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Cool Corporate Gifts for Any Season

While we think it’s great to take the season into consideration when choosing the perfect corporate gift, sometimes it’s better to choose gifts that will be great all year round!

If you’re looking to develop a long term corporate gifting strategy to win clients, reward customers and demonstrate employee appreciation, it can be helpful to know which corporate gifts can get the job done regardless of the time of year.

Business gifting is a winning strategy year round

Clients and customers are always bound to appreciate a gift any time of year on the condition that it’s high quality, and shows off your company logo in an attractive way. You can use these physical touchpoints to draw people closer to your brand in a way that will deepen existing relationships, or potentially spark new ones with leads. 

Choosing gifts that are not season-dependent is a great way to get started if you’re developing gifting strategies that fit into your greater outreach strategies. We especially recommend choosing gifts that are non-season specific for our customers using our distribution platform to store and deliver gifts at a moment’s notice.

Our experience is that client gifts usually go a lot further than something generic (like gift cards) when it comes to getting people excited about your brand. The perfect corporate gift can be all the difference when it comes to retaining business and drumming up new clients. Something about receiving a personalized gift just makes a bigger impact than cash!

Unique corporate gift ideas that are trending right now:

1. Water Bottles

Custom water bottles are always trending, because people are always using them! A high quality water bottle branded tastefully with your logo is an awesome gift to send to clients or leads year round. When choosing the right one, make sure to find a model that will match your brand’s aesthetic!

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2. Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers are trending now because everyone is looking for more ways to spend quality time outdoors. This is a gift that we can guarantee people will use over and over again— add your logo to remind them who is responsible for the tunes!

3. Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs are seasonless hits because coffee is a seasonless hit. Sure it might be full of peppermint mocha in the winter and pumpkin spice in the fall, but ultimately people need coffee year round, and they will always appreciate a nice mug. 

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4. Custom Gift Box

If you want to go all out to win over your next client, or show your existing clients how much they are valued, you can do no better than creating a fully custom gift box to send their way. Start with great custom gifts that you think will blow someone away, and add them all together into a box that you can customize to be completely unique. Finish the project with a custom notecard to get the message across. 

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5. Working From Home Gift Baskets

The transition to working from home led to an explosion in demand for tools and gifts that can make life easier when working from the home office. Sending out custom gift sets with items designed to do just that has been a popular corporate gift for many of our clients this year, and we see that continuing into the future. 

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Gifts we think will be most popular next year:

1. Custom Blankets

Blankets are on the rise as the next hottest corporate gift. They are the perfect blend between formal and intimate— you can use it at the office if it gets too cold, but also take it home and use it on the couch if it’s comfortable enough. Either way, if you do a good job your clients are likely to appreciate it!

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2. Custom Footwear

More and more people started getting interested in custom footwear at the end of this year. We think that next year the demand will be even higher. Custom footwear is just so surprising and delightful that it always makes a big splash!

3. Home Office Gifts

Home offices are here to stay. So why not make the most of it? Gifts that improve the home office are going to continue to rise in popularity over the next year. Practical items as well as mood-based items are a good place to start thinking about this category. 

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4. Commuting Gift Sets

Hybrid office models are becoming more and more popular, and some offices are rapidly moving towards being back in person as quickly as possible. Gear people up for the commutes to come with gifts that are sure to make the train or drive to work a breeze. 

5. Gourmet Coffee Gifts

How can you go a step above a nice mug to satisfy picky coffee connoisseurs? By offering them more high end products of course! The popularity of home brewing has skyrocketed demand for premium coffee gifts.

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We hope you liked this roundup of the best corporate gifts you can use to impress clients and leads all year round! Be sure to check out how our distribution platform can unlock the power of gifting and allow you to send customized gifts at a moment’s notice. 

If you want to learn more about how we can help you establish corporate gifting as a strategy for your business, please fill out the form below and one of our expert swag representatives will be in touch shortly!