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How to Send Swag When Working at Home

Sending Gifts to Remote Employees and Customers

With events cancelled, workers working from home and in-person meetings not happening, we have seen our customers are using swag in different ways. More people are taking advantage of our Swag Distribution options to send gifts directly to their employees and customers wherever they are now. All you need is their contact information.

Any order on can be drop-shipped directly to your list of recipients, anywhere in the world. Whether sending a swag box full of different products to a new hire, or just a single promotional item to a prospect, it’s a breeze.

Want to order items in bulk and hold them in inventory to send when you need them. We can do that too!

The best part – there are no extra platform or fees when you order on You only pay the packing and shipping costs of each item, we will waive all storage costs for your first three months. Learn more on our Swag Distribution page.

Ideas for Sending Swag Gifts and Promotional Items

Here are some ways that our customers are leveraging swag to stay engaged with their employees and customers:

  1. Send Gifts to Employees at Home to show appreciation and boost team morale. These gifts can be things that promote fun, relaxation or exercise to help your team members wind down when not working. Everyone loves to get some free Swag.
  2. Or to make a bigger impression, send your employees a Swag Box filled with a few different goodies and company swag. Read our recent post for 5 different swag box ideas for your team.
  3. Direct mailing a gift to a customer is a great way to show them you appreciate their business and can help engage them when in-person meetings are not an option. Here are some great suggestions for sending amazing customer gifts. Direct mail is a proven marketing strategy and its effectiveness is increased when its used to send out free Swag items such as water bottles, hoodies, t-shirts and other useful office products.
  4. Send swag items as prior to or as follow-up to a remote meeting, webinar or virtual event. Gifting Swag can really help you stand out and connect with a prospect before a remote meeting, a virtual tradeshow or event. You can send them something to arrive the day of the event to help build excitement for the event. Or send a thank-you gift or promotional item after the event to help keep your brand on their mind or to help jumpstart your next conversation and touchpoint. Here are some more ideas for using swag in your virtual event follow-up.

Send Swag that Will be Remembered

Above are just a few ideas on how you can use swag to connect with your employees, customers and prospects, but really the sky’s the limit. Any product you order on can be distributed directly to any list of addresses you provide. So be creative and send a promotional product that will help you stand out, improve brand awareness and connect.

However, keep in mind that when mailing someone a promotional item, quality and usability matter more than ever. You don’t want to send something that will end up in a junk drawer or, worse, in the trash. Pick an item that the recipient will love. If choosing apparel, be conscious of sizing and other factors. If choosing drinkware, pick something functional and cool that the receiver will want to keep on their desk.

Need inspiration? Reach out. One of our swag consultants would love to talk with you about your goals and provide some great suggestions to help you shine.