Top Eco-Friendly Promotional Products
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11 Favorite Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

Environmentally Friendly Promotional Products

The recent ban on plastic straws in restaurants and other establishments (*cough Starbucks cough*) has spear-headed some major eco-friendly efforts. Here at, we’re also trying to be conscious of creating less waste and limit our plastic use. To further assist in reduce waste, we thought we’d share some of our best environmentally conscious promotional items that are perfect for trade shows or giveaways, and work as alternatives to the traditional items doesn’t get much use these days and end up in the landfill.

1.Tote Bags

Whether running errands or grocery shopping, having a spare tote bag on hand during check out is the perfect solution to avoid the question: “Paper or plastic?” Depending on your style of choice, the totes can come with either a zipper, pocket, or button to keep valuables safe. Another option for those who want an alternative to the grocery tote bag is the messenger bag which can also make for a well received business gift. favorite: Liberty Canvas Tote

2. Reusable Straws

The “skip the straw” movement was sparked as an eco-friendly effort to save turtles and sea creatures who were being harmed by trash that was accidentally ending up on beaches and in the ocean. As a way to avoid relying on plastic straws, many people have begun using a silicone or stainless steel straw alternative.  Take it anywhere you go and keep it clean between uses in its cotton carrying case. favorite: Dishwasher safe five-piece straw set solution

3. Reusable Branded Water bottles

Another way to avoid plastic is by using reusable water bottles and drink ware. There are an almost endless variety available in many sizes and colors to fit your style preference and to keep your beverage at just the right temperature. The Cutter & Buck Bainbridge Copper Bottle is plated with copper to keep drinks hot for 12 hours and cold for 48 hours. favorite: The Que Bottle is collapsible, lightweight for easy transportation.

4. Promotional Travel Cups

For the days that you’ll want to take more than just water there are lots of other re-usable travel cups available. Whether in the car or walking in a rush with that hustle, cups vacuum insulation with keeping your liquids sealed from spilling and at their desired temperature for 8+ hours. When it comes to eco-friendly products that are very popular with consumers, drinkware such as cups tumblers, re-usable water bottles, and stadium cups are at the top of the list. favorite:  Insulated Camper Mug

5. Recycled Ocean Plastic Backpack

We offer a number of products in partnership with the eco-minded company Solgaard. They focus on creating utilitarian lifestyle gear like bags, wallets and more. The backpacks we carry from them are all made from a proprietary fabric created from ocean bound plastic water bottles! favorite: Shore-Tex Daypack

6. Econscious Brand

This brand has a demonstrated commitment to social and environmental responsibility, that’s why we suggest their 100% certified organic cotton t-shirts or Trucker Hat. Their farming practices are based on organic methods in an effort to reduce chemicals and creates healthier working conditions for their farmers and agricultural workers. Look good and feel good while sporting their brand! favorite: Econscious Trucker Hat

7. Lunch Bag

Nothing makes you feel like you have your life together more then when you’re able to meal prep for the week. Take it a step further and help the environment while you help yourself!  Ditching the plastic bags for both your lunch and when doing your weekly shopping can help make a real difference. favorite: This Lunch Tote is a super light and flexible option

8. Eco Friendly Notebook

In today’s digital world, sometimes it’s nice to put paper to pen. For those with a sudden creative burst, we suggest an eco-friendly option that is made from recycled materials. This also make a great corporate gift. We can also provide some promotional pens to go with it. favorite: Eco Spiral notebook

9. Wooden Promotional Products

Sustainability is an important factor to consider when ordering swag, so perhaps you want to avoid certain plastic items when an alternative is available. Wood or other natural materials are a good alternative. For example, bamboo is a natural and ecologically friendly material, not just a snack for pandas. favorite: This Bamboo 4-Piece Kitchen Tool Set includes 4 durable utensils that conveniently stored in a durable bamboo canister.

10. Biodegradable Products

While we can do our to best consume less paper and plastic, it’s also important to try to source organic materials that can decompose naturally. Look for products that are compostable or are biodegradable. favorite: Eco Mini Notebook

11. Recycled Products & Biodegradable Products

In addition to compostable products, try ordering repurposed materials! These items can come in a variety of materials: rubber, wood, steel and directly save these materials form the land-fill. favorite: Recycled Luggage Tage

Now that you’re on the road to living green thanks to these earth-friendly products, we hope you’ve found inspiration for eco-friendly promotional products that you and your team will love. Make it Earth Day every day and ask what efforts have you done to help save the planet and go green? We’d love to hear new ideas that made you say, “Why didn’t I try this before?”