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Gifts For A New Job Employees Will Love

A new job sparks a lot of feelings: excitement, nervousness, anticipation— the works! New employees don’t always know what to expect. That’s why a new job gift or gift box / gift set can help set the mood for the new job to quickly feel like a new home!

It would be easy to send an Amazon gift card and be done with it. But that’s not the way to get off on the right foot. A great gift requires some thoughtfulness, and an understanding of your company culture. But the perfect gift is the perfect way to say welcome!

Here are a few new job gift ideas to you started thinking about how you can make your new hires feel welcome on their very first day of work:

A custom gift basket (or gift box) to say congrats:

First thing’s first: congratulations gifts are in order to celebrate the new union between your organization and its new hires. What better way to introduce them to the vibes of your company than by sending them a fully custom gift box chalked full of gifts that will get them excited to work with you!

We can help you put together great gift items, add your logo to them, and package them together into a custom box your employees will be excited to open. You can include classic items like t-shirts and tumblers, or something more fun like a blanket! Whatever you choose, remember that we can hold your boxes for as long as you need, and then send them right to your employees’ doors no matter where they are.

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Things to make the first day great: 

Think of what you would have loved to start off your very first day of work with. What are the items you wish you’d had? 1st day gifts should spark excitement, but also make the day flow smoother.

Great items in this category include a coffee mug emblazoned with your logo, a new notebook that can be used to plan out the week’s hard work, or even a branded small snack tin. Items in this category are half to get people stoked to get to work, and make their life easier in the process. 

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A hello from from their future best friends:

It’s always nice to hear words of welcome and encouragement from your new team members on the first day on the job. A DIY notecard with a message from their immediate team members or the company at large can go far in making sure new hires feel supported and encouraged in their new role.

If it’s difficult to organize the logistics of a handwritten card getting shipped to remote hires, we can help you with the next best thing. Our swag-in-a-box program allows you to include fully custom and personalized note cards along with their swag. Use the space to introduce the team, say welcome, or whatever other message you believe will make the biggest impact on day one!

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Branded gifts to show off company pride:

One of the best parts about joining a new company is feeling the pride associated with it! Swag is a great way to help new employees express their pride, and boost the brand in the process.

Gifts that are easy to kick start this process don’t have to be anything crazy or loud or expensive. Something like a custom set of branded stickers to go on a laptop will do the trick. So will a nice keychain emblazoned with your company logo. And even though paperweights might feel like a thing of the past, a custom cinema box might be the perfect way to inject some pride into your new hires’ workstation.

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Gift ideas for WFH setups:

Saying good luck is not enough! You have to prepare new employees with the right tools to be successful. While we can’t send them the new laptop they’ll need to start on day one, we can help you send them a box of work supplies to fill in the rest of their work needs!

We have great work-from-home swag that you can send, including a fully custom desk set, cable organizers and even wireless phone chargers. All of these great items come printable with either your logo, or any other artwork you want to add. 

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Onboarding Survival Kits:

Onboarding can sometimes be a bit overwhelming, let’s face it. So think about gifting some items that will help get your new recruits through it without breaking a sweat!

Things like a fancy water bottle with the company logo, or a nice pair of headphones are a good place to start. A comfy hoodie will also make it a little more bearable to sit through five hour software walkthroughs. But you should probably just find a way to not do five hour software walkthroughs. Yikes.

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Onboarding graduation gifts: 

Finally, give a gift to new employees that they can use to celebrate with the team when they are finally onboarded and ready to rock! You’ll want an item that marks their transition to a full team member, and symbolizes their journey from newbie to expert. 

Bestsellers in this category include tote bags customized with company branding, some boozy popcorn that they can enjoy during their first virtual happy hour, and of course the most classic celebration item of them all— a customized shot glass. Celebrate responsibly. 

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We hope this gift guide gives you some great ideas about how to make new hires feel welcome on their very first day! Even though it is always the thought that counts, gifts that inspire and delight will go a long way towards defining your company culture and integrating new team members. 

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