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Ideas for Sending Remote Customer Gifts

Great Ideas for Customer Appreciation Gifts

Many of the usual ways of connections with customers are more difficult these days. While in-person meetings, user conferences, customer appreciation events and other face-to-face connections are postponed, you can still show your loyal customers some appreciation by sending them some gifts. 

And while your customers are most likely working remotely right now, here are some great work-from-home gift ideas to show your best customers they love they deserve. 

Swag Customer Gift Essentials

Sometimes the classic giveaway items make the best customer appreciation gifts. They tend to be budget friendly, are popular for a reason and give you a lot of different options to choose from. 

However when choosing from these more common items, you will want to make sure you are choosing items of good quality. Nobody wants an ill-fitting, stiff t-shirt or cheap water bottle. Choosing something that feels like a giveaway for a gift might have the opposite affect you intend. What that in mind here are a few options for larger customer appreciation efforts and/or custom loyalty programs that your customers will love and feel appreciated.

These products are also great to include in a swag box or other mail friendly kit. You might want to throw in some fun stickers or even a customized patch. Also including a thank you card or custom note can make the gifts feel extra special.

Stand-out Client Appreciation gifts

Sometimes the classics aren’t enough. Maybe you have a big vip client that you want to wow with something a little nicer. Maybe you messed up and want to go the extra mile in making amends. Or, maybe you want to welcome new customers with something special. Here are some bigger impact customer appreciation gift ideas:

These can also be included with some of the items above to make a great gift box. If possible, including a handwritten note or other personalization will help these make a personal connection with these vip clients.

Email Giveaways or Social Media freebies

Maybe you are looking to do something more promotional with your customers or something to promote word of mouth on social media or encourage reviews of your product or service.  Or maybe you are making gifting of smaller rewards part of a customer loyalty program throughout your relationship.

These gifts can fit more into the giveaways or free gift category and might need a smaller per-item cost. For these, maybe small gift cards for a coffee from Starbucks or Amazon. Greetabl provides a stylish, affordable way to send gift cards that people will remember.

Here are some other swag ideas for these smaller customer appreciation gifts:

For these types of gifts, you might want to use our Swag Distribution platform’s giveaway feature, where you can send links to your customers and let them choose a gift and input their address and we will send the items directly to them.

Order your Customer Appreciation Gifts and We Do the Rest

Whether using one of our customer appreciation ideas above or any other product available at, we can ship the gifts directly to your customers. During checkout just choose the option to have us distribute the items for you. If you want to include a note, you can include our custom notecards to your order as well. will help your customers feel the love even when you can’t be there in-person.