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Unique Twists on Classic Swag

Here at, we carry thousands of great items available for customization. One of the most common questions we get is: what would you recommend for someone looking for a unique twist on the most classic swag items?

Well, today we’re here to answer that question with a list of some of our favorite items that represent a fun take on the traditional giveaway and gifting items people have come to love. We’ll go over everything from smart mugs, to tie dye hats and more! When it comes to gifting custom items, we firmly believe that standing out is everything— these items will get you there in no time at all.

Remember that whatever items you choose, we can help you customize, store and ship your swag around the world all from one convenient dashboard. Check out our distribution page to learn more about how you can harness the power of gifting for your next brand boosting initiative. 

Without further ado, here are some of the most unique and fun takes on classic swag items:

Water bottles

Asobu Flavor U See

The Asobu Flavor U See offers a special twist on the classic water bottle: easy infusions of your favorite fruits or herbs! This unique bottle has a section for adding in citrus, mint or whatever other flavor you want to zest up your beverage.

Lund London Original 17oz

The designers at Lund London created this water bottle by asking: what if we could make an insulated water bottle that would look at home in a contemporary art museum? The 17oz Original is their answer; a gorgeous stainless steel water bottle that is attractive and unique as it is functional. 

Collapsible Water Bottle

Everyone has a cupboard or pantry space chalked full of water bottles. Cut down on space with this collapsible bottle that squishes down to half its size when not in use! Whether you want to reclaim kitchen space or simply fit more in your adventure pack, this is the bottle for you. 

40oz Perka Travel Mug

Stand out from the crowd with a custom piece of drinkware that rivals popular name brand tumblers (you know the one). The Perka Travel Mug holds and insulates up to 40oz of your favorite beverage while still fitting in standard cupholders, making it a hot item at your next event.

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Fellow 8oz Joey Mug

Fellow is a classy coffee collaborative designing gorgeous accessories for the constantly caffeinated community. This mug is perfect for taking your morning brew on the road, or keeping your joe warm throughout your meetings and email sprints. 

Ember 10oz Smart Mug

Does a mug need to have bluetooth capability? Probably not. Do they absolutely rock when they do? 100%. The Ember Smart Mug uses such technology to give you precise control over your beverages’ temperature. 

16oz Corkcicle Mug

This Corkcicle mug easily catches the eye with its sleek design, but select it in a sophisticated woodgrain for an extra unique touch. An aesthetically pleasing, insulated travel mug with a splash-proof lid puts this on everyone’s swag wish list.

16oz Fellow Everywhere Tumbler

It’s easy to see why Fellow is a customer (and staff) favorite for custom mugs and tumblers. The timeless, minimal design of the Everywhere Tumbler is sure to make this a desk or pantry staple for recipients for years to come. Check out the range of colors!

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Denik Classic Softcover

You’re sure to fall in love with Denik’s fully customizable, layflat notebook. It’s a fit-in-your-tote-bag, stack-on-your-desk type of notebook, making it sure to get plenty of use. Whip up a fun design and splash your colors all across the outside cover!

Recycled Pocket Journal

This notebook / journal combination has a little something for everyone. It’s made from recycled materials, offers ample storage for documents and stationary, and is bound in a gorgeous leather cover. 

Karst Softcover

Have you heard luxury and notebook uttered in the same breath before? Enter the Karst Softcover notebook, bound in sumptuous vegan leather, and offered in several tasteful color palettes. You’ll never want to use a regular old notebook again. 

Tote Bags

Standard Baggu Bag

Beyond the unique look of this best-selling reusable bag, you’ll be impressed by the convenience of its design. It folds into its own flat pouch and holds up to 50 pounds, making it easy to store in a backpack or car and carry anything you need.

Recycled Cotton Tote 2

A 100% recycled cotton tote that’s sturdy enough for any task you throw it’s way. We especially love the colors this bad boy comes in— not to mention that you are able to add your own custom artwork all over it!

RuMe BFold

Maybe this isn’t a huge twist, per se, but we think The RuMe BFold is simply the best reusable tote on the market. Fold it up to no size at all, and store it in your car or purse for easy action. It’s stylish, rugged, and best of all, good for the environment. 

Samsonite Foldaway Tote

Samsonite is known for their jetsetting expertise and rugged luggage, so it’s no wonder that their take on the tote bag could prepare you for just about any adventure you had in mind. This thing is tactical as they come, featuring smart organizational features, heavy duty canvas and zippered pockets everywhere. Did we mention it folds down?

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Ombre Pen

An often overlooked aspect of swag is its fun factor. Some things are just fun, and people will appreciate you bringing it into their lives. This is the case with the colorful Ombre pen, a satisfying writing tool that brings a little joy to the monotony of every day. 

Ecologist Pen

Recycling is in, meaning these colorful recyclable pens are in too. They write great, and your audience will appreciate that they are good for the planet as well. Stand out by doing the ‘write’ thing. Get it?

Le Pen 3 Pack

Le Pen walks the line between a rollerball pen and a marker. The result is a surprisingly satisfying writing experience that will make you want to organize your notes and get your life together. Simply put, you’ll love to use it over and over again.


Tie Dye Bucket Hat

Don’t get caught out giving the same old boring hats at your next event. Instead, customize this fun, creative and unique bucket hat, and delight your audience. For once, live a little bit!

Ascolour Finn Cap

We love the Ascolour Finn cap because, quite frankly, it doesn’t look like a piece of swag. This is a genuinely attractive hat that you wouldn’t be surprised to see in any fashionable store. Add your logo and get your clout game up. 

Econscious Hemp Trucker Hat

This hat is made from recycled hemp, cotton and polyester. It’s breathable, stylish and one-size-fits all. What more could you ask for? Trucker hats are back in, so get on board and watch people clamor to get one. 

Port Authority Visor

Here’s the thing ‘Big Hat’ doesn’t’ want you to know: visors are awesome. They’re fun, whimsical, and very useful on days where you need to keep the sun out, but still want some breathability. This one’s a winner, coming in several great colorways. 

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These are just a few of the best unique swag items we have in stock at If you check out our main product page, you can use our filter tool to browse thousands more products by color, item type, material or just about anything else you can think of!

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