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5 Holiday Gift Box Themes to Wow Employees and Clients

A hand-picked gift box is a great way to show your appreciation when you can’t physically be present this holiday season.

Craft yours to let employees or clients know how much you appreciate them. Or, if you’re one to stress over the guessing of gift-giving, you can send a survey to ask their preferences and create customizable kits based around themes to send swag baskets based on their responses. 

Here are a variety of holiday swag ideas so you can give a thoughtful box that’s sure to put a smile on their face:

Work From Home Essentials

By the time we hit the holidays, it’ll be over six months since most began remote-life. Pick products that will boost productivity, but also inject some positivity into our new work-from-home life.

The 36W Speaker Power Bank makes computer audio sound crystal clear. Whether it’s for streaming their favorite music or for conference calls, this tiny wonder does it all!

Who even knows what day it is anymore? Your employees or clients won’t forget with the Wood Finish LED Clock that displays the time, calendar, alarm, and temperature in a super smooth finish.

Wellness Packages

It’s tough to maintain peace and calm during COVID-19 craziness. Encourage employees or clients to take time to unwind with a wellness-themed care package.

Allow them to bundle up in this Marine Layer Reversible Corbet Pullover as temperatures drop. The super-soft quilted layers will provide them with the softest sweater they will be gifted this season.

Once in their gear, they can set the mood by lighting a Bamboo Soy Candle to experience a beautiful vanilla fragrance.

What’s relaxation without some snacks and hydrating? Include the Tea Time Set, which provides tea blends of English Breakfast Black Tea and Earl Gray Tea plus Shortbread Cookies for munching.

Baked Goods

Sending baked goods is always the way to let someone know you believe working with them is a real treat. Whether they enjoy the baking process or just the final results, provide a swag box that includes both options.

To encourage the joy of baking, gift “The New York Times” best-selling cookbook, Food52 Genius Desserts, which includes the most beloved and talked-about desserts.

No matter a beginner or seasoned expert, the Quilted Cotton Oven Mitt is the perfect addition to anyone spending time in the kitchen.

Also, considering that a classic, gooey chocolate brownie recipe can take forty-five minutes in the oven, include quicker ways to satisfy a sweet tooth! The S’mores Gift Box, includes graham crackers, chocolate bars, and marshmallows.

For less of a commitment and perhaps a midday sweet treat, include the Hot Cocoa On A Spoon Set. The set includes the essential ingredients to make the perfect cup of hot chocolate.


Employees and clients might be stuck at home and looking for a new quarantine entertainment. Provide them with a package full of new games to help kill some time and have fun along the way.

The Rubik’s Cube can be a great way to busy hands or to fidget with while on long conference calls. They can even follow up their solve attempts by watching the Netflix documentary, The Speed Cubers, about the Rubik’s Cube-solving champions, Max Park and Feliks Zemdegs, at the 2019 World Cube Association’s World Championships in Melbourne, Australia.

A 1,000 Piece Puzzle is also a challenge large enough to keep employees or clients busy for days, weeks, or months depending on their determination.

New Years’ Eve Themed

Try raising the spirits of your employees or clients by inviting them to raise a glass. Invite them to celebrate the end of the year with a bottle of champagne and some accessories express: “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!”

Along with gifting them a bottle of your choice, include Champagne Flutes so employees or clients can “Cheers!” to the New Year and the continued success in your partnership. 

After popping bottles, they can pop open an assortment of classic gourmet snacks. The Small Snack Tin has a little bit of everything, including three different popcorn flavors, two pretzels favors, and a party mix.

Get creative with your holiday swag baskets to celebrate the holidays as well as employees or clients that mean a lot to you. What themed basket would you like to receive?