Advertising Your Brand Name With Promotional Products & Items
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Advertising Your Brand Name With Promotional Products & Items

Choosing The Right Advertising via Promotional Products For Your Brand Name

When selecting advertising promotional products there are 2 important questions to consider: Who are your customers and what do you want from them? Here are some key thoughts about what to take into account when advertising your brand name with an expert boost from, where you can choose the best promotional items to help spread your branding. We specialize in custom promotional products you can use to advertise through product giveaways at trade shows, conventions, events and more.

Here are some important things to consider when selecting promotional products:

Who is my customer?

Know your customers and what promotional product will most appeal to them. With some planning and research you’ll be able to effectively reach new customers or clients and thank your existing customer and client base, too. Research on branded products shows that about 8 in 10 people own between 1 and 10 promotional items. Of these, 53% use these items weekly. A good start is to chose a product that will be used at least weekly, such as a work or lifestyle accessory. Select a custom water bottle or something more consumer focused, like a well designed cell phone case/cover for your brand to show on the go. Find out how your customers are – and then you can better choose something that they’ll use.

What do you want?

Do you want to increase brand recognition locally, or attract a few customers within a specific time frame? Do you want your advertising strategy to focus on a small market with high-end advertising promotional items, like a custom Segway or luggage sets, or do you want to cultivate a more general customer base with lower cost promotional items, like full color wristbands, lanyards, mouse pads, pens or chargers, aimed at increasing brand awareness? Maybe it is a mix where you will want some higher-end products for high-value customers or prospects and more budget friendly items for your efforts where quantity is the priority. Being clear on the goals and targets for your efforts will help you choose the right promotional items.

What do you want your customers to do?

Of course you want new customers and you want to keep those you have. To gain that business balance you want them to use your branded promotional items. Growing long-term new business clients through outreach and brand recognition is a gradual process – and not quickly measurable. You’ll achieve those long-term successful results when you develop promotions with your target audience in mind.

What are some popular product categories?

Your company logo will find a home on custom promotional products from Invest your promo dollars wisely and choose from a variety of categories. Will your customer wear it? We have T-Shirts and Outerwear. Will they carry it? We have logo-ready Totes and Duffels. Can they pull it from a pocket or bag? We have personal care items like lip balms and stress relievers, along with logo-ready Keychains, Macbook Sleeves, and Silicone Wallets. Will they use it at the office? We have a full selection of colorful Desk Accessories and custom pens. Should it be Eco-friendly? We’ve got that too, in every category.

What giveaways are popular right now at trade shows?

Promotional items and trade show giveaways to take home in a pocket or a custom bag (in many cases, bags offered at the event include drawstring promo grab bags) are most popular at trade shows – and these days it’s about more than just pens. We also have what you need to make your company’s trade show presence memorable.we recently had different colored Silo stainless steel thermal tumblers produced for a big tech trade show and we had attendees finding our booth asking for one. It was the right product and look (bright colors!) for that audience. Some logo ready favorites that are a little more budget friendly include PopSockets and the Micromints Tin.

What are the most visible promotional items for advertising your brand?

Some approaches are tried and true: Putting your full color brand on high quality T-Shirts, Tote Bags and Outerwear is always a good idea and give a lasting impression. Along with drinkware and tumblers, these are often the most visible promotional items. They take your brand and company logo everywhere they go.

Branded T-Shirts

Something to know upfront: Most Americans have owned (or still own) promotional T-shirts. That most T-shirts are made in the USA is an added feature – and your company logo will have a large print area. From the eco-friendly Econscious T-Shirts in men’s and women’s styles, to the more unique Burnside Raglan Hooded T-Shirt, to the classic Gildan Ladies Cotton Polo we have Ts and polo shirts in colors to please your customers, grab some attention, and showcase your company logo.

Branded Tote Bags

Another thing to know upfront? Young women and men use branded tote bags for everything. has totes for boats, shopping, outdoor events, and the library – and every bag has plenty of great visual space for your logo and brand. The wipe-clean, water resistant Lulu Bag is perfect for daily use; the Zipper Beach Tote is a canvas classic; while the simple Cotton Canvas Tote is great for trade shows and collecting exhibitor’s swag. We have a full selection of attractive and useful totes and bags in eye-popping colors and sturdy fabrics. Whether part of the retro logo tote bag trend, or keeping it simple, we can customize it any way you want. The great thing about a tote bag over a plastic bag is that it is better for the environment for the long term. Plus, since a tote bag lasts longer than a plastic bag they’ll be used much more often, in turn getting a lot more people to see your company name on the side.

Custom Drinkware and tumblers

Eco-conscious customers everywhere are more likely these days to tuck water bottles into their bag, backpack, or briefcase. If it’s a stylish, high-quality bottle, that’s even better. You’ll find custom bottles and tumblers at sporting, outdoor, and office events too. Some high-quality favorites include insulated bottles and tumblers – and even a ceramic shot glass ready for your brand imprint.

Choose from the powder coated Sync Bottle, the vacuum insulated Camper Mug, the Blender Bottle Pro28, and the Karma Bottle with silicone sleeve, and many, many more.

Tech and USB drives

Advertising promotional products such as USB flash drives are very popular with trade show-goers and existing clients. Some of our top chargers include the handy Square Charger, the Orbit ChargerLuminous LED Power Bank, and the Kracken Power Charger.

Desk supplies

Promotional desk supplies are a great giveaway because everyone uses them, usually every day and they are great way to remind people of your brand. has colorful and practical custom desk supplies that will make your logo a comfortable addition to any office. We have Desk Accessories, including custom ballpoint pens, highlighters, desk size Moleskines, pocket journals and spiral bound journals, Sticky Note Cubes and Colorplay Memo Books, all with colorful covers and some with textured surfaces to make your company logo an attractive and memorable part of everyone’s workday.

Custom Logos on Outerwear and jackets

Both men and women like and use branded outerwear for camping, trail hiking, biking, or to maintain a professional look as part of an off-site work team. Our large selection of high-quality all-weather jackets and vests includes fleeces, insulated gear, windbreakers, and soft shells by brands such as The North Face, Columbia Ladies Oyanta Trail and Men’s Waterproof Jacket, and even more quality outerwear from Spyder, Marmot, and UA. These are perfect for when you want to give a special business gift to someone.

Whether you’re helping a customer stay warm in town or on the trail, or making sure your team looks great on the job, no matter the weather, we have jackets and vests to please everyone and you’ll see your company logo displayed in style.  We also now have hand sanitizer and custom face masks available for you to advertise your brand on in this new market.

Choose a corporate gift from and advertise your brand today

Give a little something extra with your business card. At promotional items are our specialty. We’ll help you choose the best promotional giveaways for your budget and target audience, then deliver high-quality logo and brand printing to meet your trade show or event schedule. Check above for links to our site for the latest promotional products in all our swag categories.