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Top Options for Branded Office Supplies

Ever feel like you’re wasting valuable space when you look at the blank front of your notebook? Or the drab silhouette of a plain ballpoint pen? Then you’re in the right place, because today we’re taking a look at the top options for branded office supplies, including custom notebooks, branded pens, and promotional card holders.

Why brand office supplies?

When you brand office supplies, whether for handing out internally or for distribution at marketing expos and the like, you’re making your mark. What that says about you depends on the quality of the items you brand; the higher the quality, the more you stand out and the more your promo products will be used.

So when someone needs a pen to jot down a thought or a notebook on which to do the jotting, your brand is front and center. And who do you think will be the first organization that comes to mind? Why, yours, of course.

But why would you need to brand items for internal use, you ask? It’s a reminder of your brand and what it stands. And when your branding is consistent, your employees can be consistent, too, in the way they represent the company. Not to mention, branded office supplies are a thoughtful way to thank employees for their hard work by giving them something they’ll actually use.

Custom Notebooks and journals

Custom branded notebooks go a long way toward promoting your brand. When you pick a high-quality notebook or journal to gift to an employee or a client, you’re reminding them of how valuable they are to you. Notebooks don’t just get tossed aside and forgotten, either—they’re used again and again, and every time they pull out the notebook, it’s your brand that’ll be front and center. And the right branding shows you take pride in your organization’s appearance.

You can’t go wrong with a classic like the plain Moleskine journal. It’s a hardy, hardcover journal without lines, so users can easily jot down (or sketch out) their thoughts, without fear of bleeding. With 192 pages of acid-free paper, there’s plenty of room for important musings of all mediums.

Branded Pens

There’s one fact that has always been and will always be true—everyone needs a pen, always. And, lucky for you, they require a low initial investment and generate high returns. Imagine your potential clients reaching for a pen and pulling one out with your brand on it, just as they were thinking they needed an offering like yours. Who’s going to be the first company they call?

There are a lot of pens out there (and that is definitely an understatement), so how can you know which pen to present to your employees and customers? While there’s no 100 percent right answer, there’s always a best choice, and in this case, it’s the Asante Pen. It’s a sleek, elegant push-action pen that will make even the most stalwart champions of the capped pen switch sides. And, best of all, it includes a soft capacitive stylus, making it perfect for switching from your (hopefully) branded notebook to your tablet or smartphone.

Desk organizers

When you hand out desk organizers with your logo on them to potential clients, you’re guaranteeing that your name comes to mind every time they sit down to work, i.e., five days a week. That’s a lot of exposure, and there’s something to be said about being associated with something as helpful and soothing as a clean desk.

A popular choice among desk organizers is the Bamboo Organizer. It includes slots for four pens, plus an open compartment for things like notepads, smartphones, and business cards. It looks clean and modern, and with your brand logo lasered on the front, every time they reach for a pen, you’ll come to mind.

Custom Business Card holders

Business card holders are a popular choice for branding and make a great gift to new employees, but did you know you can brand passport holders and RFID card holders as well? That’s right, and no matter which you choose, you’ll receive exposure every time your prospect or employee reaches for a card or shows their passport.

RFID card holders aren’t just a marketing tool, they’re also a smart place to hold business credit cards and company access cards. For example, the RFID Cardholder protects your cards and documents and includes a slim aluminum power bank with an integrated 2-in-1 Andriod and iOS cable. It’s one powerful accessory (pun absolutely intended).

Branded office supplies don’t have to be dull or give you that icky too-corporate feeling. The right choice in quality office supplies makes your brand pop, helping you stand out among the noise and resonate with the right audience at the right time.