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Swag Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers in Honor of National Coffee Day

If you are like the millions and millions of Americans who rely on coffee daily, you may be aware that September 29th marks National Coffee Day across the fifty states. 

It is a day of celebration, and a day of gratitude for the miracle drink that gets us out of bed in the morning, helps us get through meetings in the afternoon, and keeps us going when we need to stay up way past our bedtimes. 

For employers and people managers, it marks as good a day as any to acknowledge the hard working people in your organization and offer them a small token of appreciation. In the age of working remotely, a nice coffee-themed gift package can go a long way in making people feel valued– not to mention energized and productive.

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In honor of National Coffee Day, here are some of our favorite bean-based gifts you can use to celebrate your employees or customers:

Our favorite mugs for WFH

The gorgeous Olanta Mug is one of our favorite coffee cups we offer. Since it’s made of stone, it has a beautiful look and feel that elevates it far above the classic diner coffee cup. The texture of the finish also means logos look fantastic when they get printed on.

We also really like the Monaco Ceramic Mug for its classic design and fun color scheme. With tons of color options to match your brand’s aesthetic, it’s a perfect item to make the most of our easy customization features.

Technically, the Asobu Clarity Tumbler is not a mug, but its double walled glass design makes it perfect for keeping your joe hot at your desk. This is an elegant piece of glassware that makes the morning coffee feel luxurious.

Best tumblers for coffee to go

The KeepBrew Cork 12oz is one of the most popular customizable tumblers we offer. It’s durable, pretty to look at, and super good at keeping your drinks warm (or cold!) At 12oz it’s also the perfect size to remain portable while still giving you enough coffee to actually get the job done.

If you want a more unique tumbler, this Bamboo Stainless model is a great way to stand out. Made from a bio-composite of 70% bamboo fibers and insulated with stainless steel, this thermos feels really nice in the hand, and keeps your drinks hot for a long time.

For a luxe, high-end coffee experience, check out the Ember Travel Mug. This bad boy uses an internal heating system to maintain a custom temperature for your beverage up to three hours. This is truly the Lamborghini of tumblers, and it feels amazing in the driver’s seat.

Gifts for the home-brew connoisseur

One of the most important elements of making good coffee at home is keeping your beans fresh. With the MiiR Coffee Canister, you can set up your employees and customers with top-of-the-line equipment for getting the most out of their morning brew. Laser engrave your logo for a gorgeous reminder of your brand every time someone needs some beans!

Another great item you can gift to boost the coffee experience is a customized French Press. This is an essential for home brewing for both neophytes and experts in the coffee world, and it looks sleek and stylish with your logo screen printed on it.

If you want an alternative to the french press, check out the Asobu Pourover, a sleek and efficient coffee maker that seasoned pros will enjoy. This insulated brewer and coffee holder keeps coffee hot for up to 12 hours!

Best side-orders to go with joe

There may not be any better accompaniment to a cup of coffee than a Biscotti. You can make it even more special by delivering this delicious treat in a beautifully branded packaging– it will remind people who is behind the brief moment of bliss they are experiencing.

If you want to go fully all-in on the coffee theme, complete the package with Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans. These guys are tasty, and really do get you going. Coffee on coffee on coffee.

Finally, try adding a nice “coffee notebook” into the package. We like this smaller version from Moleskin. Encourage your employees to make some time to jot down ideas, doodles or whatever is on their mind while they enjoy their coffee.