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What Work From Home Survival Kits Look Like

Work from home survival kits are the new onboarding hire packages— you heard it here first!

In all seriousness, now that hybrid working models and remote work are clearly here to stay, employers are looking for new ways to support their WFH employees in the same way that they would for teams collaborating in a physical office. The demands of a WFH environment are different, to be sure, so taking the time to put together thoughtful packages of useful tools will go a long way in empowering employees to be productive and happy in their home office. 

But what should you include? How can you deliver your items directly to team members? The new world of remote team support can feel overwhelming at times. Luckily, is here to help!

How to create the ultimate work from home survival kit for your employees:

Between’s highly curated collection of top products and our suite of swag management and distribution tools, creating powerful WFH kits for your teams is simple as can be:

  • Step One: Pick out items that you want to send to your remote employees. 
  • Step Two: Bundle your items into completely customized boxes.
  • Step Three: We distribute your boxes directly to your WFH employees’ front doors!

To help you get started on step one, we’ve put together a list of some of the best, most important products we believe belong in a good WFH survival kit. Browse below, and add items to your cart to begin building your very own custom remote work boxes:

Must have home office tech:

A comfortable and efficient workstation is essential for WFH employees. That includes some essential tech items like computers and monitors, but also a handful of smaller products that just make life easier. Here are some of our favorites you can include in a work from home survival kit:

Lume Cube Video Light

The Lume Cube Video Light is a must-have item for anyone who participates in video calls (so all of us). Improved lighting makes virtual meetings more engaging and comfortable for everyone— this easy-to-use computer light allows you to offer those benefits to everyone on your remote team.

Pivo Pod

For streamers and presenters alike, the Pivo Pod is a simple and elegant solution to camera tracking. This product works especially well in hybrid office situations where several team members might be recorded by a single camera, and therefore require tech that can effectively capture them all. 

Cable Quack

Cable organizers are the type of thing that are taken for granted in the office, but can go forgotten when thinking about how to make employees comfortable at home. It might seem small, but when it comes to keeping your WFH workstation organized and neat it punches well above its weight! 

Riegelwood Mouse

A solid wireless mouse is an essential tool for any digital worker. The Riegelwood features a nano receiver that connects to computers from up to 10 meters away. It’s also battery operated, making it easy to take on the go and replace power in the blink of an eye. 

Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

A wireless charging pad is a nice accessory to boost the comfortability of the home office by eliminating the need for stray cords. Wirelessly charge a phone while providing a luxe mousepad. You can add your debossed logo for a classy finish to this great product. 

Lapgear Ergo Desk

WFH doesn’t always mean working from a desk! The Lapgear Ergo Desk recognizes that the couch and the bed are valid workstations in this day and age— why not get on board and make it comfortable? 

WFH office necessities:

Small accessories can make all the difference when it comes to a successful home office. The mug and notebook are just as important as the laptop in many ways. Here are our favorite things you can add into a WFH kit to make it more useful. 

Custom Blue Light Glasses

Blue light glasses are essential for any person who works with digital interfaces for long hours of the day. These glasses block harmful light emitted from electronic devices which could otherwise interfere with the sleep cycle. They come in a variety of colors and branding options!

The Moscow Notebook

A classic, lined notebook is a staple for keeping organized in the workplace. Whether your teams are at home or in an office, company-issued notebooks are essential tools employers should provide when needed. 

Olanta Mug

The Olanta is a gorgeous ceramic mug that looks great on any desk. It features a two-toned design that makes it feel rustic and sophisticated at the same time. We can add your artwork to any of the pastel colors it comes in.

Desk Gift Set

A desk set might feel a little bit like overkill when people are hardly ever sending physical memos to each other from home, but this colorful example is a great way to bring some brand appreciation into the home office! Moreover, for those moments when you do need the tools included, you’ll be so excited to use them!

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Comfy custom apparel:

Dress codes in the WFH office are a bit looser than what was expected in the office. One thing that’s for sure is that comfort is in, and stuffy is out! Here are some of our favorite WFH uniform pieces that your team will never want to crawl out of. 

Bella Relaxed Triblend

A classic t-shirt sets the tone for what dressing standards are like at your WFH office. Bella makes one of the most comfortable models on the market! Find a color to match your vibe, and add your logo via screenprinting or embroidery to finish the look. 

Brooklinen Brighton

Long sleeve t-shirts might be the best WFH gear. They are comfortable, without being sleep-inducing! Brooklinen’s Brighton is an extra-comfy version due to its roomy shape and jersey fleece material. Sponge Fleece

The most comfortable fleece hoodie you can find! Our Sponge Fleece is made with extra soft jersey knit, and features the adjustable strings and kangaroo pockets that have come to be associated with the ideal hoodie. Choose from over 10 awesome colors!

Marine Layer Joggers

Marine Layer makes some of the most iconic fleecewear in the game, and their joggers are no exception! Available in mens and womens sizing, these pants are comfy enough for lounging and tactical enough for commuting as well. 

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Gifts to stay sane:

On a bad day, working from home can feel more like living at the office. Make sure you send employees some more fun gifts that will help relieve some of the association from work when the day is over. Boundaries are important!

Small Snack Tin

A classic snack tin featuring a variety of tasty treats. Inside you’ll find trail mix, chocolate pretzels and salted pretzels, and three different kinds of popcorn. Everything is contained in a colorful tin that you can customize using your own artwork. 

Petite Bliss Plant

Plants have so many benefits for workplaces and the home that it would be cliche to mention them! Rest assured that plants make everything better. This cute succulent comes in a customizable ceramic pot that you can deck out with your logo or message.

Gem Diffuser

Essential oils diffusers are the perfect gift to help people relax after a stressful day. The Gem diffuser contains a soft light that can be cycled through several modes, as well as two different mist settings, giving users complete control over their experience.  

Tie Dye Blanket

Blankets consistently rank among the most desired pieces of swag and custom gifts when employees are polled. Tie dye design makes this model one of the most unique. Made with fleece flannel, it also happens to be one of the most comfortable. 

Alo Moves Membership

A membership to a virtual fitness program like Alo Moves is a fantastic way to provide wellness perks during a time when getting into the gym might not be possible. Users gain access to thousands of expert-taught classes on everything from running and HIIT to yoga and mindfulness.

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Virtual Happy Hour Essentials

Virtual happy hours can be a ton of fun when you want to develop some team chemistry outside of the work day. To pull off events that are fun and engaging, you’ll want to send some items that get people excited about getting together. 

Happy Hour Cocktail Kits

Anyone can be a bartender with these simple cocktail kits! Each one contains the ingredients necessary to combine your favorite alcohol into a high-class cocktail. Making cocktails as a team is a surprisingly fun way to connect outside of work! Kits are available for these drinks:

Miir Wine Tumbler

Wine, cocktails, mocktails and just about everything else tastes better in a Miir cup. That’s because the standout drinkware designers pack each of their items with tons of intelligent details that will keep your drinks cooler, longer. 

Custom Branded Glassware

There’s just something so classic about customized glassware that it feels like a must have for any company get-togethers. For happy hours (especially virtual ones) this goes double. We have everything you need to get your team drinking in style.

Boozy Popcorn

It’s not a real happy hour without some bar snacks! This popcorn comes in a variety of fun and boozy flavors including champagne, bourbon and amaretto. You can print your own custom artwork on the packaging the snacks come in.

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Working from home survival kits will look different for every team, depending on the culture you want to build among your remote employees. At the end of the day the most important thing is that you take into consideration the main issues faced by your employees and try to build a meaningful gift set that makes their lives easier!

If you want to speak to an expert swag representative about your vision for a working from home survival kit, you can fill out the form and someone will get back to you as soon as possible!