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Welcome New Customers with A Swag Box

You have signed a new customer. You might have a beautiful welcome email written, a great on-boarding process in place and everything you need to get them up and running successfully. However, a token of appreciation for their decision to choose you is always additional way to welcome your new customer.

Here are a few ideas for what you can include in a new customer welcome kit and custom swag box:

Classic Swag is good choice

When welcoming a new customer, you really can’t go wrong with the tried and proven swag items. But, do something that will make your promotional items stand out. Come up with a fun design. Focus on quality (you don’t want to end up in the trash or leave a bad first impression).

Swag Ideas for your Gift Box

  • Triblend Crew – Our tri-blend t-shirt is super soft, a great Unisex sizing and a great wide selection of colors.
  • The Sumit Tumbler –  Another ‘can’t go wrong’ option. This tumbler is great for the office, home or the commute between the two. It keeps your drinks hot or cold and your branding looks great screen printed on the power coated finish.
  • The Classic Journal – Everyone loves a good journal and this one is even named the classic journal, what else is left to say. It’s true though, it is a classic soft cover journal with lined pages, a perfect choice for any swag box.
  • The General Pen – These are great pens to include with the journal. They are great quality, available in awesome color combinations. There is a reason these are our most popular pens.
  • Stickers – Including a few stickers is a great way to do something fun. Include a few different stickers with fun messaging or stand-out art work. Make them something that your new customer will want to stick on that new journal or tumbler, or better yet on their laptop.

Other things to Consider for New Customer Gifts

  • Send to everyone that was involved in the deal, not just your executive sponsor or deal signer. This is especially true for anyone that is going to be a day-to-day user or Admin for your product or service. They are going to be your biggest supporters (or detractors), so a token of appreciation at the start and get the relationship off on the right foot.
  • If you are sending apparel, it is OK to ask for size preferences before sending a swag box. You don’t want to send Large t-shirts to everyone. That is a guaranteed way to end up unused and will not generate the feelings you are looking for.
  • Confirm the address for each recipient. Even before many people were working remotely, this was a good idea. Teams can be distributed over many different locations, so making sure you have the right mailing address for each person will make sure that your awesome new customer box gets on their desk and not lost or returned.
  • Order in Bulk and let hold your boxes in our online swag closet to be sent whenever and wherever you need. Ordering in bulk can help you save by limiting set-up fees and getting discounted pricing. Also, having them on-hand makes it easier to get the gifts to your new customers right away.

Welcoming a new customer with a nice direct mail gift is a great way to start off your new relationship and show them you really appreciate their business. These ideas and tips can also be applied to repeat customers, it never hurts to send your customers a little thank-you. can makes the process simple. Just browse our items, design your box and we can handle everything else, including all storage and shipping. Our easy to use swag portal makes it a breeze. Visit our Swag Distribution page to learn more.