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The Best Swag Tech Gift Ideas and Gadgets for the Holiday Season

The changing color of the leaves means Fall is here, and the holiday season is not far behind! 

Around the country, businesses everywhere are beginning to look for ways to celebrate their employees and customers. Sending holiday gifts is a fantastic way to demonstrate appreciation, reward milestones and encourage long-term relationships– especially if those gifts are branded tech items that people will be excited to use! 

If you’re in the market to outfit your clients or employees with the year’s best tech gadgets, you’ve come to the right place for inspiration. Whether you want to send a single, beautifully branded speaker, or a fully customized swag box chalked full of awesome work-from-home items, this list contains some ideas based on products we know our customers love. 

Of course, we’ll share our picks for the best Airpods and airpods cases we have in stock.

Check out our picks of the must-have tech items for the 2020 holiday gifting season, and start building your custom swag box today:

Our top custom earbuds for listening on the go

These Custom Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds are a great pick if you want to gift in bulk. We love them because they sound great, have a long battery life, and lend themselves well to logos! A bonus is that they come in at a much more affordable price than other tech in this category.

If you want to spend a little more on custom earbuds, the Skullcandy Wireless Buds are a fantastic option. With top-in-class sound quality and sweat-and-rain-proof design, they’re perfect for working out, or focusing while at work.

Finally, if you want to go all out on the years’ hottest gadgets, you have to check out these Custom Painted Apple Airpods. Airpods are without a doubt the most highly-regarded tech gadget of 2020. These are a luxurious gift that look stunning when printed with your logo and branded with your colors. You can make a nice package out of it by also including a custom case for them!

The best big headphones and bluetooth speakers to get in the zone

The Skullcandy Riffs are an awesome wireless headphone that delivers on both sound quality and comfort. They’re quite durable and fold into a small case, making them perfect gifts for folks who travel a lot. You can print your logo directly on the ear cups!

Bose’s QuietComfort 35 headphones are another top of the line pick that we recommend as gifts for VIP customers, or employees who you really want to celebrate. They are quick charging, long lasting and extremely comfortable headphones that can help keep you focused and productive all day. 

We love the Convex Bluetooth Speaker not just for its cool aesthetic, but also because of its superior sound quality and bluetooth range. This makes a great gift for anyone who prizes the quality of their audio, even in a small speaker.

 If you want to gift a more rugged speaker, this Custom Outdoor Speaker is a great option. Dust proof, waterproof and drop proof, this bluetooth speaker also comes with a strap that makes it a perfect speaker for adventuring.

Unique tech gifts to have fun with

An Amazon Kindle eReader is a smart gift that keeps on giving. Unlike many other eReaders, the Kindle does not emit blue light, making it possible to read into the evening without fear of staying up all night. 

For a fun gift that encourages creativity, take a look at this awesome HD action camera. This tiny machine has the capability to capture adventures in full 720 HD. It’s rugged, portable and a great way to gift an out-of-the-box experience.

On that same note, this great tri-fold Solar Charger is an awesome way to gift the ability to roam around outdoors. You can use this device to charge electronics using USB ports, all using the power of the sun.

For a really fun and unique tech gift, this electronic weather station makes a great addition to a home office. You can track outdoor conditions, as well as indoor humidity and temperature, making it a useful tool to monitor your working environment.

The hottest tech for promoting wellness

For dealing with COVID and beyond, this portable UV Sanitizer is a great gift to equip people with an easy means of disinfectant. It’s fantastic for cleaning electronics, keys and any other items that you might have to bring out of the house.

The Fitbit Inspire HR Tracker is a classic piece of workout equipment that you could include as a wellness-oriented gift. In addition to counting your 10,000 steps, this device also monitors heart rate and gives reports on wearers’ sleep health. We stock it in a variety of cool colors, and print your logo along the band.

The Theragun Mini is another piece of wellness tech that has been super popular in 2020. Like its bigger cousin, the fullsize Theragun, the mini version of this massager is an effective at-home tool to work out the aches and pains associated with a hard workout, or the physical stresses of sitting at a desk too long.

 Even though this isn’t an electronic device, this Stylus Touch-Free Tool allows for a hands free way to interact with credit card readers and other touch screens out in the world. It’s inexpensive, durable and shows that you are thinking about ways to protect your employees’ health.

Tech gifts to make working from home comfortable

Blending the work and home spaces is easier when you can organize your work station. Send this custom Cable Organizer to help your employees keep their spaces neat and compartmentalized. This is truly one of the most useful products we offer! 

Now that everyone is using video conferencing services, a branded Webcam Cover can help your employees or clients regain a sense of privacy and separation from their work life at the end of the day. Even though it’s simple, it really does make people feel more comfortable when the workday is through. 

Bring some of the office tools into the house with an awesome Wireless Mouse that carries your logo! Good for both traveling and living at the work from home area, this mouse is comfortable, responsive and looks great.

Top Tech Gifts to get the most from your iPhone or Android 

If you want a more deluxe version of a classic accessory to put in your gadget gift box, we recommend this custom leather popsocket. It works directly on the back of an iPhone or Android, or attached to a phone case. Put your brand right in the hand of those who you want to see it!

With the Kickstand Phone Wallet, your smartphone becomes a viewing device and payment system all in one. Turn your employees iPhone and Android into the only thing they’ll need to carry in their pocket when they face the world. 

To get the best selfies and timed photos, gift a Photo Shutter Button that’s compatible with iPhone and Android. People love this device for its intuitive design and long lasting battery life.  

Our favorite custom tech for everyday life

In the era of smartphones, a reliable source of mobile power is essential. We love this custom Powerbank from iLuv because it’s sleek, has multiple charging ports and lasts a long time. If you want to put your logo on something that people will use every day, this is a good bet. 

The Tile Mate Tracker is a revolutionary device that helps keep track of your keys, wallet or any other thing you are constantly misplacing. By connecting to your phone, you can make the Tile Mate ring loudly, alerting you to its whereabouts.

To keep all of this cool tech together, we recommend adding the Thule Tech Bag into your gift box. It can hold cables for charging, headphones and even a passport if need be. The high quality design is sure to make a big impression in itself.

Finally, we recommend this custom RFID Phone Wallet as a tech gift that puts your brand directly in people’s hands. In an increasingly cashless world, it’s important to protect your credit cards and phone information, and this product lets you do it in style!

What tech gadgets will you include in your 2020 holiday gift bags this season? Be sure to check out our official 2020 holiday gift buying guide for more inspiration!