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The Best Corporate Employee Gifts They Won’t Forget

If there was a secret weapon you could employ to create a positive company culture, boost employee retention, and promote wellness in the office, would you want to use it? Of course you would!

Luckily, corporate employee gifts are those secret weapons, and we have the inside scoop on how and why you should use them as tools for deepening employee engagement. Our clients are always surprised at the incredible positive reaction they get when they offer a great gift to their employees. Even something as simple as a branded water bottle or high quality coffee mug could be the perfect gifting option for you. 

The truth is that corporate gifts are an art, not a science. To understand what will make the most sense for your company and needs, we’ve put together some information that can help guide your decision. 

Why corporate employee gifts are important

Keeping employees happy and engaged at work is so important for HR and people managers. Gifting offers a way to connect your team to the company in many meaningful ways.

Building company culture and pride

Custom branded gifts that are given on behalf of your company can help create a sense of pride for people that work there. A positive company culture is built on the foundation that people are excited to show up to work every day and build something meaningful together. Deepening that connection with touchpoints that remind employees of the bigger vision they are working to fulfill will only make people happier and more excited to work together!

Promoting employee wellness

Gifts for employees are also a fantastic way to promote wellness in the office. Wellness programs are an essential component of healthy and productive company culture. Especially for offices that are hybrid or fully remote, wellness based gifts can be an excellent way to supplement wellness programs outside of a physical office. Check out our article on the best gifts for promoting wellness while working remotely for more information! 

Boosting retention rates

Happy employees are likely to remain employees longer than unhappy ones. That’s just a fact! Using custom gifts is a great way to keep morale high and remind team members that they are valued by your company. Investing in relationships between employees and your brand is necessary if you want to develop a culture that includes keeping talented employees for years and years on end. 

How we make corporate employee gifts easy is where top people managers come to find the perfect gift for their employees. We make it easy to shop, customize, store and ship all sorts of incredible personalized gifts around the world. Here’s why we’re the best in the business:

Tons of gifts to choose from

From custom apparel, to technology to completely customized gift sets, has thousands of incredible products for you to choose from. No matter who you are shopping for, or what your budget is like, we can help you find the perfect items for your needs! Custom gifting begins with a broad selection of items to pick from— and we promise you won’t find a better stock anywhere else. 

Customization is simple

With all of our products and gift boxes, we offer a wide range of customization options so you can personalize your items to a t. Whether you want to add your company’s logo, color scheme or any other branding, we can help you do it for every item on your wishlist. 

Additionally, we can help you create completely customized gift boxes, full to the brim with items you’ve also made your mark on.

We can handle storage, shipping and distribution

Creating awesome custom gifts is just half of the equation when it comes to business gifting. We also eliminate the headaches associated with getting your gifts into the hands of the people that matter. Using our swag distribution platform, you can store gifts at our warehouse until you’re ready to send them. When you are, we make it easy to send your items to one address, or thousands at once! 

We’ll never surprise you with hidden fees or unexpected shipping costs either. 

The best gifts for employees based on use cases

So which gifts should you choose for your employees? Here are a few suggestions based on some common times that gifting occurs:

Onboarding gifts

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Employee appreciation gifts

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Employee anniversary gifts

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If you are interested in customizing corporate employee gifts for your office or team, feel free to get shopping, or get in touch for more information! If you fill out the form below, one of our expert swag representatives will be in touch to help you execute your vision.