and guaranteed to be useful. 

Custom Lanyards

Are they a little bit cheesy? Yes. But guess what— people still use them all the time, and you’re missing out on an important opportunity to have your brand offer a useful service if you don’t have them at your booth.

Jolt Power Bank

Charged batteries are a fantastic giveaway item for trade shows. Any piece of swag that’s useful is sure to be a hit— especially if that swag can be helpful immediately.

Recycled Cotton Tote

A high quality tote bag goes a long way in generating appreciation for your brand— especially when it can be immediately useful. Our recycled cotton tote is attractive, sustainable and rugged.

Swag for conferences

While these items are great for in-person conferences, they also make fantastic gifts to send to attendees for virtual conferences. Either way, bring the theme of the event alive with these fun custom swag items. 

17oz Swag Bottle

Our most classic, most beloved water bottle. Features an easy-drinking mouth opening, leak proof cap, and the ability to print your logo or artwork over any of the many colorways we offer. 

Moleksine Ruled Hard Cover

Moleskine offers the gold standard when it comes to notebooks. Class up your event with a leather bound beauty. Go the extra step by embedding a logo into the front cover. 

Pop Pouch

Yes— people do use these. Having your supplies organized is important, especially when you’re traveling to a conference or event. Help attendees out with a custom canvas version, printed with your logo.

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Swag for virtual events

Virtual events bring their own set of challenges, but also their own unique opportunities to connect with attendees in new ways. Make the most of your next virtual event with these custom gifts built to enhance the experience. 

Lume Cube Video Light Lite

This portable light connects to laptops and monitors to offer enhanced lighting for virtual meetings. For events where on screen participation is encouraged, sending attendees a way to look their best might help boost engagement!

Walnut QI Charger

Charge your mobile device wirelessly with this handsome QI charger, clad in wood! Attendees will never forget your event if you give them an extremely useful devices emblazoned with your logo.

Wireless Charging Mousepad

Take the wireless charger a step further with a mousepad that includes a wireless charging dock for mobile devices. Two birds with one stone!

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Custom apparel for events

When in doubt, custom apparel is always a good bet as swag for giveaways at events. Here are some of our favorites for your next event in person, or virtual. Hat

This classic dad hat is perfect for events because it’s unisex, one size fits all, and comes in enough great colors to make everyone happy. Embroider your custom logo or artwork across the front. Zipup Hoodie

Everyone loves a comfy zipup hoodie, and we believe this is one of the best. 100% spun cotton, your event attendees will never want to take it off! Socks 

These custom socks are fun, comfortable and the perfect way to commemorate your next event! You can customize them down to the very last stitch— let your imagination go wild!

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Luxury gifts for events

For certain events, any old piece of swag just won’t do. Luxury gifts have a place in the event world, and we’re here to help you find the perfect all-out options. 

Custom Tile Mate 2.0

Tile Mate allows you to track and find items like keys, wallets, and anything else you can connect this tiny device to. Gone are the days of lost items for the lucky attendees of your next event. 

Samsonite Classic Duffel

Samsonite is synonymous with efficient luggage, and for good reason. This sophisticated bag is full of bells and whistles that make travel easy, all while maintaining a minimal aesthetic.

Ember 10oz Mug

Ember is the smart mug that can keep your coffee and tea at the exact temperature you desire. This is one of the coolest things we offer at, and certainly one of the most intriguing luxury gifts you can award your event attendees. 

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Custom swag kits and swag bags

Sometimes, events call for complete swag kits tricked out with an entire menagerie of awesome custom items. For those occasions, is your place to go!

Our build-a-box feature easily allows you to pull together your favorite items into a customized box. We can ship these boxes to one place, if your event is in person, or we can distribute them to individual addresses around the globe, if your event is virtual. 

Whatever your next event is, we can help you create the meaningful physical touchpoints that your attendees will cherish long after it’s finished. From customization to storage and distribution, we can help you manage all of your swag from beginning to end. 

Are you planning an event soon? We’d love to chat about how we can help you create the perfect gifts for your attendees. Fill out the form below and one of our expert swag representatives will be in touch as soon as possible!