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New Employee Welcome Kit: Elevate Your Game When Onboarding New Staff

Don’t call it the “new hire kit”: 5 things that can elevate your company swag game

Go beyond the expected for your employees. Learn more about tees, totes, notebooks, and everything else you need to take promotional products to the next level and build that company culture from day one of the employee onboarding process.

Imagine this: It’s your first day at a new job. You’re excited, a little bit nervous. You’ve told your friends and family about this innovative start-up/award-winning advertising agency/game changing healthcare firm/[insert company of your dreams that you’ll be joining], and everyone’s rooting for you. You’re ready to be part of the team.

You meet with human resources and then walk into orientation and that is where they hand you that XXL red t-shirt with their black logo emblazoned on the front—in comic sans. And the pen. And the obligatory pad of paper that you will most likely never use after the first day. Followed by an employee handbook!? Kind of a letdown, right?

It doesn’t have to go down this way. Your company can get things right with their choice of welcome package. Because today, work isn’t just work. It’s part of our identities. It’s what we talk about at parties, and where we spend most of our waking hours. The least your employees deserve is swag that doesn’t immediately get put into the “for donation” pile and office supplies that just sits in the draw from day one.

So, how do you evolve your company swag game? We’ve got you covered for all potential new team members.

1. What’s in a name? Everything!

Just like your company spent so much time picking the right name, logo and other branding, you should consider what you call your new hire swag offerings just as important. It sets the tone for morale and team building. So maybe it’s not just the “new hire welcome kit” or the “welcome gift package.” It’s your “culture kit.” Even that one gesture can change all expectations and make the right first impression.

2. Reconsider the notepad

Yes, it’s helpful to have a pen and paper handy for new employees, especially on their first day when they still aren’t settled. But, does it have to be the same pen and paper they’ve received at every other company on every other first day they’ve ever had? The answer is no. Consider this eco notebook for example. You know, options that they’ll want to carry around beyond Day 1, and maybe even gift to a client.

3. T is for “totally going to wear that t-shirt.”

Way too often the company tee-shirt gets reserved for laundry day. You’ve spent good money on this shirt, make it count! There’s so many possibilities and so many ways to make a shirt that’s cool, presentable, and even sartorially on point.

4. Have fun with it.

Seriously! There is no rulebook that says the company swag supply must include the usual options. There’s so much you could offer your employees that really lets your brand stand out. Are you a group of people who care about and promote wellness? There’s a yoga mat for that. Have a team that’s almost exclusively working remotely? Perfect, how about a backpack that makes all that travel a little easier, and a lot cooler looking. Maybe you’ve gotten rid of paper and plastic cups. If so, your employees may thank you for something like this useful bottle, that they’ll almost certainly be using outside office hours too. See where we’re going with this? There’s really so many ways you can bring your brand to life in your new employee offerings. The key is to think about what swag represents your brand and the culture you are looking to build.

5. Let’s wrap this up.

Actually, allow us to restate that: How are you going to wrap this all up? Sure, it could be a tote bag, but what about something a little different? We bet you haven’t considered something like this Cool bag or this travel kit that’s sure to draw a lot of attention and excitement around the office. Of course, you can always go with classic swag box, which is always a good look.

The truth is, the way your employees feel about your company begins right away. There is no better time to build on their positive feelings than those very first touchpoints when they get in on their first day of work. Make sure you get it right and add a personal touch so that the employee feels like they are part of a winning team. And if you need any help along the way, a Swag team member is just an email away and can help you compile the right items for your company.