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Welcome Back To Work Gifts And Swag

Welcome back to work is a delicate phrase.

Over one full year after a global pandemic forced business to switch to remote work, coronavirus levels and safety precautions are slowly allowing organizations to begin thinking about allowing coworkers back into the workplace.

A lot has changed in the year of remote work, including a big rethink of the value a traditional physical office brings. Many businesses are choosing to adopt a hybrid office model of work that blends WFH opportunities with limited or optional time spent in the office. Others are likely to return fully to the office place— though it’s clear it will take time for employees to readjust. 

In any case, encouraging or otherwise easing the transition to the physical office will be a challenge for people and office managers alike. Finding the right balance for hybrid models, and reacclimating teams to the workplace requires clear protocols, and empathetic leadership.

Custom swag can be a nice way to make the process easier. Whether you want to give employees a warm welcome back, give them the tools they need to work at home, or simply offer tokens of appreciation, swag can be a powerful tool for navigating the future of work.

Items for a safe commute

It’s hard to remember back when commuting felt almost automatic for most of us. As offices reopen slowly, it will definitely feel strange and possibly uncomfortable to resume the daily ritual of getting to and from work. You can help ease this tension by offering gifts that will make getting to and from work safe, comfortable and even… fun?

Safety accessories Face Mask

1.5oz Sanitizer With Clip

SafeTouch Lite Multi-tool

Custom Backpacks

Stamford Backpack

Timbuk2 Spire

Lely Recycled Pack

Tech Accessories

Neoprene Laptop Case

Thule Tech Mini Bag

Dalton Wireless Charger

Office Safety Items

Health and safety will come first in the office of the near future. From the first time back in the office, you’ll have to set clear expectations about how to navigate the new normal. Things like social distancing and face coverings procedures will need to be clearly outlined. These gifts and custom PPE options can make your life a lot easier.

Custom Facemasks Face Mask

Lena Face Mask

Sportiqe Face Mask

Personal Sanitizers

Soap Box Hand Sanitizer

Sanitizer Spray Pen

Carabiner Sanitizer

Other Sanitizing Products

Antibacterial Wipes

UV Sanitizer Bottle

Portable UV Sanitizer

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Wellness items

Employee well-being has taken on a whole new meaning these days. Pandemic safety is one part of wellness, but so is finding ways to help team members adjust to the mental, emotional and physical tolls that come with transitioning back to the office or adapting to hybrid and WFH models full time. These gifts will help you put people on the right track, and set a healthy precedent for your new workplace culture.

Alo Moves Membership

A membership to Alo Moves gives employees the chance to take advantage of thousands of virtual classes and health routines. 

FitBit Inspire HR Tracker

Monitor heart rate, sleep cycles and more with this nifty tool that is a huge help in maintaining physical wellness in the office and at home.

Custom Waterbottles

Bali Bottle

Contigo Chug

Asobu Alpine Flask

Full Wellness Kit


In-office Workspace  Swag

When people are finally ready to come back to work, give them a warm welcome on their first day with an office place gift to show your appreciation. Include a welcome back letter, and for new employees who have never been in the office before, give them an overview of what to expect. These swag items will help get you started!


Jewel Garden

Petite Bliss Plant

Petite Zebra Plant

Coffe Mugs

Monaco Mug

Olanta Mug

Maple Mug

Desk Accessories

Aluminum Frame

Pop Pen Cup

Pop Desk Tray

Home Office Items / WFH Gear

If you are pursuing a hybrid style of work, you’ll need to set up your employees to be productive and comfortable when WFH. This might include tech items, ergonomic office supplies, and all  the gear they’ll need to shine during Zoom calls!

WFH Tech Setup

Foam Mouse Pad

Cable Quack

Lume Cube Lighting Kit

WFH Apparel

American Apparel Hoodie Socks

Marine Layer W Joggers

Productivity Boosters

Moleskine Ruled Hard Cover

Skullcandy Wireless Buds

Charging Desk Clock

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There’s no template for what a successful welcome back to work will look like at your organization. Whether you are adopting a hybrid model, or encouraging everyone to come back to your office place, send some swag and custom gifts to make the transition easier. Start the new year of hard work off right, and set the precedent for years to come. 

How are you planning on transitioning back to the workplace? Reach out to for a chance to be featured.