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Corporate gifting and promo products are the most exciting way to show the world what your brand is all about. It’s time to spring clean your inventory with updated swag that people actually need and want. As the seasons change and new trends pop up, fresh swag is a great way to maintain communication with your contacts. 

Trendy Items to Show Off Your Brand

Staying on-trend with swag is a great way to remind people of your brand and show them you’re paying attention. Why give them a gift they can get anywhere else, when you can get creative and send a unique branded item they’ll want to show off?!

At Swag HQ, we’re always on the lookout for trending, customizable items we think everyone will love. And when we find a few gems, we love to share that inspiration with you! Here are 10 hot swag items at that will please clients, employees and prospects alike.

New Trending Swag: July 2021

Corkcicle Glass Mug Set

Elevate every sip of espresso, latte, chai or earl grey with a modern, minimal take on your favorite mug. This set includes two 12 oz. glass coffee mugs — one for you, and one for your favorite coworker.

Anti Blue Light Lamp

We’re all getting way too much screen time these days. The Ocushield anti blue light lamp eases the eye strain our devices can cause, making the workday much healthier. All of Ocushield’s products are created by optometrists, so you know they’re reliable.

JBL Tune Earbuds

JBL is known for its high quality audio products, making the JBL Tune Earbuds the best affordable AirPods alternatives. Enjoy your favorite songs and podcasts, wire-free!

Sunflower Care Kit

Spending a few moments taking care of a plant can instantly boost your mood. Encourage self-care and relaxation with a care kit that includes seeds to plant, a face mist and sugar scrub. Check out the lavender and aloe care kits, too!

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Sigma Clear Sling Bag

A fanny pack-style bag is a game changer for summer events. Get a clear view of your essentials while hiking, shopping, at festivals and beyond. The transparent style makes your logo stand out and is on trend.

Karst Stone Paper Softcover Notebook

Unlike any notebook you’ve ever had! Karst notebooks have waterproof covers and pages, and are bound with a soft vegan leather cover. The pages are 100% tree-free and made of recycled stone, making this a sustainable favorite.

New Trending Swag: April 2021

Lume Cube Mini Lighting Panel

The future of work for many industries is remote, at least for a few days a week. Now that we’re finally in the groove with our meeting technology, it’s time to level up! The Lume Cube mini lighting panel suctions to the back of a laptop and instantly brightens up every video conference. Impress everyone with great lighting and your great ideas!

RuMe Recycled Backpack

Sustainability is a “trend” we should all get behind permanently. This RuMe backpack is made out of recycled polyester, and as its name suggests, has plenty of space for your everyday belongings. It’s lightweight and even folds down to a smaller size when not in use!

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UVC Sanitizing Wireless Earbuds

A good pair of wireless earbuds is a modern-day necessity. Add in the power to combat germs and sanitize, and you’re golden! These earbuds are made of antimicrobial material to prevent harmful germs, and feature a built in UV-C light to sanitize while charging. They’re budget-friendly while maintaining the high level of quality you want your brand to represent.

Purewrist Payment Bracelet

What if your brand could make peoples’ daily lives so much easier? The Purewrist payment bracelet allows wearers to pay at retail locations touch-free — no charging, cash, cards or phone needed! Simply tap and go to conduct a fast, secure payment at all retail locations that accept contactless payment by Mastercard. This is the future!

Alo Moves Wellness Membership

Wellness is the gift that keeps giving, and the Alo Moves Membership package does just that. This 12-month fitness membership provides the full studio experience at home, with over 60 expert instructors and more than 3,000 virtual classes! Strengthen the body, mind and spirit with a gift that will change your lucky recipients’ lives.

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UV Sanitizing Clock

This past year really opened our eyes to how unsanitary our phones can be. Wirelessly charge yours after a day out while sanitizing and killing 99% of germs with UV-C light technology. This UV sanitizing clock is the perfect bedside table essential with a trendy retro look!

Anker Dual Qi Charger

Gone are the days of the tangled charger cords! The Anker Dual Qi Charger makes a great swag item for everyone. Wirelessly charge two devices at once, even through phone cases up to 5 millimeter thick. When they see your logo, people will remember how your brand made charging neater and easier.

Marine Layer Face Masks (3-Pack)

Face masks may still be around for a while as vaccination becomes more accessible. In the meantime, why not step up your mask game with a set of high-quality Marine Layer face masks? If you’re still going to need them, they should at least be functional, comfortable and stylish.

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Sunscreen Travel Pack

Experts say you should wear SPF all year round, but it’s especially necessary on sunnier days. With warmer weather just around the corner, encourage skin-friendly beach days with a branded set of travel sunscreen products. What better way to rep your brand than with a portable product everyone needs (or forgets and asks to borrow!)?

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Osprey Arcane Tote Bag

Speaking of beach days… the Osprey Arcane Tote is the ideal beach companion, with big pockets, durable handles and a zipper top. Kick back in the sand and enjoy a day off with a summer-themed token of appreciation. This tote bag is actually made with recycled polyester made from plastic bottles! 

See a few items you love? Throw ‘em in a branded swag box! You can create a swag box with custom packaging and notecards to suit your needs. To get started, reach out to us using the form below, and an experienced swag representative will get in touch to chat about how we can help you fulfill your vision.