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35 Corporate Gifts Your Coworkers Will Never Forget

Corporate gifts and the culture of corporate gifting can sometimes be tough to navigate. There are definitely differences between what you should buy the marketing team, and what you would like to receive on Christmas, for example.

We’re here to help you pick the perfect corporate gifts! Whether you are trying to wow an external audience, or celebrate your internal talent, we’ve got plenty of ideas to help you get started.

No matter what industry you work in, we’ve got the perfect gifts to reach your audience.

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Cool corporate gifts boost culture and elevate workplace atmosphere

Corporate gifts have the potential to deepen your brand by offering a physical touchpoint that makes people happy. It might seem like a small thing, but when an employee, customer or lead interacts with a nice water bottle or other fun gift stamped with your logo, they are more likely to have positive feelings toward your business.

This pays dividends, whether you are looking to attract new customers to your business or simply create a company culture where employees are proud and excited to grow your organization.

Gift-giving in the business world is an often overlooked hack to generating goodwill. Though all of us know the joy that comes from receiving a great gift in our personal lives, it’s easy to overlook gifts as a tool in the business realm. However, this is precisely why you can make such a big splash by developing a gifting strategy into your business model. 

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We believe that there are cool corporate gifts for every use case. In fact, we make it our business to offer a range of products that’s wide enough to have something for everyone! The trick is understanding your audience, your goals, and ultimately what type of messaging will help you tell the story of your brand in the right way. 

Lucky for you, we here at are here to make picking out the perfect corporate gifts easy and fun! From the hottest tech items to outdoor based gifts that make adventuring a breeze, we have something that will be perfect for every person you need to reach. We’ve got everything you need for corporate employee gifts, corporate gift giving, and corporate gifts for clients.

We have thousands of products you can customize with your logo or artwork, and deliver corporate gifts with just a few clicks. We can also store all your items so you can deliver customized corporate gifts at a moment’s notice— all without having to maintain a physical swag closet yourself!

Our Favorite Corporate Gift Ideas

Fully Custom Swag Box

Nothing gets people more excited about your brand than a customized gift box full of great gifts that reflect your personality! We can help you create meaningful custom swag boxes that you can design to the last detail! Custom boxes are perfect for corporate gifts for new clients, rewarding employees’ hard work or just getting people excited at the start of a new quarter. 

Check out how easy building a custom box is here!

Timbuk2 Spire 2.0

The Timbuk2 Spire 2.0 combines high style with top-in-class organizational design. This bag supports you in your day to day grind by helping you stay well organized and ready to work or play. It is The water resistant exterior is perfect for commuters or anyone who is on the go!

American Tourister Toiletry Pouch

The Toiletry Pouch from American Tourister is great for anyone who travels. Whether it is a weekend getaway, a business trip or a long-overdue family vacation, this pouch is great for keeping all of your essentials organized. Planning an in person team event this holiday season? Your employees are going to wish they had this toiletry pouch to help them make traveling a breeze. Socks

These gorgeous socks are great because you can customize them down to the last stitch. Add your company logo and colors for a great corporate giveaway at the next tradeshow, or simply keep a bunch of them in the office for when potential clients stop by for meetings. Whatever you choose to use them for, you can rest assured that the quality of these cozy socks will impress your audience. 

Asobu Orb Water Bottle

When giving water bottles as corporate gifts, we think it’s important to pick models that will stand out from the crowd a bit. The Asobu Orb is perfect for this, with its unique capsule design and fun colorways that we’re sure you don’t see everyday. It also functions at the top of its class when it comes to keeping drinks hot or cool.

JBL Clip Speaker

Speakers are an awesome gift for the office, and this one is a simply perfect choice. It’s not so expensive that you’ll sweat giving them away, but it still has the sound quality and clip on design that makes it a really cool item to receive. With fun colors to choose from and it’s small size, it is fun to bring with you anywhere you go.

Petite Bliss Plant

Plants are an out-of-left-field gift that is perfect for the corporate arena. To leave an impression you want to do something unexpected and delightful, and we can’t think of any better way than with a beautiful succulent in a customized ceramic pot. Comes in a few different colors and with the ability to add your own art or logo. 

Marine Layer ¼ Zip

Marine Layer jackets are a high-quality gift that you can be sure people will actually appreciate and use for a long time to come. This quarter zip is a perfect example of the San Francisco brand’s dedication to getting the details right— for example, it’s one of the only quarter zips that includes pockets! Comes in a few colors with the ability to customize four separate areas.

Paulie Travel Tumbler

Hydration is key! Especially in the winter, it is so important to drink water throughout the day. And now that “emotional support water bottles” are taking over the market, what better time to provide your employees with tumblers that they can sport at the gym, the office and everywhere in between.

Carrara Desktop Set

A nice desk set might feel a bit antiquated, but this vibrant kit is a perfect corporate gift because it’s something people will likely never buy for themselves! That means people will use and appreciate what’s in the box— and considering the gorgeous colors and branding options we offer, we’re positive that they will definitely think of your organization every time they do.

Mophie Multi-Device Travel Charger

This corporate gift falls into the category of useful, everyday items that people don’t know they need until they have one! Whether you are using it for travel or right at your desk, this multi-device charger can charge up to three of your devices at one time, so you are never running low!

Moleskin Ruled Notebook

What can be said about a Moleskine notebook that hasn’t been said already? The Italian brand is famous for the quality of their products, and they remain the most in-demand notebooks for a reason. If you want a classy corporate gift, an embossed hard cover Moleskine is always a good choice. 

17 Oz Casey Mug

Discover the world of custom mugs and blow your audience away. This makes a great gift because it feels a bit more premium and unique than the typical branded mug you can pick up at a tradeshow. Add your logo or artwork to elevate its design to the next level, and put the bow on a corporate gift that will leave an impression. 

MiiR 12oz Tumbler

This is the tumbler everyone wants. It’s small enough to be very portable, and works well enough to keep your drinks hot or cold for as long as you could possibly want. The best part about the MiiR tumbler is that adding your logo to the powder coat outside grants a gorgeous finish to an already premium-feeling product. Perfect for gifts that you need to make an impression with. 

Ember 10oz Mug

One of the first and best “smart mugs” on the market, the Ember 10oz mug will keep your beverage hot with integrated heating technology that links to your bluetooth. Never again worry that your coffee will go cold, or your tea becomes room temperature. As far as impressive corporate gifts go, this is near the top of the line.

Painted Apple Airpods

For a premium corporate gift, you can’t do much better than fully customized Apple Airpods. These are the classic Airpods (available in regular and pro models) but with a twist— you can color the case and each individual pod with your own colors and artwork. These won’t just stand out from the crowd, they will levitate above it and make every other gift feel a bit inadequate. 

Alo Moves Membership

For a more unique corporate gift, consider giving a membership to Alo Moves, a digital fitness provider that offers thousands of hours of virtual yoga, HIIT and other classes. A non-physical gift is a great way to leave an impression, and Alo Moves is a fantastic way to show employees or clients that you value their health and wellness. 

Custom Tile Mate 2.0

Let’s be honest, who isn’t prone to losing their keys, wallet, or head if it weren’t attached to their body? A custom Tile is a great gift that people will actually use in their day to day life. Pop it on your set of keys or in a fold of your wallet and you will never have to wonder where you put your things again!

Fellow Stagg Kettle

Want to go all out and spoil your employees or top clients this holiday season? The Fellow Stagg Kettle is a great option. It is sleek, timeless and perfect for the chilly winter months. Make the perfect warm drink of your choice in minutes and stay nice and cozy this winter.

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Ascolour 100% Cotton Crew

Sometimes the best holiday gift is a high quality, cozy sweatshirt. Especially in a work from home world, a branded company sweatshirt is perfect for those chilly winter months. Your holiday gifts don’t have to be the most unique gifts, they just need to be high quality!

W&P Cocktail Canteen Set

In the era of remote teams and virtual team get togethers, a high-end and customized cocktail set makes an excellent corporate gift. This set comes with everything you need to make delightful cocktails, including a collapsable jigger, bar spoon, mini funnel, glass dropper bottle, and a fruit peeler. Everything fits inside the mixing bottle, making it portable and easily storable. 

Hot Pad

The best swag is items that are useful, unexpected and fun. A customized hot pad is all of those things, especially when you take the time to create a design that will show off the best of your branding. These will protect your mitts from the heat of the moment when you’re in the kitchen, whipping up something good. 

Hot Mess Apron

Aprons are a great corporate gift because they break down the stiff barrier between work and home life in a way that feels welcome. Aprons save the day all the time, and if you can make your brand responsible for making sure Thanksgiving dinner goes off without a hitch, you should definitely try to capitalize on that. We can help you design this item with your own logo and artwork.

Serene House Glass Diffuser

An essential oil diffuser can change the entire vibe of a home office or bedroom. Diffusers help people relax, rejuvenate, and generally center themselves for a moment of bliss. This model features an attractive and slender design that looks great when you add your own logo to it. We recommend this as a wellness gift.

North Face Laptop Pack

A good personal backpack for anyone on the go is a great holiday gift that people will use in any season. A respectable brand that people will recognize and appreciate with the best quality products are a great combination for a gift for anyone.

Selfie Ring

For perfect lighting on video calls, the Selfie Ring offers a simple solution that works on any computer or laptop. Simply secure this rechargeable device to the top of your computer and use the light settings to ensure your face will come through at the perfect shade for the moment. This is a must have for remote teams who meet with external parties frequently. 

Asobu Cold Brew

People say money makes the world go round, but really it’s coffee that keeps us spinning. The Asobu Cold Brew is a coffee-lover’s dream, offering an easy to use kit that produces excellent cold brew iced coffee in no time at all. These are particularly popular as corporate gifts for executives or new hires who are looking for the tools they need to make the home office as efficient as it can be. 

Daily Grind Tote

Tote bags are classic pieces of swag. But this model is so robust, so well-made and so perfectly-sized that we often see our customers give them out as high-demand gifts for their team members and clients. Use this bag for grocery shopping or a day at the park— just don’t forget to get creative when thinking about how to show off your branding on the side of it!

TOPO Classic Duffel

Weekender bags have long been a staple for those looking for meaningful corporate gifts. TOPO Designs makes this duffel that is absolutely perfect for a long weekend adventure. Featuring intelligent organizational features and an attractive profile, this bag makes an excellent gift for organizations hitting a major milestone.

Recess Pickleball Paddle

Get in on the game of the moment with this custom pickleball paddle. What better way to show off your brand than by helping your audience get in on the fun that’s sweeping across the nation. We love this set for employee gifts, or as a tradeshow giveaway.

Branded Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls

Custom golf balls are a classy corporate gift that are really a must-have when you want to make an impression on a certain type of client. These are an excellent option for creating gift sets your clients can take out on the links, and mull over your propositions for business. Add your logo for a subtle reminder of who’s responsible for the excellent flight pattern of their ball. 

Thule Tech Bag Mini

Keeping cords and electronics organized can be a pain without the right tools. This lovely little bag makes organizing electronics a breeze— especially for traveling. If you are having people come to visit your office, or traveling to meet you anywhere really, gifting a custom tech bag is a nice touch that says you care about their experience outside of the board room. 

Micro Coral Plush Blanket

Blankets are among peoples’ favorite gifts to receive from their work, year in and year out. We think this one is a winner, featuring soft polyester fleece and gorgeous embroidery work to bring your branding to life. You can choose several different colors of this blanket to ensure that the whole package reflects the image and vibe you want to put out. 

Corporate gifts are an essential part of doing business. At the end of the day, people make deals with other people, and winning over business often means finding ways to get people to like you or your brand. Similarly, to keep an organization running smoothly, corporate gifts can make people feel seen, respected and appreciated in a way that encourages them to continue to do their best for the people around them.

If you have a vision for creating corporate gifts to delight your audience, feel free to fill out the form below to chat with a swag representative. We’ll be in touch ASAP to see what we can do to help bring your ideas to life.

Updated September 2023.