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Three Ways To Use Up Your 2020 Budget

Finally, 2020 is coming to end. The only people not celebrating are those with excess budget they need to spend before 2021.

At Swag.com, we’ve got your back! There are lots of ways you can spend the left over bits of your budget in a meaningful way, whether it’s for last-minute appreciation gifts or for looking towards the upcoming year.

Here are three ways you can invest the end of your 2020 budget on your organization’s swag needs:

1. Send end of year appreciation gifts to employees and customers

The best way to see off 2020 is to thank the people who made it possible to get through it. Reaching out to your remote employees or best customers with a small token of appreciation will go a long way towards strengthening relationships and building good will.

If you’re looking for some inspiration on great swag we can get out the door in a jiffy, check out our post on the best company swag ideas for 2021.

2. Buy swag today, and store in our inventory for use tomorrow

If you know you’ll be needing swag at some point in 2021 (and who won’t be), get a head start on prepping for it by using our distribution platform to easily store your swag until you’re ready.

It’s simple: you shop for the products you love and customize them using your own artwork, and we’ll store everything in our distribution centers until the the right moment to ship. When you’re ready, we can easily send your swag to one address or hundreds, anywhere around the world!

Use up your budget, and set yourself up to easily send swag when the moment is right: you’ll be a hero!

3. Buy Swag.com credits to prepare for 2021

If you’re not quite ready to pick out the right swag for 2021, you can still use up your budget in a way that gives you options down the road! A Swag.com gift card makes it easy to use today’s budget for tomorrow’s swag needs. Learn more about this option here.

Kill two birds with one stone by outfitting your team with the readymade ability to send great swag any time in 2021. A gift card gives you the power to spring in to action at moment’s notice.

You can learn more about using 2020’s budget for 2021’s swag here!