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Top 30 Thoughtful Corporate Holiday Gifts for Employees

With the holiday season right around the corner, many employers are searching for corporate holiday gifts they can use to show their employees how much they appreciate all the hard work that went into the year.

Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, Diwali, Boxing Day, Winter Solstice, New Year’s or any other end of year celebration, sending thoughtful custom gifts to your team is a fantastic way to boost spirits heading into a new calendar year. 

We know it can sometimes be overwhelming to pick out the right gifts for your office. Luckily, we’ve put together a handy guide to some of our favorite gifts for employees this holiday season. Ranging from gifts for the office, to gifts for home, to custom tech, all of these products can be customized to your unique needs. 

Remember that using our swag distribution platform can help you distribute these gifts to your employees, no matter where they are around the world! If you’re shipping to one office, or trying to reach hundreds of people at their houses, we can help you make this holiday season special for your employees. 

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Gifts for the office

Spruce up the vibes in your office with corporate holiday gifts meant to delight your employees. Perfect for Christmas or end of year celebrations. 

Carrara Desk Set

This fun desk set will help your team keep their materials organized and their workstations neat. Not only can you customize the pieces with your own logo or artwork, you can deboss them into the surface of the items for an especially luxe finish. 

Cinema Box

Sometimes we all need a little motivation. With this light up cinema box, your employees can send themselves daily messages of affirmation from their own desks! Comes with enough letters to write anything you can think of.

Petite Bliss Plant

Nothing makes a space more pleasant than a plant. This awesome little succulent comes in a custom ceramic pot that you can customize with your own logo or artwork. These are hearty, lovely plants that won’t require the greenthumb of a Bonsai master to keep alive. 

Aluminum Frame

Gifting a picture frame for the holidays is perfect because it serves as a reminder that you value your employees’ life and wellbeing outside of work. Encourage your team members to put holiday cards in the frame, or whatever will spark joy while looking up from working. 

Desktop Football

The office becomes a field with this awesome field-goal-kicking set. This is a step up from the old fingers and folded paper routine. Gift this to your teams, and watch the mood soar. Will you have to watch out for flying foam footballs on occasion? Yes. But we think the smiles are worth it. 

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Gifts for WFH

WFH is the new normal, and smart employers are going out of their way to make sure their employees are as happy as they can be in their home offices. These gifts can help!

Moleskine Ruled Hardcover

Ok, yes— maybe a notebook doesn’t seem like the most exciting holiday gift. But this Moleskine notebook is different. Likely the finest notebook on the market, something about its leather binding and sturdy construction make it an elegant gift, especially as a New Year’s present. 

Anti Blue Light Lamp

Blue light has proven to interrupt our circadian rhythm and interfere with healthy sleep patterns. Help your remote teams stay healthy with this desk lamp that filters out harmful blue light, and allows for a pleasant glow that won’t keep you up all night. 

Pop Desk Tray

Even home offices need desk accessories. This colorful organizing tray is perfect for getting bringing a little bit of the office into the home, with a tasteful set of colors and the ability to add your logo in an attractive way. 

Wireless Charging Mousepad

You could gift a mousepad and also a wireless charger, or you could gift this incredibly useful gadget that does both! When you’re trying to keep your home life and work life separate, keeping things efficient in the home office is very helpful. This wireless charging mousepad will go a long way towards that end. 

Fellow 8oz Joey Mug

We absolutely love this gorgeous insulated mug, and we’re sure your employees will too. Not only does it keep the morning (or afternoon, or evening) cup of brew perfectly warm, it is simply a delightful design that they will want to use every single day. 

Lume Cube Video Light

Virtual meetings are stressful enough without having to worry about whether the lighting in your office is going to help you look your best. With the Lume Cube Video Light, you give your employees the ability to achieve perfect lighting no matter where they are calling in from. 

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Gifts for commuting

As folks return to the office, employers have an opportunity to make the transition as easy as possible. These gifts are all meant to make commuting a fun, enjoyable and safe experience for all your team members. 

TOPO Designs Pack

Boulder, Colorado based TOPO Designs makes rugged gear that stands up to anything you throw at it. This day pack is the perfect commuter backpack— it features a protective laptop sleeve, well-organized accessory compartments, and a minimalist aesthetic to tie it all together. 

Ascolour Flight Bag

Don’t call it a fanny pack. These sling bags are all the rage now— and your employees will love using them to keep things like their phone, wallet and keys safe while getting about. Add your own logo or artwork with screen printing. 

Recycled Cotton Tote

Never underestimate the impact of a well-designed tote bag! This recycled cotton version is sturdy, attractive and eco-friendly to boot. Print a message of thanks, or simply add your company logo to make a perfect holiday gift for employees.

1oz Carabiner + Sanitizer

Phone, keys, wallet has become phone, keys, wallet, mask and hand sanitizer. Help your team get around safely with this simple but important clip on hand sanitizer. Clip it, forget it, and be glad you have it when you get off the train!

SafeTouch Lite Multi-Tool

Avoid touching buttons, door handles and other potential sources of germs on your commute with this multi-tool designed to help you navigate the world without significant surface contact. These make great stocking stuffers.

EOS Lip Balm

Who doesn’t love a great lip balm? EOS makes some of the best in the game. While technically this isn’t a commuting-specific gift, we think that feeling refreshed when you get to the office is just as important as keeping yourself safe on the way there. 

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Custom tech gifts

Custom tech gadgets are among the most requested holiday gifts from employees every single year. Here are some of our favorites, perfect for customizing and using as meaningful tokens of appreciation this season.

Rugged Outdoor Speaker

A hearty bluetooth speaker is an absolute must for those Thanksgiving and Christmas time hikes with the family. Set your teams up for adventure with this USB rechargeable rugged speaker. Comes in a variety of great colors that you can add your logo to. 

High Sierra Power Bank

Solar powered power banks are the future of eco-tech, so get ahead of the curve! This bad boy can charge two devices at once, and when fully charged will deliver the same output and charging speeds as any wall charger. 

Painted Apple Airpods

If you’re really looking to impress with a luxury Christmas gift for employees this year, you can’t do better than these completely custom painted Apple Airpods. Available in both regular and Pro models, every surface of this gadget is painted with your custom artwork. 

Bose Wireless Headset

Bose QC 3 headphones have some of the best noise cancelling technology on the market. They are extremely comfortable, even when wearing them for extended periods of time. We can add your logo for a subtle and classy finish.

Mophie Charging Pad

This premium wireless charging pad offers 15W of power— enough for iPhones, Androids and even Apple Airpods. A smooth suede finish protects your devices from scratches or nicks. We can add your logo via laser engraving.

3-in-1 Phone Camera Lens Kit

Turn any smartphone user into a professional photographer with this unique gift set. Three different lenses are included in a custom case, each offering a slightly different experience. Works on any smartphone, including iPhone and Android.

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Branded apparel gifts

Custom clothing and accessories are a fun way to show off company pride for employees. Here are some of our favorite pieces that will be especially well received around the holidays. Zipup Hoodie

Classic, simple, straightforward. This is the hoodie that everyone wants! Made from super soft cotton, you can snag this unisex sweater in a wide variety of colors. Perfect as a winter holiday gift. 

Custom Socks

These socks are special in that you can customize them down to the very last stitch. Whether you want your logo over a solid color, or you want to create something even more creative, we can help you do it. Hat

Dad hats are all the rage these days, and this one is one of the best. One size fits all makes it easy to order in bulk without having to collect sizing. We can add your logo via embroidery. Beanie

For the winter months, everyone needs a warm hat to keep the cold out. Hook up your team with this custom cotton beanie, adding your own logo and artwork to make it pop. 

Fully Custom Scarf

Scarves are excellent gifts for many reasons— they are useful, colorful and easy to send out without having to worry about sizing. This model is made from recycled acrylic, allowing for many colorful and comfortable options.

Fleece Headband

Stay warm all winter with a custom headband perfect for runs and outdoor adventures. With six different colorways and the option to add your logo via embroidery, you’ll be able to find the perfect match for your brand. 

These are just some of the amazing custom gifts we recommend for your employees this holiday season. Celebrating another year of hard work is an important ritual that helps boost employee morale, productivity and appreciation. 

Want some help putting together a gift set for your employees this holiday season? Fill out the form below and one of our expert swag representatives will be in touch shortly!