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2020’s Best Custom Bags for Holiday Gifting – Backpacks, Totes & Duffels

Towards the end of the year, employers and client managers all look for ways to send holiday gifts that people actually want to keep and use. In our experience, custom printed bags, backpacks and totes are among the best picks in that category. What’s better for a Christmas gift bag than a bag itself!

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite customizable bags across a number of uses. Whether you’re looking for a custom tote bag that will help your remote employees feel more connected to the company when they hit the farmers market, or a luxury duffel bag for your top clients, we’ve got you covered. 

If you’re looking for more holiday gift ideas, or want to see how the platform allows you to chop, customize and ship custom swag boxes around the world in just a few clicks, check out our Official 2020 Holiday Gift Buying Guide here! 

Eco friendly custom tote bags

These eco friendly tote bags are our top picks for employee gifts that are as good for the planet as they are for carrying groceries back home!

The Recycled Cotton Tote is made from recycled garment clippings and recycled polyester waste products. It’s sturdy, large enough to be genuinely useful and looks fantastic with logos that have been heat transferred to its surface. 

Our Eco Cotton Canvas Tote is made with 100% organic cotton: the process to farm this cotton is significantly better for the soil and environment at large. The bag comes in three colors, and has a great price point for large-scale orders.

We also love the ECO Hemp Market Tote, a sturdy bag made from 55% hemp and 45% cotton. This very environmentally friendly bag will hold up forever, and has an embroidery option to make your brand really stand out.

Finally, this Vegan Leather Tote is a cool way to gift a more premium feeling bag, without the cost or environmental expense of using real leather. The whole thing is completely customizable, allowing for lots of creative freedom to express your brand’s identity.

Custom duffel and gym bags to seize the day

These custom duffel bags make getting in a quick workout easy and convenient. Here are our most popular models. 

The custom Nike Duffel is one of our favorite models due to its sturdiness and great price point. It offers tons of storage space and individually zippered side pockets for smaller items. 

The Timbuk2 Player Duffel is an especially attractive gym duffel, featuring premium fabric and reinforced stitching. It doubles as an easy-to-carry travel bag perfect for flying or road trips. 

We love The North Face Duffel because it offers a separated main compartment that makes it very easy to keep dirty clothes separate from clean ones. This custom gym bag also has handy side straps that make it easy to move and store. 

Finally, the Carhartt Duffel stands out as being one of the most rugged and durable custom duffel bags we offer. Featuring water repellant poly material, the Carhartt duffel is ready to stand up against the element.  

Custom backpacks for commuting warriors 

Empower your team to take on the world by outfitting them with smartly-designed and beautifully-branded custom backpacks.

Commuters and adventurers alike will love the Timbuk2 Spire 2.0 for its versatility and style. With water-resistant material, a protective laptop pouch and nylon daisy chain strap it’s fantastic for getting important items safely to and from the office.

The Incase ICON Slim is another great custom backpack choice for commuters. It was designed to carry laptops and other electronic gadgets safely, while still maintaining a minimalist aesthetic. 

Millennials are obsessed with the Hershel Retreat, and we are too! It’s simple design looks fantastic and pares down a timeless classic into its best features

While not technically a backpack, the TOPO Commuter Briefcase is another great choice to gift commuters looking to carry their personal items in a smart, efficient and stylish way. Since it has removable straps along the back of it, it could still be used like a backpack anyways. 

Custom travel bags for setting out in style

Our top picks for bags that make travel a breeze. Make your mark on a gift that’s as useful as it is stylish. 

The Bellroy Sling can be worn as a sling bag, a fanny-pack, or slung over the shoulder like a purse. This decidedly cool product offers the kind of utility and style that inspires envy on the street. 

Another custom bag in the sling variety is the Ascolour Flight Contrast, a modernist carrying bag big enough for essentials but small enough to remain convenient. 

The TOPO Dopp Kit is a perfect custom bag that folks will find useful across the board. Of course it’s perfectly designed to carry toiletries, but it could also function as a bag for cables, stationary or any other thing that might be useful to have while traveling. 

Finally, the Belmont Pouch is a great multi-purpose custom bag you can use to make life easier on the road. People love this bag for its great color way and tough design.

That wraps up our Holiday Gift Bag roundup for 2020. What are you planning to send in your Christmas Gift bags?