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Staff Appreciation Gift Ideas To Recognize Hard Work

Rewarding hard work in the workplace with staff appreciation gift ideas is essential to keeping staff members happy, and boosting your retention. Team members that feel recognized will create a positive company culture and a healthy workspace. 

 Finding the perfect employee appreciation gifts is a fun way to practice employee recognition. A small gift to keep morale high, or a personalized gift to mark special occasions can make worlds of difference. 

While new employees will love a gift box of custom swag, to show appreciation to veteran team members you’ll need thoughtful gift ideas that show you truly value their role. Whether it’s employee appreciation day, a work anniversary or something else, we can help you go above and beyond a gift card.

Here are just a few gift ideas you can draw on to show your staff some love, and reward employees. If you see something you like, remember that can can you customize, store, and ship your items around the world!

Offer a drinkware giveaway: mug or tumbler? 

Some people like their morning joe in a ceramic mug, taken at the kitchen table with the paper. Others prefer to drink tea while listening to the car radio on their commute to work. Either way, people love custom drinkware they can use in their daily routines!

Using the giveaways feature, you can let your staff choose for themselves. It’s easy to create a custom landing page with your own messaging, and choose products from our highly-curated selection. We’ll handle the shipping to each person’s address. We recommend you take a look at the Frost Tumbler, and the Riva Mug for great options!

Fill a swag box with tech gifts

Who doesn’t love a nice swag bag filled with goodies that help get the most out of our mobile devices? Boost your staffs’ tech capabilities with a gift pack chalked full of great gadgets.

You can start with the most basic items: a custom popsocket, a power bank, or Qi charger for starters. But think about adding a wireless speaker, bluetooth headphones, or keychain tracker to step it up a notch! We can help you create a fully custom box with your items and ship them wherever your employees want.

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Gift the ultimate a wellness care package

The gift of self care is a wonderful thing. Sometimes, people need a little push to remember it’s important to make time for themselves to relax and rejuvenate! We can help you do that with a huge selection of wellness gifts that will delight your employees.

Consider sending a custom stone face roller for a luxurious skin treatment, and add a fun customized sheet mask while you’re at it! We also have a great lotion and soap box that comes full of great products for hands and nails. If you want to promote a more active interpretation of wellness, a FitBit fitness tracker makes a smart and motivational gift. 

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Send a DIY cocktail gift set

Going out for drinks is a blast, but these days that isn’t always possible between social distancing requirements and remote workforces. Luckily, we can still have fun by shifting the bartending duties a little bit!

We have a ton of awesome items you can put together to make a cocktail set people can use in their own house. From old fashioned and bloody mary kits, to custom tumblers and boozy popcorn, we’ve got everything you need to recreate the experience of a night out!

Staff appreciation gift ideas are just the beginning!

At the end of the day, rewarding staff with great gifts is one part of a larger strategy of employee engagement. Even the most high-quality gift basket we could imagine (and we have a great imagination) is only a component of what it means to treat staff well. We hope these unique gift ideas give you some inspiration on where to start! 

What are you doing to show your staff some love? Let us know at, and we might share your story in our next post!