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Top Custom Hand Sanitizers at Swag.com : Branded Hand Sanitizer in Bulk

With spread of coronavirus, there has been a lot of interest in our custom hand sanitizer products. Swag.com has a variety of options for bulk hand sanitizer bottles to purchase, including options of different sizes, styles and types.

Here are few of our favorite options if you are looking for branded hand sanitizers for your upcoming events or just to have around your office that can help the spread of germs and help with sanitizing hands whenever needed.

  1. 2 oz. Hand Sanitizer Bottle(currently in stock) – Petite and practical, this basic 2oz hand sanitizer bottle gets the job done and is easy to throw in a bag and carry with you.
  2. One of our best sellers, this clip and go hand sanitizer (currently out of stock) is this travel size option with attached, mini-carabiner that matches the lid color. This 1-oz hand sanitizer is in a flip-top bottle and contains an alcohol based gel hand sanitizer. It can be customized with up to 4 colors printer on the bottle.
  3. This standard 1oz hand sanitizer bottle(currently out of stock) is a popular option. Like the option above, it is a gel sanitizer with an alcohol base. Both of these hand sanitizer gels are fragrance free and unscented and are great for restrooms or to throw in your bag. The dispenser can be branded with any logo with up to a 4-color print.
  4. This silicone travel-friendly dispenser (currently out of stock) is a great option for a giveaway. The gel is made with aloe, and is alcohol based and is available in different a variety of different scents: Citrus, Iced Pear, Lavendar and Vanilla. The optional attachment allows for quick access makes this mini hand sanitizer a great option for the car or commuter bag.
  5. This round dispenser sanitizer (currently out of stock) makes for a unique option for a hand sanitizer promotional product. It comes with a Silicone carrier and a flip-top bottle. The alcohol-based gel includes micro-beads to match the silicone case.
  6. A unique option is this Hand Sanitizer Spray (currently out of stock). Petite and practical, this sophisticated hand sanitizer spray is infused with an essential oil to create a sense of aromatherapy while reducing germ development. The disinfectant is infused with aloe and essential oils and comes in a citrus and lavender scent. The gel is in a canister with a spray top that is available in white or black.

These customizable options are all great for you to provide personal care when on-the-go, in restrooms or at desks around your office. Most can be used hand sanitizer refill so you can re-use the dispensers.

We also have a unbranded version available for bulk purchase:

  • This 7.8 oz is a premium Bulk Hand Sanitizer with a 70% alcohol content, and is made up of an advanced vegan formula enriched with Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Pro-Vitamin B5. This premium hand sanitizer can be compared to Purell and is available in increments of cases 24, starting with a low minimum of one case.

All these bulk hand sanitizers are available on Swag.com, we are keeping the list here updated, but please confirm stock before checkout as they are moving fast and supplies are limited. Also, some of these have shipping restrictions, so if shipping outside of the US, be sure to ask first.