Facemasks and PPE production
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Swag News: Swag.com Suppliers Retool Manufacturing to Produce Protective Gear

Swag.com has recently started our Masks for All program to help donate a portion of all face masks we sell to those in need. This wouldn’t be possible without our suppliers who have changed over their manufacturing processes to produce masks, face guards, hand sanitizers and other protective and PPE gear.

From T-shirts, Apparel and Bags to Face Masks

Many of our manufacturers that normally produce bags and other items, quickly switched over to producing face masks and other PPE. We currently have face masks in stock made out of the jersey material from t-shirts or fleece from sweatshirts.

We also have face shields for even greater protection. These shields rest on the forehead with a buffer of 1″ thick foam to provide protection for the entire face and are most efficient when paired with Face Masks.

One described the process of making this switch:

“When the government stated if manufacturers could produce face masks to do so we began the plan to do the face masks. The masks are made out of canvas material that we use for our regularly produced items. At the moment those are the only items we are producing.”

This has allowed them to stay open and sell products while also helping supply items in need.  And allow us to offer printed face masks or unbranded masks to our customers, while also donating masks to those helping vulnerable populations in the New York City.

Please note that these items are for personal safety use only. They are not approved for surgical or medical grade use. 

From Sprits to Hand Sanitizers

In a similar way, many distilleries and breweries have retooled their factories to produce hand sanitizer to help keep supplies up for this essential product. These efforts have helped us keep hand sanitizers available in both in branded or unbranded options.

The work of these manufacturers have been a big help to keep these essential supplies available, especially for those most in need. You can order these items now at swag.com and we can ship them directly to your employees to help keep them safe.