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Best Swag Ideas for Sales Kickoff Meetings

Top Giveaways for Your Sales Kick Off Meeting

Kick off your sales year the right way- with swag that people are going to actually get excited about. No more boring Sales Kickoff’s with swag that employees feel like they HAVE to wear or use. Give them something to get everyone excited for a booming year ahead.

But what are the top giveaway ideas to do this with maximum success?

The best giveaways will be something your coworkers want and can use for a long time. This will get them excited for the next year because they have something new to use at work, and it will keep them motivated throughout the year by helping them remember back the annual sales kick off meeting that started it all off. It can also bring your salesforce closer together through giving away items that will make them feel like they are part of a team.

Here are a few examples of items you can use for your giveaways at SKOs, all available at

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1. Clothing

Clothing is an easy option to brand with your logo and buy in bulk. However the options are seemingly endless. Here are a few suggestions.

Custom T-shirts are always popular. However there are two things that will make your shirt stand-out, the fabric and the fit. See our article on How to Choose the right t-shirt for more information on this. Or, view more custom t-shirt ideas for your sales team.

Another fine option for Sales Kick-off swag is Outwear. Fleece vests are always popular, but maybe try something different with a North Face puffer vest, available and in both men’s and women’s sizes. Or another option is a standard windbreaker. This Eddie Bauer Wind Jacket is a great, high quality option.

2. Journals

A nice journal or portfolio is the perfect giveaway item for your sales kickoff meeting. It’s something your team can use at the event, at home or in the office for a long time. A nice moleskine journal or leather portfolio will motivate your coworkers and make them feel respected and more comfortable in the company because the gift is a nice material that shows you put effort into the gift.

You can have these journals ready to go as part of the welcome kit to the sales kickoff meeting. It can be waiting for your team in their hotel room or at the check-in to the event. This kit can also include some of the other swag items mentioned here and the Sales Kickoff agenda (see the ideas for bags below to hold it all).

3. Custom Water Bottles and Tumblers

Similar to the leather and moleskin journals, a stainless steel mug or water bottle is a great high quality, but fairly low cost item that your employees will get great use out of and appreciate on a regular basis. Here are a few of our favorites!

The Fellow Everywhere Tumbler is perfect for anyone on the go. It is small enough that it doesn’t get too tricky to take with you and it will keep your coffee or tea warm during your travels. The Ember Mug is the new “it” appliance. The mug lets you set your drink to the exact temperature you want it. It is a luxury gift that will be used on a daily basis and highly valued by it’s recipient.

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4. Custom Bluetooth Earbuds and Wireless Headphones

Another functional and exciting gift perfect for any sales rep is bluetooth earbuds or wireless headphones. Your sales reps are probably on the phone and/or traveling a lot. Giving them something to make these parts of their job easier and more enjoyable is a great option. The JBL Tune Headphones are a great option. Or, if you really want to splurge on your employees, you can give them custom painted Apple AirPods

5. High-end Swag for Prizes and Awards

Your sales kickoff meeting might want to recognize your top reps from the past year, or give awards to team members that standout or have gone above and beyond. Or you might want to encourage team building or other sales enablement exercises in breakout sessions by providing prizes to the teams that do the best jobs (or have the funniest skit). Hot new tech items are always a good idea for events like this.

6. Custom Backpack or Branded Duffel

Another great option for your team is a high-quality custom backpack or duffel that they can use when on the road or commuting into the office. Having your entire sales team carrying a branded bag is another great way to get visibility while they are traveling to clients or other sales events.

Again, you want to give your sales team something they will use, so it is important to choose a bag that is high-quality and that they will like. A few good options are the Topo Daypack for everyday use. Or the Timbuk2 Division backpack to carry all your sales materials, new products and tech gear. Or the Weekend Valise for the quick overnight or short trips for sales meetings or the hard earned days off.

You can also use these bags to load up with all the materials they sales team will need for the sales kickoff meeting, including the agenda, new sales enablement or marketing update materials or other giveaways.

You can include these with a clothing item with your company logo on it as well to create a gift bag, which is also fun and exciting for a giveaway because it creates a sort of mystery about all the different items in the bag. Of course, a gift bag for a giveaway will need more items, so number five lists multiple item ideas you can include for a gift bag.

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Sales Kickoff’s set the tone for the new year. So while there is lots to take into consideration for a successful SKO, fun company swag is a great way to get your team in the right mindset and set the vibes for the year to come!