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13 Business Gifts Your Clients and Employees are Going to Love

Business gifts are a time honored tradition that can help you and your business build goodwill with clients, leads and employees.

A classy business gift is a well thought out memento of a professional relationship. They can be luxurious and expensive, or small and thoughtful, depending on the audience and use case in your unique situation. A business client relationship might warrant a simple token of thanks, for example, whereas a business employee relationship might require a more expensive luxury item to fully reflect the appreciation you have for their service. 

Business gifts can also be a unique and impactful touchpoint when you are looking to establish new business relationships with leads and potential customers. Sales professionals looking for an out-of-the-box approach draw on sales gifts ideas to help them develop meaningful relationships with their prospects. 

No matter the business relationship you’re looking to celebrate with business gifts, can help you find and send the business gifts to achieve the results you want. If you find something you love, remember that we can help you store and distribute your gifts anywhere around the world!

Here are 13 business gift ideas your clients and employees will love:

Fully Custom Swag Box

For those who want to go the extra mile with their business gifts, we make it easy for you to design your own customized swag boxes, chalked full of several custom products and delivered straight to your audiences’ doors. All you have to do is add items to your cart, and click the ‘build a box’ button in the top right corner to begin the process of packing them together into a beautiful kit.

You have the option to choose a box with a single color, boxes with your custom stickers on it, or even a fully customized box that includes your digitally printed artwork on all faces. Get creative, and send a show-stopping custom swag box for the ultimate business gift. 

Perfect for: VIP clients, employee onboarding

17oz Swag Bottle

This is the ultimate water bottle when it comes to business gifting. Its simple design comes in a ton of great colors, and looks awesome when printed with a logo or artwork. Double walled insulation also means people will want to use it over and over and over again.

Perfect for: lead engagement, client appreciation

Olanta Mug

Let’s face it— some mugs just aren’t that exciting. That’s why we believe choosing a mug to stand out is a winning strategy. The Olanta does just that, featuring a beautiful two-tone stone finish and coming in the right pastel colorways to turn heads. 

Perfect for: employee appreciation, lead engagement

Petite Bliss Plant

Plants make great business gifts because they are a perfect metaphor for your intention to keep certain business relationships alive. These succulents come planted in a ceramic pot that you can customize with your own artwork or logo. Consider other options if you think plants are the right business gift for your needs. 

Perfect for: office gifts, employee appreciation, client appreciation

Moleskine Ruled Hardcover

Moleskine is a company whose very name is synonymous with an elegant office gift. This ruled notebook from the legendary French stationery company represents the most classic product in their line-up, featuring an expandable back cover pocket as well as a built in ribbon bookmark. For the ultimate classy finish, consider adding your logo or artwork by debossing. 

Perfect for: employee onboarding, client appreciation

TImbuk2 Players’ Duffel

The Timbuk2 Player’s Duffel is an outstanding gift that encourages your audience to get out of the office and enjoy the finer things in life. The bag is the ultimate weekend getaway companion, featuring intelligently organized sectioning, easy-access zipper placement and enough storage space to hold several days worth of clothes. You can add your logo or artwork via embroidery. 

Perfect for: VIP clients, employee appreciation

Plush Textured Blanket

This blanket is as soft as they come, and the perfect weight for lounging on the couch during a movie. We think it’s the ultimate end of day treat that your audience will love. It comes in two subtle colors, each flecked with tasteful weaves of complimenting dashes of color. Add your artwork with embroidery for an elegant finish. 

Perfect for: client appreciation, employee appreciation

Cutter & Buck Tag

Luggage tags are a great business gift because they fall into the category of item that people don’t necessarily buy for themselves, but will definitely need at some point. Make your brand stand out with this fashionable model from Cutter and Buck. It’s made from genuine leather, and features a vintage fastener button to hold it all together. 

Perfect for: client appreciation, lead prospecting

High Sierra Power Bank

Solar paneled power banks are a legitimately useful gift that we guarantee your audience will use over and over again.  Simply let it charge in the sun, and this 10,000 mAh will power up smartphones and tablets at the same rate as a wall charger. It also features a flashlight, making it the perfect power bank for outdoor enthusiasts.

Perfect for: lead prospecting, employee appreciation

JBL Clip 4 Speaker

The JBL Clip 4 is a bluetooth speaker that’s great for individual use. Clip it onto your backpack and hit the road with high quality audio that will last up to 10 hours. It’s waterproof, dustproof and packages itself in a rugged casing that makes it perfect for adventuring. Did we mention it also just looks awesome?

Perfect for: lead engagement, client appreciation, employee appreciation

B1802 Lotion & Bar Soap

Make your clients and leads feel like they just got a swag bag from the Oscars with this deluxe hand care kit from B1802. It comes with a goat milk soap, and vanilla hand lotion, both made with the cleanest and simplest ingredients. You can make the gift memorable by adding your logo to the canvas bag that houses these products, ensuring that your audience will see your artwork even if they reuse the bag after the products are finished. 

Perfect for: lead prospecting, client appreciation

Gem Diffuser

This essential oil diffuser is the ultimate in after work relaxation. You can turn any room into a spa with this adjustable diffuser that was designed by a French artist who was inspired by the shape of natural gems. Gently pulsating LED lights add an extra touch of Zen!

Perfect for: employee appreciation

Painted Apple Airpods

Sometimes you have to go all out to show someone what they mean to your business. Whether it’s a holiday gift for employees, a thank you gift to your VIP clients, or an over-the-top gesture to win the business of a valuable prospect, these custom painted Apple Airpods will certainly make an impact. Let your creativity come alive to design these down to a t— using your brand’s colors, logo and more. Available in regular and Airpod Pro models. 

Perfect for: employee appreciation, VIP clients

Business gifts come in all shapes and sizes depending on the type of business relationship you’re looking to celebrate. The important thing is to understand your audience, and try to imagine what type of business gift would really send your intended message. Sometimes, more subtle is better— especially when looking to engage prospects. On the other hand, going over the top to celebrate an employee anniversary or other milestone might be the right move!

No matter the business gifts you’re looking to give, can help you find, create and deliver those gifts wherever they need to be. If you want to talk about your ideas for your next business gift, fill out the form below, and someone from our expert team will be in touch shortly!