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Swag Bag Ideas for Every Occasion

Have you ever gotten a swag bag? There’s something fun about the novelty of opening it up and examining the contents one-by-one, isn’t there? Foster that same feeling of excitement about your brand by preparing swag bags for different occasions.

But, when building a swag bag, where do you start? We’ve got the guide for you here, chock full of recommendations from the Swag.com team about what works best in swag bags for all occasions.

What are swag bags?

Swag bags are collections of small items and gifts, typically given away to mark an occasion or event, and always delivered in a fancy branded bag. You may have seen them at the Oscars, or even received one yourself when you attended a retreat or a conference. They are a great way to put your brand in front of people, and leave a lasting impression that will follow your audience home. 

Swag bags can be used for marketing purposes of course, but also make great gifts for new employees or to celebrate internal milestones and accomplishments within your organization.

A swag bag for every occasion

Whether you’re trying to welcome new clients or employees, stand out at a marketing event, show your appreciation on employee anniversaries, or host a giveaway with top-tier items, a swag bag is a great way to get it done with style.

How to create a swag bag?

Making a swag bag is easy! The first thing you’ll want to do is pick out a series of items you think your audience would love. Whether it’s apparel, tech, home accessories or something else completely, you should choose things that you believe will get used often and make a big impression. 

For a swag bag that works well for any occasion, here are some universally popular branded items to include:

Which type of each item you use is up to you, easily mix and match your contents so your swag bags represent your brand both inside and out.

Finally, you’ll need actual bags to put all of your swag in! Check out our full collection of custom tote bags for a range of options that might work for you. Remember to add your logo as well!

An example we love

Here’s one swag bag you could use for your next event or celebration:

Recycled Cotton Tote

Get it started with a fun bag made from recycled cotton. Fits all the swag you need!

B1802 Hand Care

Add your logo to a high-quality hand care kit, and toss it in the bag.

Square Charger

Power banks are always useful, and make a great addition to any swag bag.

Olanta Mug

This attractive ceramic mug will bring some earthy vibes to your swag bag, and provide a long lasting reminder of your brand.

Swag.com Hat

A custom hat is perfect to round out a swag bag; especially if it’s one size fits all and very sturdy.

Swag Bags for Marketing Events

When you go to a marketing event, you want to have enough swag on hand to pass out to everyone interested in your booth, which can get add up if you’re not careful. To keep the cost of each swag bag low, include items like branded pens, notebooks, and stickers, and pack it all in a cost-effective tote with your logo printed on the front.

By keeping the cost of your swag bags low, you can be sure that everyone who attends the marketing event will be able to pick up something from your booth, leaving them with items that passively promote your brand with every use.

Welcome Packs for New Employees

Consider what a positive impression it would make if you welcomed every new employee to your organization with a custom swag bag. In these types of swag bags, include practical branded materials that are built to last and foster a feeling of being part of an awesome team. These items can include a notebook for jotting down notes during new-hire orientation, a long-sleeve t-shirt for staying warm and fitting in with the team, and a water bottle to encourage hydration and wellness. Pack it all into a high-quality backpack that will protect your new employee’s equipment, and you’ll have a new hire who’s feels like a part of your team from day one.

Gift Ideas for Employee Work Anniversaries

When someone’s been with your company for long enough to reach an anniversary, whether it’s one year, five years, or twenty years, that loyalty should be appropriately rewarded. They’ve put their valuable time and effort into making your company a success, so you should invest in their anniversary gift accordingly. For instance, you could gift them a swag bag with contents that are top-of-the-line. Make sure your gifts make sense for your brand and your budget and are consistent for all employees.

Hoodies are universally appreciated, as everyone likes being warm and cozy. Your team member can pull on their new hoodie and settle in with a branded Kindle EReader, catching up on their reading list while sipping coffee or tea out of an insulated camper mug that you included in their anniversary swag bag. And for even more goodwill, include a few more fun freebies like stickers they can affix to their laptop and work phone cases, a custom PopSocket for getting a good grip on mobile devices, and socks that can be worn with workout gear or business casual attire. Stuff it in a backpack with your company logo on it, and they’ll be set to open a swag bag that’s stuffed to the gills with quality goods.

Swag Packs for Giveaways or Contests

Giving away items shouldn’t just be exciting for the recipients. A good giveaway makes the giver excited as well, knowing they’ve included fun and functional items that the recipient is going to love.

To encourage people to signup for your giveaway, err on the side of impressive high-demand items like tech and other things that people wouldn’t just go out and buy for themselves on a whim. Make sure that what you include is useful so it doesn’t just end up sitting on a shelf collecting dust.

A Tile Bluetooth tracker is an awesome example of an item that’s exciting to win and also makes the recipient’s life easier. A yoga mat adds utility and can shake up a winner’s workout routine while being customized to represent your brand, reminding winners of what your company stands for with every downward-facing dog pose. For a big-ticket item that people will be eager to sign up for a chance to win, consider something that everyone wants—something like a Bose wireless headset. Gather all the items together and pack them into a large-capacity duffel bag so that the winner can easily walk away with all their goodies safely stashed inside.

Swag Bag for new clients

Need to welcome new clients but not sure how to get started? Providing them with a swag bag and you’ll demonstrate your gratitude for their joining your client family. But what should you include?

A notebook that’s beyond basic and has your logo printed on the front is an excellent choice for associating your brand with quality. The same goes for a top-shelf infused water bottle, which will add flavor to your new client’s day while reminding them of their fruitful new business partnership. And if you include a portable and durable charger, your client will think of you each time they plug their device into it. Tuck all the swag into a twill tote, and watch their face light up when you hand it over to them.

What’s in your Swag Bag?

Picking out swag for a swag bag shouldn’t be a chore, regardless of whether it’s for a marketing event, a new hire or client, or an employee anniversary. It should be fun and exciting for you, just as it should be fun and exciting for the recipient. For optimal results, opt for quality over quantity and brand everything, from the contents to the swag bag itself, with your logo.

If you like the idea of a swag bag but want to take things to the next level, consider building a box instead of a swag bag. Check out our guide on how it works and get started today.